Fault line in the Left: Progressive playwright is blacklisted for dissenting from transgender groupthink

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Libby Emmons is a New York playwright, writer and feminist whose play, “Wanting It,” was produced by the New York City theater company Working Man’s Clothes.

She now finds herself blacklisted because she refuses to subscribe to the Left’s totalitarian groupthink on malleable gender identity and “transgenderism”.

Below are excerpts from her essay, “Writing for Quillette Ended My Theater Project,” November 20, 2018:

It was suggested that I apologize, and that an apology might help. This wasn’t an assurance, but an idea—if I walked back what I had written, there might be a way forward. I looked around the table at these four women who knew me too well to believe that I would apologize for something I had written. Before each of us sat the full length script on which we’d spent several months collaborating. I’d formed this theater collective precisely to make a play based on a killer idea I’d had, and I’d asked each of these talented, thoughtful, intelligent, creative women to work with me.

We were only in the first few months of what was meant to be a year-long residency in a theater space in downtown Manhattan. What I wanted most of all was to develop this project. By the time it was suggested that I apologize, I knew full well that I wouldn’t, and that the project, the theater company, and the residency were all dead in the water.

At issue was an article I’d written for Quillette, entitled “The Transhumanism Revolution,” about three undercurrents of transhumanism presently circulating beneath Western culture: bio-hacking or grinding, AI, and trans gender ideology….

The lack of heterodoxy in Western universities has been extensively documented … many of the extreme ideas that percolate in universities then boil over into the arts, and, in the arts, dogmatic positions on gender identity are now the norm. Trans ideology has been met with a loving embrace, complete acceptance, and fighting words for any who dares to disagree in public….

In the arts community, as well as in universities, it is assumed that a specific gender, racial, sexual, or community identity determines opinions. It is widely believed that traditionally dominant identities produce opinions and ideas that must be considered suspect (i.e. those of the deplorable white women who voted for Trump), and taken with a tablespoon of salt. This is especially true when those ideas or opinions are interacting with ideas or opinions that are considered the purview of those whose identities have been historically disenfranchised. The higher up the privilege ladder you are perceived to be, the less you should have to say about any group occupying a lower rung. For example, my perceived identity as a cis straight white woman is a clear indicator that I should neither have nor express opinions about trans queer white men.

Women like me aren’t supposed to say that men aren’t women. We’re supposed to believe that some men are women. We’re supposed to believe that these men who really are women really believe that they are women, and that we should believe it too. Women like me are not supposed to speak about female erasure, because trans erasure is more important. Women like me aren’t supposed to express the opinion that womanhood is defined by more than mere appearances or performance. We’re supposed to defer to those men that really are women and respect their perspective of what it means to be a woman more than our own.

“You’re punching down,” my director announced from across the table, our scripts and a selection of snacks between us. She said that she’d been contacted my members of our theater community who had let her know that I had hurt them. These theater people wanted to make sure that she knew about the article I’d written and what people on social media were saying. The director reviewed the thread on my Facebook timeline from July, and determinedfor herself that I had participated in “trans erasure,” and hurt people by equating medical gender transition to rapidly growing trends in AI and body hacking….

“You are cis gender,” she informed me. “You need to educate yourself.”

“I am not cis gender,” I replied.

Note: Cisgender is a term for people whose gender identity matches the sex that they were assigned at birth.

Women like me are supposed to understand that we are privileged to be women in women’s bodies. Did I get that right? Privileged to be females who are perceived to be females? Is that it? Wait, privileged to be women who like being women? Maybe that’s it. We’re supposed to understand that it’s different for those who don’t like being in women’s bodies. Or who don’t like being in men’s bodies. I am supposed to understand this because I am a “cis gendered” woman.

For someone like me, who is identified as (as opposed to identifying as) a cis straight white female, to have ideas or opinions relating to trans ideology that are contrary to the progressive narrative recited by rote is already enough for me to be chastised by my community. I knew this, and I often kept quiet during conversations with others in the arts community when these topics arose. But, by espousing them in public, and then doubling down on social media, I had crossed a line drawn to keep my identity separate from certain contentious subjects.

