Boom! FBI has completed investigating Kavanaugh!

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This afternoon, two senior Senate sources told Fox News the FBI has completed its investigation on sexual allegations against Supreme Court nominee U.S. District Court Judge Brett Kavanaugh.

The FBI’s supplemental background report on Kavanaugh concluded, “There is no corroboration for the allegations made by Dr. Ford or Ms. Ramirez”. The report will be sent to the White House before it goes to the Senate Judiciary Committee. The report will be secured in a Capitol Hill basement room for all 100 senators and 9 staffers to come and read.

It is not clear whether any part of the FBI report will be made public, but Thune acknowledged “some of it will probably make its way out into the public and into the mainstream. But most importantly, at least right now, is that all senators who are going to have the responsibility to vote on this nomination have an opportunity to review it, assess it and come to their own conclusions about what’s in there.”

In a letter today to Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa), Kavanaugh’s accuser Christine Blasey Ford’s legal team said she has not yet heard from the FBI about scheduling an interview with her.

The FBI has not interviewed either Kavanaugh or Ford. Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) said there is no need to interview either Kavanaugh or Ford, who have each given one media interview and faced questions from the Judiciary Committee, because the FBI “pretty well know what both of them are going to say.”

Sen. John Thune (R-SD), the third-ranking Republican in the Senate, told Fox News’ “The Daily Briefing with Dana Perino” that “obviously,” the FBI report “will enable the process to move forward and we hope that we’re going to have the votes to get [Kavanaugh] confirmed when it’s all said and done.”

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky) set up a procedural vote for as early as Friday on the Kavanaugh nomination. McConnell has filed a petition for a  cloture vote, which if successful would limit debate on the nomination and start the clock ticking on a final 30-hour waiting period before the Senate votes to confirm the nominee. McConnell said, “It’s time to put this sickening display behind us. The Senate will vote on this nomination this week.

Assuming at least 50 senators agree to end debate, Kavanaugh’s final confirmation vote will come Saturday.

Republicans hold a narrow 51-49 advantage in the Senate and can only afford to lose one vote before Kavanaugh’s nomination would be scuppered. Vice President Mike Pence can cast a tiebreaking vote. Thune said, “It’s an audience of three that we have to win over, at least at the moment,” referring to the three RINO senators Jeff Flake (Arizona), Susan Collins (Maine) and Lisa Murkowski (Alaska). No Republicans, however, have said they will vote against Kavanaugh.

Sources: Fox News; Washington Examiner; Reuters

Dianne Feinstein badgering Lisa Murkowski


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46 responses to “Boom! FBI has completed investigating Kavanaugh!

  1. I hope they publish irrefutable proof that Ford was lying.
    We all know, but libs need something extreme to smack them across the face to realize how wrong they are.

    • CogitoErgoSumantra

      I wouldn’t change their minds regardless. I guarantee they will scream that it wasn’t fair, wasn’t complete, was tainted/controlled by Trump, whatever. These folks on the far left are mentally deranged with their *hatred* of the right…

      Cast not your pearls before swine. Or donkeys.

  2. The reason the FBI hasn’t paid a visit to Dr. Ford is because they aren’t sure which door to knock on!😇

    • Ha! 😀

      What’s the point of the FBI interviewing Ford? She had already testified, UNDER OATH, before the Senate Judiciary Committee. She would only repeat her lies to the FBI.

      • Actually my guess is that she would like to add more lies to her previous list at the behest of her lawyer to cause more FBI goose chases.

      • CogitoErgoSumantra

        Maybe they could conduct a real polygraph under controlled conditions? I doubt she or her pro-bono attorneys would comply.

        And the public who already believe her narrative (because, after all, that’s what a story is… a work of fiction) would continue to believe what they did BEFORE such a test or the entire FBI report, for that matter. They’re not going to listen to facts, truth, or reason because it doesn’t serve their purpose unless it validates it, which it won’t.

        It is 1984.

        • Speaking of polygraphs, take a look at these two pictures. That’s supposed to be Dr. Ford taking one. But it’s not the same woman. The woman in the photo on the left looks more like Monica McLean to me.

          • Certainly doesn’t look like Dr. Fraud…

          • Nope doesn’t look like Ballsy to me either.
            Has anyone noticed the levels of wrinkles and sagging on Ballsy’s face? I know everyone ages differently, but she is supposed to what- 52 and yet she has the wrinkling of a 65 or 70 year old?

            • I noticed that from the first time I saw her. What’s with that?

