Fantastic: Libyan Parliament on Fire, Gaddafi Leaves Town, Oil Goes Up

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It’s déjà vu all over again.

Photo Courtesy Daily Mail

Looks like Libyan activists are following the Egypt model to a tee. The UK’s Daily Mail claims protestors stormed the state television studio and set fire to the Parliament building [heed my words: disturbing photos at the link]. Getting there cost over 300 lives as the military opened fire several times.
Meanwhile, oil field workers have decided to go on strike, forcing oil companies to halt production and evacuate Western staff. USA Today reports oil has already gotten more expensive as those in the industry begin to fear the worst.
Gaddafi is said to have left Tripoli. His son assumed public leadership and released a statement, but no one is confident in his ability to stop this.
In each country that springs up next, the riots get more violent. If you thought Cairo was a war zone two weeks ago, that was child’s play compared to last night’s all-out urban warfare in Tripoli.
And what is the American government doing? Trying to decide on the “appropriate response.”

You’re welcome for the leadership, folks.

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0 responses to “Fantastic: Libyan Parliament on Fire, Gaddafi Leaves Town, Oil Goes Up

  1. Looks as if the markets will reopen w/a huge BANG on Tuesday, but some will rise, and more will fall. As I wrote earlier, my portfolio is up 52% in less than a year, based on fear, greed, and chaos, all of which we have in spades these days.
    From a Globe & Mail article last week re the Obamamama:
    “Barack Obama has obviously calculated that the political risks are too great for candour, so he, too, operates within the dream by proposing some restraint on discretionary spending without touching the entitlement programs, the military or taxes. In this, he is complicit with Republicans in deforming the nature of the debate and ill-informing Americans.
    “He has obviously reckoned that, with the Republicans believing the problem can be solved by discretionary spending cuts alone, he isn’t going to do anything credible before the next election.
    “So health care for seniors and the poor continues to rise by 8 per cent annually. The bloated Pentagon budget will be a staggering $670-billion. Still, the Secretary of Defence says any cut of more than $9-billion would cripple the nation’s capacity to defend itself.
    “With a 5-per-cent national sales tax, of the kind every other industrial country has implemented, the U.S. would be halfway home to budgetary solvency. In dreamland, however, such a dose of reality is unthinkable.”
    Even if the US military were cut in half it will still be the largest on the planet! EVERY sector wants what it’s got and won’t yield, so….
    Onward, J

  2. 2/20/2011Arabs rally to protest Gaddafi in front of Dearborn, MI City Hall

  3. Fasten your seatbelts, friends. It’s gonna be a bumpy ride….
    In China, the dictatorial Communist Party govt is fast and fury at work dampening online calls for a “Jasmine revolution.”

  4. Trying to come up with an “appropriate response”? C’mon, it’s Khadaffi (sponsorer of terrorism, invader of Chad, etc.)… support the protestors and tell him to quit. If he leaves power and things go well, there could be a bio-pic starring Sylvester Stallone (and royalties) in it for him– bad-man-sees-the-light-and-makes-good sort of thing. (It could be a win-win all the way around.)

  5. The empty suit would only say somthing if they tried to thwart the WI unions. Priorities….

  6. I’ve been saying this from the outset of the Egyptian thing- fomenting an uprising in the middle east is lunacy. The correct public approach by the administration, in my opinion, would have been to say “we support the exchange of ideas in Egypt and we call on President Mubarak to meet with leaders from the opposition to chart the best course forward.” He should have never called on his ouster.
    Now we’ve emboldened an entire region of radicals to unite and rise up. All driven by their faith -NOT democracy- and surely not some desire to uniformly accept the United States as the Great Savior. A subdued enemy has been loosed.
    I certainly don’t condone mistreating human beings, but the vast majority of middle easterners live in a time long since past by the western world and they are ill-equipped both intellectually and financially to suddenly vault into the 21st century as a viable society; Twitter and Facebook won’t change that. Like a lion at the zoo, these societies might be interesting to study or visit, but letting them loose will only get people eaten.
    Obama threw some red meat just outside the bars, then opened up the rear gate.


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