Fans Arriving for Monday's Big Event in Washington

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Looks to be a record turnout folks.
~Steve~                                H/T  Miss May

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0 responses to “Fans Arriving for Monday's Big Event in Washington

  1. perfect.

  2. The photo says it all . Nothing else needs to be said .

  3. And just when you thought Washington couldn’t stink any worse!!!!!!!

  4. I know a lot of black people who do not like Obama now. He scares even them, with his Pro-Muslim and US & Foreign Massacres & Regime Changes.

  5. poor sheep…they are such beautiful animals.
    Poor Jesus, Good Shepherd.
    Poor shepherds who were first to see the new-born Savior.
    Poor Lamb of God Who takes away the sins of the World.
    no….not sheep…. maybe idiots,…or the terminally stupid.

  6. I do believe the sheep in the picture would leave the place cleaner than the Obamabots who show up…

  7. Hope I can find a good movie to watch that day! The Coronation will make me sick!

  8. They don’t know that they are about to be sheared and cut…

  9. How much is it all costing? People paid for this shindig?
    How many millions of dollars? Perhaps Moochelle will have gotten her hands on enough to get a decent hairdresser for the occasion, but there again chances are that we are in for more insanity. Things are getting rather hectic don’t you think? Meanwhile, back in Syria………………………………….A thought just came to me, maybe there will be a huge drone flyover during the ceremony. He has to get up early on Tuesday morning to be ready to study the “kill list”, so he better get to bed before midnight. After the inaugural ball and all.
    There again, maybe his limo will have turned into a pumpkin and the chauffeur into a rat by them.


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