            • CogitoErgoSumantra

              She was a beach goer in her youth… probably still is. Sun damage.
              I thought it odd how she talked freely in the hearing about going to her “beach friends” for legal advice and such. Not a genius.

              Heavy smoking will also do that to a person’s appearance, but I have no idea if she smokes or ever did. There are also some medical conditions that cause such appearance; some would have shown up when she was much younger, as in the earlier photos, where she obviously looks less “stressed”, so that’s likely not the case.

              I also noticed in current interviews (such as with Savanah what-her-name), the 3rd accuser (Swetnik) doesn’t look *nearly* as youthful today as her photos had led me to believe she did when her story first came out.

              Full disclosure — I’d probably also use an earlier photo of myself if I were suddenly cast into the spotlight. But mostly because I don’t do a lot of photos… lol

      • I’m thinking Fraud would coach the FBI on how to successfully cheat the lie detector.

  3. Hold the vote, confirm Kavanaugh!

  4. Libtards are losing what is left of their minds on Twitter:

    Just when you thought they couldn’t get any crazier…

    • CogitoErgoSumantra

      Well at least one useful idiot posted this:
      “Just called & left messages for @SenatorCollins (202)224-2523 & @JeffFlake (202)224-4521 Please Everyone continue to call, email & tweet your Senators”

      I would have to agree, thanks for the dox’d info and phone numbers!

  5. Wow that picture says allot about the communist Chinese “enabler” Diane Feinstein. She is “containing” her.
    I still wonder what Feinstein’s role was in the communist Chinese “Collusion” “Election Meddling” & “Treason” in regards to the theft of the 1996 elections, which the “RINO”s” (Neocons) if not assisted, at least let them get away with it. I always held Newt Gingrich to be in large part responsible for letting the Clinton Admin & Democrat Campaign Finance Committee get away with that treason (and for helping to hijack Pat Buchanan’s America First campaign)

    • There is no end to Di Fi’s treason and greed. There are a lot of things the public as no idea about that that witch of a woman has done to enrich herself at the expense of this country and many individuals. She should be charged with treason.

  6. Democrats aren’t concerned with the welfare of the nation but rather with the welfare of the groups in America. Their confusion comes from trying to make everyone happy, a task not even God attempts. I suppose it boils down to the serpents promise to Eve: Ye will be gods. We can see, in their actions, men fail persistently when they assume that role. Democrats become the thing they claim to hate the most in trying to protect their groups from percieved evil. No act of evil can produce good for anyone.

  7. Just wondering, but is it possible that Dr. Fraud was wearing an ear phone during the hearings, so that someone could tell her what to say? That would explain the wild hair in her face, as well as her noticeable hesitation in answering questions. Also, the friend that she coached on polygraphs was present at the hearings. Maybe she was giving her the answers.

    I am also willingly to bet that those two women are lesbians. We’re told that Dr. Fraud is married and has kids, but none of her family have been seen that I know of. Monica McLean doesn’t appear to have ever been married. Lesbians hate men with a passion, especially straight men like Judge Kavanaugh.😎

    • CogitoErgoSumantra

      “Lesbians hate men with a passion, especially straight men like Judge Kavanaugh.😎”

      Did you see the “news” Tuesday that reported Kavanaugh had gone to a bar with friends after a concert while at Yale… turned out gay men went there. Kavanaugh thought one looked like the concert band’s lead singer. That man approached him, seeing his glance. He said something Kavanaugh didn’t appreciate; he threw his drink in the guy’s face, who reported it to the police (?). The news (it was playing on my grocery store’s TVs) said “Kavanaugh threw ice at the man’s face!” I think it was “Entertainment Tonight”… 😛

      Are they kidding? What would a woman in a bar, so approached, have done?

    • I’m with you Mary. They both look like lesbos. Besides, Stevie Wonder wouldn’t hit on her at a party.

  8. Kevin J Lankford

    There really was no true need for any further investigating at all. Every single one of them know all there is to know about the whole set up. No matter what else is revealed about crazy blasey’s fabricated accusations, it is clear none mean to reveal her probable connections as a c.i.a. asset, her expertise in psychology and mind control, or her, her family, and her lawyers, connection to deep state corruption.

    No matter how the vote turns out, the result can only be what was intended from the beginning, or all things would be revealed.

  9. Kevin, I agree…she most likely is CIA. They like to keep it all in the family.

  10. CogitoErgoSumantra

    I saw and screen-grabbed that exact photo of Feinstein attacking Murkowski in the half-second it displayed on Face the Nation on Sunday. It’s scary. Looks like something out of “Dawn of the Dead”

    • Hee hee…Murkowski should have laughed in her face and gave her the finger!😂

      • CogitoErgoSumantra

        Trying to recall what kills a zombie:
        Off with its head?
        Stake to the heart?
        Silver bullet or blade?
        Holy water?