If anything, it is the knowledge that I don’t identify with those things stereotypically female (high heels, makeup, being quiet while the men are talking) that has led me to believe that what society defines as belonging to the domain of women or the domain of men are not what make women and men what they are. Instead, it is our bodies that have the job of determining male and female, and the mind that is free to do as it pleases no matter the confines of the physical form. Yes, the physical form has its limits, and we ignore those limits at our peril. In college, I knew a PCP user who once uttered this truth: if there’s two of you, you can fly; if there’s one of you, well then you can’t fly. Because ideally one of the two will remember that the body has limits, and no flight capability.

“I don’t want to debate this with you,” my director said.

And that, of course, is the problem. No one wants to debate trans ideology. No one wants to talk about it at all other than to say it’s literally as glorious as unicorns shitting rainbows. I explained that I have no problem with pronouns, or bathrooms, or how people want to live, but that I don’t accept the identifier of “cis gendered,” I don’t think kids should be transitioned, and I don’t believe men can change into women or vice versa. I believe being a femme man doesn’t make you female and that men should be more accepting of their femme brothers. I argued that gender is performative and sex is innate, and that gender is not the soul, living somewhere deep inside us waiting to be realized.

“Don’t judge people,” my director advised, and went on to remark that I’d “really hurt people, you made them hurt, especially in a week where Trump said they didn’t have the right to exist.”

My exploration of the ideas behind transgender ideology was painful for people. But it was only a discussion of ideas. Because I had written about the ideas behind the social movement of individuals chemically and surgically altering their bodies so that they appear to be a member of the opposite sex, I was no longer welcome in the feminist theater company I had founded, and no longer welcome among those I had thought of as friends. Exploring a new idea in a longstanding philosophical debate regarding the interconnected nature of human mind and body was hurtful because it did not uphold the delusion that biological sex is malleable. I had committed apostasy against the new gender religion.

All of us around the table had attended liberal East Coast undergraduate universities, and had four graduate degrees between us, two of them held by a professor and a friend of over 20 years. This was an educated group. Stumbling into any downtown indie arts enclave will land you in the presence of enough degrees to warm the planet right out of existence. In the arts, bachelors degrees are standard, masters degrees are commonplace, and progressive orthodoxies are strictly enforced.

The basis of this enforcement is a kind of groupthink, derived from a politics of compassion, moral relativism, and privilege theory. Divergent opinions are not censored, they are self-censored. Artists who disagree do not speak up. To do so is to risk losing funding in an industry that relies almost entirely on philanthropic donations from organizations that routinely signal their virtue to one another, the artists they supposedly serve, and the progressive milieu at large. Artists who value their careers and industry friendships will not express views that put those things at risk. But I did. I knew what I was doing when I wrote it, although I must admit that I thought more highly of my intimate colleagues’ tolerance for controversy than was exhibited at our last meeting, or since.

Do we really think our era is so fraught and divisive that we must abandon our principles in order to achieve something that we absolutely will not achieve if we abandon our principles? It is neither reasonable nor possible to force everyone to believe a given ideology. People can be forced to espouse it, primarily through punitive measures such as imprisonment, blacklisting, gulags, etc., and social measures such as the denial of funding, denial of camaraderie, and denial of resources. But they can never be forced to believe it. It is to precisely this kind of ideological authoritarianism that my work has been opposed since I began writing.

The other women had been pretty quiet up until now. An old friend spoke up.

“Do you think you’ve done something wrong?” She asked.

“No,” I said.

“Then why would you apologize?” She asked.

“I wouldn’t,” I said.

And I won’t.

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25 responses to “Fault line in the Left: Progressive playwright is blacklisted for dissenting from transgender groupthink

  1. It is beyond obvious that this really isn’t about “gender”, its about conditioning. I think they decided that if they can convince people that there are “multiple genders”, etc., they can convince them of ANYTHING. What is more basic than male and female?

    So here we see the consequences of going off the reservation. They have decided that people will be consigned to one of two camps. There are those who mindlessly recite the rhetoric, and “haters”.

    No deviations will be tolerated. Maybe its time to say “who are you and why should I care?”.

    • Dear Lophatt;

      My comment is directed first to you, as my friend in the pages of this blog, using your excellent statement as a take-off point for my own statement here. And next, I write as a literary artist, published now since 1963, primarily in the USA, secondly Canada, and then in the UK. My primary field is poetry, followed by fiction.

      I will be 76 in February and have had a long life, rich with many deep exposures to an extremely wide range of our human condition, so I feel my remarks are as bias-free as can possibly be, considering I am a mere human being.

