FBI declassified files: Frank Sinatra was a sex-slave trafficker and used mobster ties to get JFK elected

Singer, actor and producer Francis Albert Sinatra was one of the most popular and influential musical artists of the 20th century, and one of the best-selling music artists of all time, having sold more than 150 million records worldwide.

Sinatra was a political activist, beginning with his campaign for the election of Franklin D. Roosevelt. For someone with extensive and close ties to organized crime, it is curious that so many U.S. presidents chose to be friends with him. Sinatra was especially close to President John F. Kennedy, often inviting him to Hollywood and Las Vegas, where the two would womanize and party together. Beginning in the early 1970s, Sinatra switched his support to Republicans, endorsing Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan. In 1985, President Reagan presented Sinatra with the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

The extent of Sinatra’s criminality is now more fully revealed in the FBI’s declassified 1,300-page case file on the actor/singer. The case file is prefaced with these remarks:

Francis “Frank” Albert Sinatra (1915-1998), singer and actor, appears in many FBI files. He was the target of many extortion attempts that the FBI investigated. Sinatra also appeared in FBI files in connection with his contacts with racketeering investigation subjects and his early involvement with the Communist Party in Hollywood. The dates of these files fall between 1943 and 1985.

Below are some notable discoveries revealed in the FBI Case File:

(1) Sinatra was Psychologically disturbed

In his physicial examination for Selective Service, Sinatra was diagnosed with “severe psychoneurosis” and “emotional instability”. During the psychiatric interview for his physical examination, Sinatra said he was “neurotic, afraid to be in crowds, afraid to go in elevator, had somatic ideas and headaches,” had been “very nervous for four or five years,” and awaken “tired”.

Sinatra received a 4-P classification because of an ear ailment. The FBI looked into Sinatra’s Selective Service because of an anonymous letter claiming that he had paid $40,000 to procure a 4-P classification. The FBI concluded that Sinatra was properly rejected from military service. (Source: Part 1 of FBI Case File on Frank Sinatra)

(2) Arrests

On November 26, 1938, Sinatra was arrested in Hackensack, NJ, on a charge of “seduction” (sexual intercourse under the promise of marriage), which was dismissed after the complainant was discovered to have been married (and thus could not have been seduced under the promise of marriage). On December 22, 1938, Sinatra was arrested on a charge of adultery. The complaint was dismissed after a grand jury returned a “no-bill”. Sinatra’s attorney at the time, Harry L. Tone, became a U.S. Congressman representing the 7th district of New Jersey. (Source: Part 1 of FBI Case File)

(3) Extortion

FBI memo of March 15, 1971 names Sinatra as among those (9 of whom were members of La Cosa Nostra or mafia) who were “involved in an attempt to extort $100,000” from former stockbroker Ronald Alpert “by the use of physical force and by threatening Alpert’s life”.

Another FBI document, on July 22, 1971, names Sinatra as among a list of 11 names who had engaged in “interstate transportation in aid of racketeering-extortion”. (Source: Part 1 of FBI Case File)

(4) Loan kickback

In 1963, the FBI conducted a criminal investigation of Cal-Neva Lodge’s securing a $8 million loan from the Teamsters Union Pension Fund. Cal-Neva was a casino in Lake Tahoe, Nevada. Sinatra, a principal owner of Cal-Neva, denied any payment of kickbacks. The investigation was closed when the Teamsters Union Pension Fund rejected the loan application. (Source: Part 1 of FBI Case File)

(5) Association with organized crime

Frank Sinatra was known for his mafia connections, associating with known mobsters including Ralph Capone, Charles “Lucky” Luciano, Mickey Cohen, the Fischetti brothers, Sam Giancana and many other mobsters. Sinatra was suspected of being a courier of mob money for Las Vegas casinos.

As an example, an FBI informant “of unknown reliability” claimed that Sinatra was Chicago gambler Capone’s nephew, and that Capone “brought Sinatra out of obscurity by buying him a night club job and paying representatives of the press for favorable publicity” (source: Part 3 of FBI Case File). Another account claimed that Chicago mobster Joe Fischetti was instrumental in getting Sinatra started in show business (Part 11 of FBI Case File). Sinatra also was a major stockholder of the Sands Hotel, Las Vegas. According to the FBI’s Salt Lake City Office, many of Sands Hotel’s stockholders worked for notorious gangsters and racketeers (Part 5 of FBI Case File).

According to one FBI source, Sinatra enjoyed being surrounded by hoodlums and would himself be one if he had the courage. (Part 12 of FBI Case File)

Below is a summary of Sinatra’s “long association” with “prominent hoodlums and racketeers” in the FBI memorandum of April 17, 1964 (source: Part 6 of FBI Case File):

(6) Communist?

In 1955, the FBI conducted a “security-type investigation” which found that Sinatra’s name had either been lent to or associated with 16 communist-front or communist-infiltrated groups during the early and mid-1940s. The investigation, however, did not uncover any information that Sinatra himself was a member of any Communist Party or communist front organization. (Part 11 of FBI Case File)

(7) The Kennedy Connection

Sinatra knew President John F. Kennedy’s father, Joseph Kennedy, and was said to have used his mob connections to get JKF elected President.