        Would it hurt to try all five?
        There are a LOT of Zombies out there right now.
        Just sayin’… practice makes better.

  11. I ran across this today:

    Given the associations, can anyone doubt that this was a setup? This whole thing was as planned as SHES was. It is just another type of “drill”, funded by Soros and his bosses.

  12. After 7 investigations, assclowns like my embarrassment of a senator, Little Dicky Durbin, and Cory “Spartacus” Booker, will claim it wasn’t legit since the FBI didn’t investigate either Kavanaugh, or Fraud this time around.

    • CogitoErgoSumantra

      I never liked Dirty Dick Durbin. But the new crowd of Kamala, Crazie, and now the re-invented (to appeal to the younger crowd) Blumenthal are starting to make Durban, Whitehouse, and others look somewhat more human… because the new social progies are such offensive nutjobs.

  13. “The (((ACLU))) Sponsors an Ad Comparing Brett Kavanaugh to Bill Cosby and Harvey Weinstein”

    “The American Civil Liberties Union is not merely opposing Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation to the Supreme Court. The group has also spent a million dollars to run attack ads in several states comparing Kavanaugh to convicted sexual predator Bill Cosby.

    “We’ve seen this before: denials from powerful men,” says the ad’s narrator. We then see images of #MeToo villains: former President Bill Clinton, former talk show hosts Matt Lauer and Charlie Rose, former studio executive, Harvey Weinstein, Cosby, and finally Kavanaugh. The implication is clear: Kavanaugh is just like them.

    The ad is running in Nebraska, Colorado, West Virginia, and Alaska, and it is aimed at persuading fence-sitting senators to vote no on Kavanaugh.”

    “The Trump Administration decided to sunset the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, or DACA, program. The Obama-era policy gave DACA recipients – people who were brought to the United States as children, often called Dreamers – a reprieve from the threat of deportation and the opportunity to come of out of the shadows, get jobs, go to college, and contribute to our state’s economy.

    If you’re a DACA recipient or an undocumented immigrant, we want you to understand your rights and know there are resources available to you.

    Informational Pamphlets

    Know Your Rights: DACA”
    “There are a number of training institutes and organizing manuals that provide useful knowledge beyond those provided on the ACLU website. There are also a number of ACLU books available on the Online Store.

    Organizing/Training Manuals
    •”The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” by Stephen Covey
    • Community Toolbox: a comprehensive manual on all aspects of activism.
    •”Rules for Radicals” by Saul D. Alinksy
    • “Organize! Organizing for Social Change”, the Midwest Academy Manual for Activists
    •Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transeuxal Campus Organzing (a comprehensive manual)”

  14. “Republican enthusiasm surges amid Supreme Court battle”

    “WASHINGTON — They are getting outraised. They are struggling in suburbia. And their top guy is dividing America. But suddenly, five weeks from Election Day, Republicans are seeing tangible evidence of a spike in GOP enthusiasm that has eluded them all cycle.

    “It’s got to be Kavanaugh,” said Republican pollster Robert Blizzard, coming to the same conclusion as GOP operatives nationwide: the Democrats’ efforts to block President Donald Trump’s Supreme Court nominee are backfiring with Republicans who were previously apathetic about the midterms but are now angry—and engaged.”

    “The Supreme Court fight has energized conservatives in an undeniable way,” [Matt] Gorman [The NRCC communications director] said. “The Republican Party does three things: cut taxes, kill terrorists and confirm judges. When we do those things, we energize our base and are also appealing to independent voters.” [Flanders: If only they actually did anything truly worthy, instead of selling out in various hidden ways themselves.].

    Indeed, the nomination fight over Kavanaugh appears to have jolted a wide range of Republican voters, including both women and men, Trump loyalists—who are now remembering that they voted for him in part because of the Supreme Court—and Republicans who don’t like the president.” [MORE]

    I also have another comment with several links which I just posted, and is in moderation.

    • CogitoErgoSumantra

      “The Supreme Court fight has energized conservatives in an undeniable way,” [Matt] Gorman [The NRCC communications director] said.

      Except, perhaps, for married suburban women, even from conservative and Republican families… or so I heard yesterday. Sad. We’ve lost people of color, immigrants, the freaks, the young, and now apparently many women.

