Fast food worker thinks she should earn more than a paramedic

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Meet Lakecha Jackson, a fast food worker in Detroit. When asked by a reporter why she should be paid more than a paramedic she said, “Because we do so much. We do more than we get paid.”
Her brief interview starts at the 2:42 mark.

Judge Judy shakes head rolls eyes
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0 responses to “Fast food worker thinks she should earn more than a paramedic

  1. entitlement generation…just means more of these low-skilled workers will be unemployed and not know why

  2. I have thought for some time now that many in the U.S., especially Blacks, have the Narcissistic Personality Disorder, characterized by a grandiose false self-conception, a conviction that they are entitled to special treatment, and flying into a (narcissistic) rage when they are or merely perceive they are criticized. In too many cases, their narcissism is the malignant variety, which means the narcissist does harm to others.

    • yep….a lot of their “anger” comes from the false belief that racism is holding them down. Blacks have the same opportunities as anyone else in this country and they can succeed or fail just like anyone else. The difference is when they fail (or simply don’t even try) they use the blame game to feel better about themselves…narcissism and victim mentality.
      I love to read stories about blacks who do for themselves and believe in personal responsibility and accountability….usually won’t find that type in the democratic party.

      • Actually, in several cases, they are given more advantages than white, Asians and other races. They have Affirmative Action, the Black Caucus, black school, black colleges, and several others.
        They have damaged themselves by changing their mindset. It is someone else’s fault, they owe me, why should I, I deserve more, etc.
        They deny the fact that success takes hard work and dedication. That you don’t start at the top, you work your way up there.
        They have to realize, to succeed, stop listening to losers, find a success story and emanate that person.
        So many cry and whine about money, but they have used much of their money for the wrong things, fancy clothes, shoes, hair, nails, tats, instead of an education to improve their lives.

  3. Since when was working in a fast food outlet considered a “family wage job.” It previously was a job held by high school and college students–not people raising families. It would seem that those who choose to become impregnated, or impregnate another–and have not finished an education (many not even having finished high school, much less seeking any further training or education) feel that society owes them top dollar for their time. Truthfully, how many of us will flock to McDonalds, or the other fast food joints when hamburgers go up $2.00, or drinks go up another dollar? You can bet your bottom dollar that people who need to feed their own families will revert to cooking at home–just like we did 3-4 decades ago. These folks are so slow of mind that they really think this kind of attitude won’t come around to bite them in the backside! I’m telling you, just thinking about this kind of stupidity hurts my head!

    • Absolutely right, fast food among other jobs, is an entry level job.
      They can’t seem to look beyond that fact. If you don’t like that job, what can you do for yourself to improve your life. Unless you plan on going into the management program, educate yourself and move on.

  4. Dah. For the last decade or more (roughly the Obama years…go figure….) the ILLEGAL day-job, unskilled workers who wait for “pick-up work” at the Home Depot and at the town squares of our little hamlets in CA have been demanding way MORE per hour for day labor grunt-work than earned by a college-educated (qualified by a successfullly-passed state test) substitute teacher in our public school systems (for which the applicant paid several hundred dollars for the “privilege” to take and spent hours taking, not to mention the college degree and maybe hours of brush-up hours or courses in test preparation—-I did this substitute teacher work for more than 5 years before taking a full-time teaching contract…so I guess you can say that I “DID THE WORK THAT NO OTHER AMERICAN CITIZENS WANTED TO DO……JUST LIKE the ILLEGALS!!!!!). GEEZIEE LOUIZZEE…a cadre of my friends & I decided LONG ago that we’d pay DOUBLE for a LEGAL worker to “pull our weeds” instead of going along with this off-handedly “accepted” ILLEGAL work system……

    • God Bless you CalGirl . . . we all need to be paying more to have legal Americans do our work. If all these jobs for illegals dried up, I do believe perhaps going back to Mexico might become a more attractive solution for these people. It is gross when people who have committed to becoming educated cannot earn higher wages than slugs that just show up and demand more and more money.

  5. I be wantin mo money bcuz…dats why. Yo
    I find it fascinating that as the citizenry continues to get dumber they also become more emboldened.

    • When we are graduating students that can’t even write their name, it is to be expected they are dumber. They have no social skills and couldn’t cook a meal or balance a check book if their life depended on it. They couldn’t sew a dress or build a bird house in shop class.
      The are creating a generation of idiots.

    • You are absolutely correct in the fact that peoples doing lower entry class jobs have become emboldened to agitate for more and more. There is a ceiling at which all of us have to cut off “frivolous spending” such as fast food, going to movies, etc. The problem lies in the fact that we have a base of individuals who have been taught that they are of so much, very much worth that they deserve the same wages as skilled and educated professionals. Their heads are in the clouds–they dread of dollar signs dancing hither and fro . . . all these dollars that they are entitled to–they have no idea sure to their stupidity that when workers demand more than what the service they provide will garner, there will be changes. These changes may come in the guise of automation, or just keeping the fastest, and best of the workers, or it may come in just handing them a pink slip and sending them on home. It truly is a burden to all of society that younger people are dumber and do not have a clue as to how life actually works. Does this go back to the idea that a trophy is awarded to each and every child who just shows up to participate in sports–even if they are only good enough to warm the bench???


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