Father John Responds to Planned Parenthood

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Our Young People are Hungry for the Truth!   here comes the catholic church

H/T  Kelleigh

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0 responses to “Father John Responds to Planned Parenthood

  1. I am so glad that some of our priests are stepping up to the plate and finally expressing church doctrine and applying it politically and socially. The church needs it but society needs it even more.

  2. Planned Parenthood provides basic women’s healthcare and cancer screenings. Why would anyone want to shut down a charitable organization such as this.
    But interesting to note that priests took some time out from raping little boys to comment on PP.

  3. Oh sorry, ONE priest.

  4. WOW that was outstanding. They really don’t know who they are going up against…
    BTW Jelly bean humper I could go all South Park on you but there are a lot of other folks around who will do a better job and I could.
    P.S. Clean up on Aisle 3, you have a troll…

    • Clean up on Aisle 3….that’s funny 🙂

    • “Attention K-Mart Shoppers…..” Good one Hujonwi! Use language you KNOW that Jelly Belly will understand!
      “Charitable orginization such as this…”
      HAHAHAHAHAHA! ……Why Jelly Bean…..why didn’t u tell us sooner that you were so funny? You are a Kool-aid drinker aren’t ya?
      People in Glass Houses should not throw stones!

      • A cluster of cells? Is that what you call a baby?
        I’m out. You are banned tomorrow morning.
        Get a life and go play with your DailyKooks .
        EVIL souless “suicide” name is appropriate for you… Compassion is a word you will never know.

        • I really feel sorry for you. How miserable you must be. I hope u find peace……you do not have to be w/o joy for the rest of ur life. I really truly pray that you will see that. Good luck to u, Jelly. Deep down, you are better than this! May God Bless you and yours! Good night. 🙂

  5. Really Jelly bean humper, if that’s the case when does it become a life? If ya get right down to it it’s a parasite until age 18. Oh yea and the talking point about ‘adopted’. Really? Do you ever get tired of not having to use cognitive brain functions and just spew what you are told to?
    BTW although I have never adopted an unwanted child, I did help put several children through school in the village that I helped populate in the Philippines… Oh how many have you adopted or helped put through school? My guess 0. Why is it that you libtards always talk about adoption but only want babies and not the 5 or 6 year old or older that could use a good home? What is your talking point on that? Yes I am a US Navy veteran who comes from a long line of veterans that you so love to vilify and hide behind. Guess now your going to have to back the DNC for talking points… Enjoy being a Zombie…

    • Wow Hujonwi! I did not know that! Amazing!! Thank u for serving over seas! I should have guessed….I am not at all surprised tho. You can tell that you are respected….maybe it was the John Deere comment! Hahaha….J/J (kinda). Farm boys are always raised right! In fact they are the BEST kind!!
      Ooooooooo……..Jelly Bean! Wouldn’t want to be u right now! 😉

      • You said that we do not care about the baby after he or she is born…..I said that that was untrue b/c of the little girl my parents are caring for b/c her mom abandoned her….how is that not relevant?

        • I said you were the exception to that, and I know what a gift that is to give someone. I actually applauded you for it. Then, I thought it was you raising her and not your parents. Good for them I guess. And I do applaud them.
          I was speaking to the relevance of my ever saying anything negative about veterans or soldiers.

      • You don’t want “facts” at this site. Just your science.

        • Science is provable/disprovable. Religion is not.

          • Alinsky rules for you…
            Too bad, so sad.

          • Jelly,
            You just displayed your ignorance for all the world to see. Science and Religion belong in TWO entirely separate and different domains of truth claims: the first is Empirical (sensory-based); the other is Metaphysical (beyond the physical realm of senses). I suggest you take an introductory course in Epistemology before you open your big mouth again.
            ~Dr. Eowyn
            (who’s taught Epistemology to undergrads and graduate students)

          • Jelly mean, does that apply to climate science? You know the global warming studies where the statistics were skewed to make it look like the earth was warming? Or how about the “theory” of evolution that has been studied and NO proof has been found to fully support it?
            Science you can believe in…

      • You didn’t but just from my experience that is the attitude.
        Once again ya didn’t answer any questions, just tried to deflect…
        SOP for libtards… Oh I don’t have to prove anything on this web site, us veterans know it from the lingo.
        Just wait till Steve and Grouchy get here… Might have to email Candy…
        Try this over at
        Hope they don’t ban ya for a while this is fun… Arguing with Idiots…
        As heard over the 1MC ‘Haz Mat clean up needed on Aisle 3, barking moon bat koolaid spill…

    • Totally untrue…..I have a little sister who is 10, I am 29. Her mom just quit taking care of her, but at least she has a chance, plus she has blessed my family more than we could ever do for her. She is AMAZING!!

      • And I honestly feel the same about you Jelly. When u see a child like that being hurt by their own parent…..I will admit it is hard not to ask “Why”. At least we are both on the same page about helping those children. Can we just agree to disagree b/c I have to admit what you are doing deserves respect. Especially at 28. That in itself is amazing! :). I owe you an apology. I am sorry for assuming things I did not know…I should not do that. Please except my apology. I am embarrassed!

        • I am quitting…..good luck to u Jelly! Just know that ppl on this site are not ugly….but very caring! Good night! 🙂

        • That is Amazing Jelly! Gives me the chills….of course I forgive you! That little girl has gotten a major gift in you. And Believe me, we ALL have skeletons in our closets…I know better than to be so ugly. I am super embarrased! Thank you for stepping up and stepping in when her mother would not. You are very right, there are not many like you that would be selfless enough to take a child in. I have a 3 and 4 yr old. My husband and I have talked about adoption, but we have yet to step up. My cousin has 3 kids she has adopted. All adopted during toddler yrs. Honestly, you actually have been an inspiration…..why have we not stepped up. I need to practice what I preach. Plus my husband said that would be the ONLY way we would ever have more kiddos, b/c he said he couldnt survive me pregnant again! 🙂 He was J/J…I think. But I am not a FUN pregnant woman! hahaha….

  6. Well Jelly bean humper IF that is the case then good for you. But ya didn’t answer several other issues. Guess your still waiting on the talking points. I also know a lady who was raped and raised the daughter that came from that. As far as I’ve been able to figure out we do care about a child, not only before they are born but after. But then again where do make that call?
    Oh ya I’m really going to annoy ya by putting you on a prayer list of a bunch of former outlaw bikers…

    • If a woman doesn’t want to bear the child of a man who raped or took advantage of her, she should not be forced to.
      And I haven’t seen much evidence of most people caring about a child once it’s been “saved” by not being aborted early on, when it is just a cluster of cells. If you believe this unborn child (what I refer to as a cluster of cells, which apparently bothers a lot of you) has a soul, wouldn’t they go straight to heaven based on your beliefs if they were aborted? They haven’t had a chance to sin yet, right? But the same child, brought into this world to a parent or parents who don’t want them or aren’t ready for them, is going to be at risk for a lot of sinful behavior. Which way is their soul better off?

      • So how many email addresses are you going to submit here? I know your first one contained “suicide”.
        Cluster of cells? Would be appropriate if you had a soul.
        Yet your Compassion is only for “twats”…
        You are EVIL

        • No compassion for Sarah Palin, she is evil. I have a soul. I also have a moral compass that doesn’t require a book to steer it in the right direction, obviously. Get off your high horse and stop being such an ass.

          • Must be part of Obummer ‘fake truth’ team… You have a moral compass that points south when it should point north…
            Ya’ll have it from here…


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