      The Left knows what they’re doing, going for the hearts rather than the minds, and making it a “men against women” thing (sexual assault is one they’ve been priming the public with for years; see the stats they publish), rather than just Atheists v Saints, or even Abortionists v Pro-Life (or Whites v POC, or rich v poor, or ?). However they can divide us and take the defectors…

      I keep waiting for them to turn on each other, but organizers and the social web seem to bring them together just enough to constipate things a bit more.

      • Yes, its so obvious. More “divide and conquer”. Notice how one must “belong” to one group or another. This isn’t “your” Supreme Court justice. They come in two flavors, “Deplorable” and “Marxist”.

        Today in an ad campaign for more unearned loot, Nancy Pelosi actually referred to Conservatives as “despicable”. I had visions of Sylvester the Cat.

        I think back to Cold War days when they used to teach us little ones how the commies indoctrinated the masses. It looks an awful lot like modern leftist politics. In fact, I think think today’s approach would have been considered too obvious in the 1950’s and 60’s.

        • Lophat, “I think back to Cold War days when they used to teach us little ones how the commies indoctrinated the masses. It looks an awful lot like modern leftist politics. In fact, I think think today’s approach would have been considered too obvious in the 1950’s and 60’s.”

          You’re right, Lophat. In the 50’s and 60’s, the Freemason group known as the John Birch Society [JBS], taught the general public that [Generic] communism was the big evil, failing to inform them that most of the communists were jews. Many of the people working with them resigned because of the restrictions placed upon them telling them that fact.

          There had been much packing into the courts, during the FDR years, but also many communists were placed into governmental positions, especially the State Department. The propaganda to the American people implied that the tax monies were being spent on attacking communism in foreign countries – while, in fact, it was often spent on building up leftist and communist programming in other parts of the world. The “Press” was not going to tell the public, so they (most of America was rural at the time) had little way to know. Many of those same or similar groups remain operational today.

          “”Judicial Watch: … State Department and USAID Working with Soros Group to Channel Money to ‘Mercenary Army’ of Far-Left Activists in Albania”

          “U.S. Embassy Officials in Albania Shown Working Directly with Soros Operatives to Channel Grant Money into Left-Wing Operations that Attack Traditional, Pro-American Groups, Governments and Policies in Name of ‘Civil Society’

          (Washington, DC) – Judicial Watch today released 49 pages of new documents obtained from the U.S. Department of State about U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) funding for George Soros’s left-wing nonprofit organizations in Albania. The documents deal primarily with the activities of Soros’ top operative in Albania, Andri Dobrushi, the director of Open Society Foundation-Albania, who was actively engaged in channeling funding to what Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban calls Soros’ “mercenary army.” The documents show U.S. grant money flowing through non-governmental organizations (NGOs) that profess to promote [(((“civil society,”)))] while in fact attacking traditional, pro-American groups, governments and policies.

          In an earlier document production connected to this lawsuit, Judicial Watch obtained 32 pages of records showing that the Obama administration sent U.S. taxpayers’ funds to a Soros-backed group that used the money to fund left-wing political activities in Albania. That included working with the country’s socialist government to push for highly controversial judicial “reform.” The records also detail how the Soros operation helped the State Department review grant applications from other groups for taxpayer funding. USAID funds were funneled to Soros’ left-wing Open Society Foundations in Albania, particularly the Soros operation efforts to give the socialist government greater control of the judiciary. USAID reportedly gave $9 million in 2016 to the “Justice for All” campaign, which is overseen by Soros’ “East West Management Institute.””

  15. Feminist Amy Schumer and Kozwalski arrested during Kavanaugh protest

    It’s poetic justice at work when those two Feminists are arrested.
    But the first few comments there are Comedy GOLD!
    Funny as all get-out!

  16. Looks like Sens. Collins & Manchin are going to vote YES, so it looks like Kavanaugh will be confirmed by a 52-48 vote.

    • Or maybe 51-49; Rep Murkowski was apparently spooked & intimidated by DieFi, so it looks like she “defected”

      • CogitoErgoSumantra

        But, we picked up Manchin of WVa. The lone Democrat not on a leash. And the Flake will be voting with the GOP as well… I still think he may pull a McCain, though, as a parting “gift” to his old party. Then Pence would get to cast the deciding vote, which would be awesome — let the defectors know they just don’t matter anyway.
        Pretty sad that Donnely and Heitkamp fell in lock step with the Dems. McCaskill too, despite all running for re-election in “Trump” states. Ditto my thoughts on Murkowski. I had doubts about her from the start.


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