      People here mostly know my philosophic position is a Christian anarchist, with a strongly conservative bent evolved from readings in world history and literature. As most idealistic teenagers and young adults do, I started from a progressive-Left political basis, but that evolved with life experience over 35 years, until I became what I am today. I have lived the themes of my times passionately and truly tried to understand what was going on, not only in my small social world but in the greater one around me.

      Most recently –say in the last 10 years– I have continually struggled to understand this new transgender ideology. During the 60s & 70s, we had a simpler world: it was based on male and female, and these filled roles such as heterosexual, homosexual, lesbian, and those who chose to cross-dress to act out one sexual identity while also retaining the other. We thought that this sufficiently described human nature, nor did it seem capable of greater complication.

      It now appears we were wrong: we have a new panoply we’re supposed to give credence to, one that considers its point of view superior because it is more inclusive, thus it demands our acknowledgement of it as supreme reality. But many of us are as Lophatt properly is, unable to see this argument as so convincing that all must kneel down before it and give up their old way of thinking.

      In fact, some of us would say these people are living out a delusion, thinking that their worldview has more of reality behind it. In turn, it condemns ours out-of-hand as being less valid because it’s more circumscribed, and therefore with less of a claim on a ‘real’ existence.

      This leads to a vicious descending circle of claims and counterclaims, which doesn’t promote insights, nor any community of kindred spirits, and seems to end in less understanding and new resentments of the others. I’ll stop at this point because this is a long response, and I look forward to what others have to say.

      • “It now appears we were wrong: we have a new panoply we’re supposed to give credence to, one that considers its point of view superior because it is more inclusive, thus it demands our acknowledgement of it as supreme reality.”

        Joseph, I think what you said above is the hinge upon which this whole tranny argument rests; that is, when the obvious is denied, there has to be an enforcement of the delusional reality, otherwise it falls apart. I’ve noticed this not just with the whole Tranny thing though. This started with the Gays demanding that we love and condone their perversions and lifestyle. They know deep down something is wrong with them and most are miserable, but they want everyone else to condone and love what they do so they don’t have to deal with their illness. Everyone else is made responsible so they can feel OK about themselves. As someone who has been through a lot in my life, and has undergone a lot of emotional and spiritual healing, one of the tenets of taking control and healing ones self and of ones life, is that one must take total responsibility for for one own happiness; that you cannot be responsible for anyone else’s feelings, emotions, or beliefs- only your own, which you much be responsible for. And NO ONE else is responsible for your feelings either. This foundation is so basic to human mental and emotional health, and healthy boundaries between people which is the basis for healthy and fulfilling relationships. And yet here we have not only the media, institutions, and the mentally ill lefties telling us that we not only HAVE to believe in these sexual and mental perversions, but that WE ARE ALL NOW RESPONSIBLE FOR HOW THESE PEOPLE FEEL! That is not the definition of compassion- that is insanity. Like everything else they get their grubby minds on, lefties twist it.
        The cabal certainly has their Satanic reasons for pushing this agenda and enforcing it, but the fact that otherwise intelligent human beings are buying this, and voluntarily enforcing it on others is a testament to how easily peoples minds are twisted when their main concern is ” belonging”.
        These are weak minded people with no character, conviction or soul. When they leave this planet, if they don’t go to hell, their souls will probably disintegrate, like their personalities here which blow with the wind and have nothing at their core but fear.

        • As Ben Shapiro (whom I don’t always agree with) says, “facts don’t care about your feelings.”

          Delusional reality is now the norm for Dems.

  2. I consider sex change as body mutilation. I forgive doctors for trying to “correct” babies born at birth with indeterminate sex or two sexes. However, I met a most beautiful PERSON a few years back with clear double gender secondary sexual sex characterises, namely full breasts, Adams apple and manly build.

    I think there are FAR TOO MANY theories floating around about how to classify/identify/rectify childhood attitudes, particularly when theories are in such flux, and such conflict. Can’t we just preach love? Care about each other.

    Job skills are less and less gender specific these days. Everyone, chill, appreciate each other.

  3. So, basically, this woman is NOT an NPC… Good for her! 🙂

  4. Thanks again, Joseph. I always look forward to your insightful and reasoned comments. I agree with your assessment that I can’t see this as convincing. I do not believe it is something that just developed, “organically” from the human need to accommodate those who feel that a two gender definition of humans is too constraining.

