Fathers who call their daughters 'princess' are sexist

Campus Reform: Calling all fathers: if you have a daughter and have called her “princess” or treat her like one, you are sexist and inhibiting her ability to be an independent and self-reliant woman, according to a study released by two psychology professors at Marquette University.
Similarly, if you are a daughter and allow someone to call you princess or accept special treatment, you are also sexist.
Professors Stephen Franzoi and Debra Oswald lay out these extensive claims in their article “Experiencing Sexism and Young Women’s Body Esteem,” written by the duo back in 2012. Two years later, their study is gaining recognition thanks to their recently publicity on the website Medium.
Franzoi and Oswald’s studies suggest that “young women’s body esteem is affected by hostile or even ‘benevolent sexism’ from family members in everyday experiences.” They claim family dynamics that appear outwardly positive to the general population can actually be a form of discrimination that undermines gender equality.
“I would encourage people to pay attention to their habitual way of thinking … and to ask themselves whether their gendered habits limit them in fully developing their potential and the potential of those around them,” Franzoi said.
Such limiting, sexist acts could include allowing your daughter to remain financially dependent on her family, encouraging her to use cosmetics, graciously holding the door open for her, or making her feel “special” in anyway.
The two Marquette professors conducted the study based on the responses of 86 first-year female college students. The experiment consisted of two parts. Students were first asked to rank their attitudes on traditional female roles and characteristics. The second portion of the experiment had the students rank 35 of their own body parts based on Franzoi’s Body Esteem Scale, which he created back in 1984. The scale determines how the students perceive their physical attractiveness based on weight and physical condition.
Both professors grew concerned when the study revealed that those young females with a higher self-esteem were essentially the same group as those who were “praised and spoiled” by their fathers; or as put by the professors, experienced “benevolent sexism.”
“This pattern of sexist behavior restricts what the woman can and cannot do by setting up rewards and punishments when they engage in gender non-conforming behaviors,” Oswald said. “Truly loving behavior toward a partner does not have this contingency.”
The professors say young these females can’t maintain a high self-esteem without such treatment from their fathers and that any early financial dependency is indicative of their inability to be monetarily independent in the future.
I’m so sick of this progressive baloney that says women can’t have high self-esteem due to some perceived gender sexist crap. But these progressives always love to come up with some excuse for why women can’t achieve their potential – perpetual victimhood is easier than actually growing up and being personally responsible for your own actions.

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0 responses to “Fathers who call their daughters 'princess' are sexist

  1. Good grief! Some days I wake up and wonder which side of the looking glass I’m on.

  2. What a load of baloney! More liberal crap, for sure. Lets make everyone into whinny weinies and sniviling brats. Sounds like the “Drs” need to grow up!

  3. These people are insane!! Evidently they abhor a good father/daughter relationship. I cherish the relationship I had with my dad.

  4. …wow, so not me… my father affectionately called me Moose. (but only when he and I were together) 🙂 It always made me think of Mr. Moose on Captain Kangaroo. …anyone remember that? …or is that to personal? 😉 ….I miss my daddy!

  5. This is evil, self-serving crap. Two idiots creating their child-rearing findings based on the reactions of college freshman coeds. Egads….
    I have four beautiful and wonderful daughters aged 22 to 44. My wife and I adore them and they love us to death. Spoil them a wee bit? Sure! But we didn’t pamper them. I am a tough dad. Wouldn’t have it any other way and now they thank us for being demanding and expecting high moral behavior.
    As they were growing up – ehhhh, not so much, typical teenaged push back – but as adults they understand the importance of godly behavior and a strong work ethic.

  6. And yeah Franzoi and Oswald – they still are my princesses. So are my granddaughters.

  7. Seriously, now little girls are not supposed to be princesses, play with dolls, play homemaker, or do anything that comes naturally. That is just more of the liberals twisted logic.

  8. Oh, pu-LEEZ! These nincompoops need to get a life–a REAL life! And stop messing with the REAL people who HAVE a REAL LIFE.

  9. These communists are about creating worker slaves. God is about producing royalty. Our Father is God… we are royalty.

  10. **These folks seem to think that if a girl is a girl and a boy is a boy and a woman is a woman and a man is a man… in your estimation… you are “sexist”. Well, sane people are “sexist” according to this definition… and the crazies are not. These folks are so crazy, they deny body reality.
    They want boys to be girls and girls to be boys and men to be women and women to be men in the name of “gender equality”. That’s not “gender equality”… that is gross perversion and indecency and insanity.
    These people are crazy.
    And, bottom-line, they have no understanding that boys and girls; women and men… are inherently equal in the sight of God. In other words, these crazy progressives are the sexists who don’t think that a girl who is a girl is inherently equal to a boy who is a boy. They are the sexists who don’t think that a woman who is a woman is inherently equal to a man who is a man.
    They think that perversion equals equality.
    They are insane in their disordered thinking and their efforts to confuse others to make others as crazy as they are.
    I am a woman and I am quite happy to be a woman… and as a woman I am the full equal of any other woman and any man.
    Know why? Cuz I’m God’s princess. 🙂 I am a royal daughter of God! Moreover, I am the bride of Christ.
    Here in the body of Christ… we have true equality because there is neither male nor female in Christ at our core spirit level. Both men and women are the bride of Christ in Christ at a spiritual level in full equality.
    Yet, in this world bodily, we are fully female or fully male.
    We are the true egalitarians spiritually in Christ. And we are the true sane physically and socially.
    It is Christians who walk in the counsel of God and His Word… who are the true guardians of equality and those who truly walk out love in purity one for another.

    • Excellent deciphering & refutation of Frankenzoid’s & Osweird’s Mind Warping Dog-Poop-Doublespeak! It was so bad it was barely comprehensible. I’ll take the common-sense “SIMPLICITY that is in Christ” any day!
      “But I fear, lest by any means, as the serpent beguiled Eve through his subtilty, so your minds should be corrupted from the simplicity that is in Christ.”
      –2nd Corinthians 11:3.

  11. What’s scary is that the Liberals can’t even SEE how their ideology has screwed up the US-they STILL think they’re doing something GOOD!!!

  12. Liberalism is a mental illness.

  13. More ASSinine BS dumped on US!


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