Fat "Pigs" in Bell, CA

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Fat Pig Politicians in Bell

Bell 8: ‘I am looking forward to … taking all of Bell’s money,’ police chief said in e-mail
Bell’s assistant city administrator and the city’s then-candidate for police chief referred to themselves as “pigs” in an e-mail exchange as they discussed the exorbitant salary being offered the lawman, documents released in court Monday show. Assistant Bell City Administrator Angela Spaccia then responds to Adams with another e-mail: “LOL … well you can take your share of the pie … just like us!!! We will all get fat together … Bob [Rizzo] has an expression he likes to use on occasion … Pigs get Fat ….. Hogs get slaughtered!!!! So long as we’re not Hogs…All is well!?”
The e-mails are contained in a memorandum laying out the prosecution’s case against eight current and former city leaders in Bell, who are accused of misappropriating city money and attempting to cover up their high salaries.

Probably smarter than a politician!

I don’t know about you, but I believe these stoopid politicians that stated that in emails are probably dumber than the fattest pig!

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  1. they are “Hogs” now! least they better be. Stick a fork in them,they are done.

  2. The crooked politicians in Bell are just the tip of the iceberg. In 2007 the LA Weekly did an in-depth expose of Bell’s neighboring town, CUDAHY, that is a real jawdropper!
    THE TOWN THE LAW FORGOT: An L.A. ’burb is mired in gangs, cartels and south-of-the-border-style politics

  3. That picture is insane!!


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