    To be totally honest, I simply don’t believe there is a need for an expansion of a very basic concept. In fact, I don’t believe it to be a “concept” at all. I think I would say that if someone, male or female, is unhappy with those options, they should seek psychiatric help and/or spiritual guidance.

    I have little doubt that there are more people claiming gender ambiguity now than ever before, but I attribute that to the faddishness associated with this new leftist confession.

    To take it even further, those who subject their minor children to this are guilty of child abuse. There is now a sort of “Chinese menu” (no substitutions) that constitutes the Agnostic’s Creed. The subject of this article is one who has run afoul of the Marxist Inquisition.

    I am sure that you will believe me when I say that I wish this were all well-intentioned and representative of some natural revelatory insights. Alas, I do not think it so. I see the machinations of a cabal that seeks to control by redefining the very basics of human existence.

    Lastly, it should seem obvious that such absolute insistence on total obedience to this creed does not leave room for any respect for dissenters. Said another way, given the stridency involve here, it would be impossible for these communicants to live with others who do not accept their premises.

    So the message is “accept or die”. That does not lessen my concern about this.


      Whoops, there I go again! With my lousy eyesight I really hate it when I get the Caps key stuck on, and I forget about it until it’s too late, and I drive on, ever deeper into Egypt. So it goes….

  5. Interesting that in other parts of the world funding for theatre work of this type has all but dried up, in the UK for example, simply because of the economic climate. I wonder if this is the same Emmons who wrote Hi de hi?

  6. Liberalism:Diversity of outward appearances, conformity of thought. And if one dissents, to the gulags or stake do they go.

    I have been told by numerous sources, that the satanic mass murdering Bolsheviks came into the US under the guise of “religious persecution” in the 70’s and 80’s, and their red diaper baby hatchlings achieved positions of prominence by the 90’s where they morphed into the liberal Neocon Republican &Liberal Democrat Cultural Marxists doing their best to destroy Western Civilization, its nations, societies, cultures, and peoples.
    War criminal Madeline Albright the butcher being a great example of that.

  7. Can you imagine carrying that decayed trans baggage around in your head knowing, as Libby now does, that she and her friends are useful idiots in a bigger game? There’s another photo of Libby and a girlfriend, but at a backyard summer party, where you can bet the last thing on these two cute, single young women’s minds is wasting time with a bunch of angry lesbians or gay/trans men (whatever the hell the last is supposed to means). But the bigger picture as Lophatt nails it is an attempt to re-order the Creation, at this stage by the transhumanist transformation of the very essence of what it means to be human, which is like a monstrous spider hiding in the dark shadows between the ceiling and wall Libby now senses is there and wants her for a meal.

    I believe Michael Hoffman would describe this as the alchemical re-creation of man by man, or, as Alinsky, who dedicated his book to Satan, put it, the creation of a new man-kind with no metaphysical sensibility or knowledge of God, re-created to serve other men like they were gods in the communists’ Hegelian Second Reality where they supplant God with themselves. This is nothing new, as the direct connection between Marx’ writings and Satanism is amply demonstrated in Marx and Satan by Joseph Wurmbrand (free at archive dot org).

    This hellish scenario was publicly announced to wild applause by a late chief rabbi and leader of Likud in Israel, Ovadia Josef, as the final goal of the Jewish people, which you can bet a gal like Libby wants no part of. Naturally the US Congress, manly men that they are, representing the sole super power imposing its will everywhere, immediately demanded and received a retraction and apology from Israel—or maybe they didn’t, and instead, and more or less at that same time, gave the top guy in Likud twenty-five standing ovations at better than one a minute. Considering that the “ progressivism” now ascendant in American politics is Marxism (=Satanism) by another name, and considering the Republican Party has proved itself but for rhetorical eyewash to be the Dems’ rear guard, it’s later than we realize.

    • Thank you for understanding my meaning. This transformation is too difficult to impose from without. That is why it is necessary to make “true believers” of these rootless followers. They will seal their own fate while they murder their salvation for heresy.