Sinatra knew and introduced Judith Campbell, JFK’s alleged mistress.

Curiously, Sinatra seemed to have known Jack Ruby, who killed JFK’s alleged assassin Lee Harvey Oswald.

Allegedly, Sinatra’s “associates” got JFK’s brothers, Ted and Bobby Kennedy, “in compromising situations with women”.

Sources for the above screenshots: Part 9 and Part 10 of FBI Case File.

According to Radar Online‘s Dec. 28, 2017 article, “Insane Frank! Sinatra’s Sleazy Sex Romps & Mob Ties Exposed In Explosive FBI FBI Files“:

The “My Way” singer met John F. Kennedy in the late 1950s and worked on his presidential campaign. FBI files alleged they engaged in wild sex orgies with women in hotels across the country.

Agents wanted to bug Frank’s Palm Springs home, but their request was denied.

The feds investigated Frank in a “White Slave Traffic Case.” They believed he provided girls for wild sex orgies with JFK and other celebs — and reported “unnatural sex acts” took place at the parties.

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Steven Broiles

I always liked Frank Sinatra’s voice, but I have to admit that about half the songs he recorded were crap. I always thought he or his handlers did not market his career properly. But I always liked listening to Sinatra, and he was a great actor.
This was an interesting article, and it is of interest that Frank Sinatra always managed to insinuate himself into almost every President’s White House, except for Jimmy Carter.
For an excellent read, I would also recommend the unauthorized biography of Sinatra by Kitty Kelly. It was an interesting and meandering read.

Great post.

Auntie Lulu
Auntie Lulu

How very sad that someone who was revered for having such a tremendous voice evidently besmirched his own character with shenanigans such as mentioned.


Isn’t it remarkable when what someone does depends upon their “celebrity” or whether they occupy an “official” position? There really is no distinction between government operatives and the Mob. In fact, they often use each other for their ends. Just like today when we see “celebrities” coming out in favor of these twisted communist agendas. They are not doing that on their own volition. They are all owned every bit as much as “the rabble” is owned by debt. They pick people who they think most eaters will be besotted by and provide publicity for them to besot them. Then… Read more »


Please research Brice Taylor & Cathy O’Brien. I tried attaching 2 pdf books each of them wrote but I failed. They were mind controlled sex slaves and everyone associated with Frank was involved in a ton of illegal activity plus many other famous peeps. Put their name in your search engine along with “pdf book” and you should find them. Must read material if you are interested in these topics. Happy hunting :).

Texan Forever
Texan Forever

Old news. … Many of us have known these things about Sinatra for years. Some were even incorporated into the plot of the first Godfather movie, in which a singer character was included. The production had guidance by the real Mafia, for a “fee”, of course. The “guidance” was a requirement of the Mafia to let filming proceed without union problems, or worse. Guidance also included the way “clips” (killings) were typically done, Mafia language used, etc.


If only we had the internet back then hollywood might not have been a cess pool of pedophiles and rapists. Sadly every person my mother “liked” sickens me to no end. Not very many even know who he is now, except for the fact his daughter is a swine liberal. The so called “stars” today won’t be remembered no one cares anymore.

Joseph BC69
Joseph BC69

About 500,000 years ago, in 1964 I think it was, I was travelling with my first wife on our way to her family home in Florida by going South from Berekley, California and then a hard left to Florida. On the way we stopped in Malibu, CA. I took a month off to recover our finances and look for work. in those days there was a lumber yard not too far from where we’re staying which was on a large acreage non-working ranch sandwich between Ronald Reagan’s property and someone else whose name I can’t recall. Not sure how I… Read more »


So You Thought The Mob Was Run By Italians ? ‘It was (Meyer)Lansky who organized the first binding gang affiliation known as “The Combination” including not only his own Jew-dominated New York outfit, but also bosses from the New England states and Cleveland, Ohio as well. The members of “The Combination” included the Jew Charles “King” Solomon of the Boston mob, plus gang leader Morris Kleinmann, Jewish leader of the Cleveland mob. This arrangement worked well for Lansky and left him at the top of the heap of organized crime in the East in the late 1920s. His subtle methods… Read more »


Read all posts above, excellent and full of information…….no doubt he was connected to the mafia, otherwise he wouldn’t have been able to move around with so much ease and popularity in the times we were sort of “waking up” to how well the upper echelons of politics and Hollywood operated. He was a good actor, womanizer, and singer, “ole blue eyes” had that unmistakable velvet voice that made him so popular, I do admit I like to listen to him singing instead of the screamers of today unable to carry a good tune.

Vince de

This is nothing new. I did meet him in Vegas at the Frontier in the late 80s. I went with a co worker who knew him from his days in New York and it was one of the best shows I’ve ever been to. After the show we met him backstage and the stories between the two of them were classic. Very down to earth and not what you would have thought being a celebrity.