Fast fooder McDonald's is biggest sponsor of lewd TV shows

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Evil Ronald McDonaldJunk food purveyer McDonald’s is also the biggest purveyor of junk TV.
Thaddeus Bablinski reports for LifeSiteNews, July 21, 2014, that the McDonalds mega-chain tops the list of companies most apt to sponsor sexually-graphic television shows, according to the pro-family TV watchdog, Parents Television Council (PTC).
PTC’s Research Department evaluates and reviews TV shows for their sexual content (depictions of or implied sexual content) and suggestive dialogue about sexual content. By “sexually graphic shows,” PTC means shows with “jokes about incest, rape, pedophilia; [glorifications of] adultery; barrages of bleeped and partially-bleeped F-words; and intense, brutal violence, including cannibalism and fetishized butchery.”

The Parents Television Council’s Top Ten TV sponsors of programs with sexual content, suggestive dialogue, foul language, and violence are:

Sexual Content:

  1. McDonalds Corporation
  2. YUM! Brands
  3. Mars Inc.
  4. Colgate Palmolive Company
  5. Virgin Mobile Telecoms Limited
  6. Time Warner Inc.
  7. Sony Corp. of America
  8. Toyota Motor Sales Inc.
  9. Samsung Electronics America, Inc.
  10. Red Bull North America, Inc.

Suggestive Dialogue:

  1. McDonalds Corporation
  2. Subway Restaurants
  3. Target Corp.
  4. Kohl’s Corporation
  5. Sears, Roebuck and Co
  6. Unilever United States
  7. AT&T Corp.
  8. Verizon Communications
  9. Toyota Motor Sales Inc.
  10. Microsoft

Foul Language:

  1. McDonalds Corporation
  2. YUM! Brands
  3. L’Oreal USA, Inc.
  4. Verizon Communications
  5. Toyota Motor Sales Inc.
  6. Cablevision Systems Corporation
  7. Signet Group plc (Kay Jewelers)
  8. Capital One Financial Corporation
  9. H & R Block
  10. Hyundai


  1. Subway Restaurants
  2. YUM! Brands
  3. Verizon Communications
  4. AT&T Corp.
  5. Sprint Corporation
  6. Burlington Industries, Inc.
  7. Daimler Chrysler Corporation
  8. Toyota Motor Sales Inc.
  9. General Motors Corp.
  10. Signet Group plc (Kay Jewelers)

PTC president Tim Winter said in a press release: “The companies on our lists are the worst offenders in each category, and McDonalds, YUM! Brands, and Toyota Motor Sales Inc., in particular have been the top contributors to the most explicit broadcast TV shows. Particularly jarring is the direction that McDonalds’ advertising has taken in recent years, given its history as a family – and child-centric – brand. We’ve recently reached out to McDonalds to encourage the company to change course, as it used to be one of our ‘best’ advertisers. And perhaps not coincidentally, data shows the company to have had better earnings when it eschewed explicit TV programming.
Today we call for greater responsibility by the corporations whose media dollars underwrite some of the most harmful material on broadcast television. Family quality programming doesn’t just benefit families. It is also more profitable for the corporate sponsors who advertise on the broadcast networks. We hope that companies will choose wisely where to put their ad dollars for the benefit of families across this country.”
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0 responses to “Fast fooder McDonald's is biggest sponsor of lewd TV shows

  1. Yet more of our bizarro New World Disorder!

  2. To protect America’s children from MacDonald’s support of this trash on
    television, concerned parents could boycott ‘Happy Meals’. It is bad enough
    that Burger King has ‘gay’ meals.

    • Not gay-homosexual. GAY means happy,cheerful,and Homosexuals,especially with the recent surge of AIDS in Male Homosexuals,don’t have much to be happy about.

  3. McDonald’s isn’t happy to poison our bodies—they want to poison our minds, too! And enough dumb consumers keep giving them their money! That’s how it works!
    (I never liked their phony baloney Norman Rockwell/Walt Disney attitude).

  4. Was curious about # 2 so…
    Yum! Brands, Inc. or Yum! is a United States-based Fortune 500 corporation. Yum! operates four licenses Taco Bell, KFC, Pizza Hut, and WingStreet restaurants worldwide.

    • Thanks, Steve. I was wondering about Yum! myself. In other words, it’s not just McDonald’s; other fast fooders are also big sponsors of junk TV. Junk food and junk TV go together!

  5. Interesting… as my local McDonald’s restaurants feature “Christian Rock” background music…

  6. Actually “Christian rock’ is an oxymoron in addition to being a very serious deception that has been perpetrated on young Christians, causing them to loose their way. The sounds (the beat of the music) are the same and they belong to the enemy. It is a very subtle compromise that has been widely accepted. It is in no way Godly and is of the world. So you see, your local McDonald’s is being true to form and giving you the old one/two punch. They are attacking your spirit in addition to your (God’s temple) body.
    This may seem far out to many so I have posted the video below.

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