  8. Transgenderism is a mental illness. Some people who have an otherwise firm grip on reality will seek out professional help to deal with this mental delusion. Others will expect society to deal with their problem for them by trying to NORMALIZE their illness. By their twisted reasoning, if it’s NORMAL, then they don’t actually have a problem. So, YOU must have the problem. Or, YOU are the problem. The only way we will ever “fix” this is if people start standing their ground and speaking out against this foolishness. I applaud this young writer for standing up for herself and speaking the truth.
    This attempted normalizing of all of these various ignorant (and sometimes perverted) ideologies is the agenda of some hidden group. That group’s whole purpose is to weaken our society and turn us into easily controlled blithering idiots in order to further their objectives. Resist it by standing up to this stupidity.

  9. We are dealing with religion here. If you are going to work where the tyranny of celebrating mental illness is required, you must bow to those who are forcing this dogma, since that’s what tyrants do. That’s also why they don’t want to debate. They can’t brook debate as they have no cogent arguments for their side, they simply demand their ideas be accepted without as is with no discussion, further, the Left demands you join their religion, not just accept or ignore it. It’s much like Islam, join or die (economically in this case). (Discussion from the Left now means being told how to think by the Left, there is no actual discussion since the Left is completely right and everyone else must simply shut up and bow.)

    This isn’t progress, this is using mentally disturbed people for revenge against society’s perceived “sins”.

    Men are starting to figure this out and ruining women’s sports as they do. They can simply claim to be women and win every physical sporting contest they enter. Next they will start doing this at the office, which will really be interesting to watch.

    People suffering from Gender Dysphoria need to be treated, not deified. They are emotionally unstable and prone to suicide, no matter how often amateur mental “experts” tell them they are “fine”. That’s the one thing they know, they aren’t “fine”. And yet the “loving” Left is perfectly happy to let that suffering continue just to use these people as pawns in their power game.

    • What an astute observation about having to work where “the tyranny of celebrating mental illness is required.” There’s a hilarious piece at Unz, “A Singularly Semitic Scandal, Avital Ronell and the Corruption of Western Academia” by Tobias Langdon, showcasing some of these ugly, batsh*t crazy lesbians who’ve taken over the asylum that put their mental illness on a pedestal instead of treating it as the disease it is.

    • So true. This insanity has become their “religion”. That is only possible because they have destroyed any semblance of traditional faith within them.

      Some may remember that I used to talk quite a bit about this. The Plan calls for “substitution” of religion. This is it.

      The Odor lives! They are merely in the process of solidifying their gains. I don’t see any possible outcome from this other than warfare or acceptance.

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  11. Liberals ALL pressure each other (and the rest of us) to conform to their whims and the morality of the hour…but when the tables are turned they all act like major league heroes for standing up to each other! LOL! As if this playwright weren’t (likely) guilty of the same nonsense herself just days before!

    Without hypocrisy…Libs don’t have much at all!

  12. My son told me this week that one of his professors is teaching how today’s media is guilty of perpetuating America’s “heteronormative” thinking.

    Having never heard the term, I looked it up:

    het·er·o·nor·ma·tive – adjective
    denoting or relating to a world view that promotes heterosexuality as the normal or preferred sexual orientation.
    “the heteronormative codes of twentieth-century mainstream Western cinema”

    • Those bastards!!! What about the goat-diddlers? Actually this method has “Israel” written all over it. Just like they deny the existence of anything called Palestine, we are to deny the existence of anything called Western Civilization.

  13. “Heteronormative?” oh stilletto wonder stilleto (Kerry Shakespeare) 1972, wrote of such permissive talk!

  14. It’s only tangentially related but this is hard to ignore:


    Who ya’ gonna trust, a lawyer or a porn star?

  15. Roger V.Tranfaglia

    Libby Emmons…
    Your ALRIGHT in my book!

  16. Hopefully more like her will resist actively, maybe she’ll even figure out that feminism was part of this whole problematic mess. If more people don’t, more vileness like this: https://www.lifesitenews.com/news/6-year-old-boy-forced-to-live-as-a-girl-while-mom-threatens-dad-for-not-goi may happen to more children, and this is just one case that is publicized a bit, how many more are out there going on at present that are not talked about? (I post this also to bring further attention to it, anyone have any idea what can be done to save that kid from that vile monster alleging to be his mom?) Truly transgenderism is a weapon of satan, meant to destroy, and ruin, whomever is infected with it, and anyone that opposes it.

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