Father, Son, & the Space Shuttle

The photo on the left was taken 30 years ago, as 13-year-old Chris Bray and his 39-year-old father Kenneth watched the launch of the first U.S. space shuttle, Columbia, from the Kennedy Space Center.

The photo on the right was taken last Friday, when the shuttle Atlantis took its final trip. Again, the Bray men were there — the son is now an adult, the father now gray-haired — and the two snapped a photo to capture the moment.

The side-by-side photos, which are up on Chris Bray’s Flickr photostream, immediately went viral on the Web.

The younger Bray told the Washington Post, “We’ve always loved that first photo. Taking a similar one for the last launch seemed like the perfect opportunity to celebrate the shuttle program and our relationship by putting the time passed in perspective, celebrating the interests we share, and illustrating the father/son bond we’ve maintained over the years.”

The Brays’ photo touched a chord of nostalgia in many rocket enthusiasts, and the pic has been viewed on Flickr an astronomical 510,000 times.

[Source: Claudine Zapp reporting for Yahoo!, July 12, 2011]


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It is moving to see this picture, thanks for sharing