Family portraits to melt your heart

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H/t FOTM’s joandarc

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0 responses to “Family portraits to melt your heart

  1. That was fabulous, it certainly brightened my day! Thank you.

  2. These are AMAZING! I can’t even get ONE dog to behave for a picture!

  3. Awe! So cute!

  4. I LOVE dogs and these pictures are so cute!!!

  5. Wonderful faces & expressions of parental pride.
    Never try to convince me animals are w/o souls: we just can’t learn dog speak!

  6. The only thing I don’t like about puppies is they eventually grow up.

  7. ‘Been reading…but not commenting much b/c 9/16, home/ grounds were severely damaged by tail end of hurricane up out of Mexico into So.CA. We’ve been trying to work & carry on “regular schedules” while also dealing w/ignoramous insurance ever since (believe me, anyone who has done this after a big disaster KNOWS that it is, in itself, a FULL TIME JOB…they just hope to wear you down until you bow out/go away to live on concrete floors, no roof, sagging water-logged/destroyed ceilings, no interior walls…& say …”It’s OK..just leave me alone & give me a buck-fifty for 25 yrs of insurance premium payments)—&, BTW…we’ve had USAA insurance b/c my husband was a military officer….we thought it would be great…but having never had a claim in 25 yrs…we didn’t know how they could be like or WORSE than others (our neighbors w/other insurances were not treated so shabbily or so late w/so much grief to fight) we now know we can chalk another one up to a shabby treatment of US Vets…one that we PAY FOR a dear price….it’s not a “given” of service… I JUST yesterday got my furniture out of storage (while home was BELATEDLY & reluctantly repaired). Yatta Yatta…the gist is….I’ve been following/ checking in , but could not take time to comment until today’s totally irrresistable post. I am a SUCKER for dogs & cats & other furry pets kept & loved by humans…This melts my heart!!!
    Through all of my last months of travail…most days I could not wait to rush home fr work & sink my face & hands into the fur of my rollie-pollie big blond rescue Lab, “Maggie” for kisses & love—given & recieved–& the “face-licking” I’d get from Brown Sugar, our aged rescued Lab/Shar Pei mix. They made everything “OK” in the moment. (We lost one cat in the storm, & had to put down another 15-yr old a few wks ago…we have still a near-21-yr old & another “old man” 10 yr-old to cuddle, as well as a recent bottle-fed baby) They all seem to “know” about our stress & needs & we’ve all pulled into a tight cirlce of survival & support for each other….So, THANKS for this precious post! Much appreciated. Much loved!

    • “We lost one cat in the storm, & had to put down another 15-yr old a few wks ago”
      I’m so sorry for your losses, CalGirl. They are so blessed to have been in your care. Know that they’re in Heaven:

    • Oh CalGirl, I often wondered where you’ve been. I am so sorry to hear about what you are going through. being from the Gulf Coast, I know some of what you are going through via Katrina. I am so sorry to hear about your animals, my heart is with you. Don’t you just love the picture of the momma doggie looking at her babies eating? We love and care for our fur-babies so much and they give us love back a hundred-fold. Will keep you in my prayers.

      • Thanks much Lola & Dr. E! I see light at the end of the tunnel lately now w/house/grounds. (I didn’t explain, but, a prob w/grounds was our neighbor’s tri-trunk,100-foot tall, 30-ton Ponderosa Pine fell across our back yard, barely missing my hen house( thank goodness, the “girls” were spared) taking out our 10×20 storage building & a new 30-ft pool/some other things. My cat that was killed was in a panic from the storm & ran from our porch to hide in the crawl space under the storage building…. We did not find her (deceased) until the debris was removed a week later.
        Things are going to be “OK,” eventually. According to insurance rules, unless I first served my neighbor with notice in writing that said her tree was a danger to me, the fallen tree, once in my yard…is MY problem. I have no recourse. Our insurance had to pay for all that…which they did, but then they became reluctant/slow to “fix” anything afterward that was a result of either the fallen tree…or the storm itself (the tree thing/ building/ dcontents/pool cost so much themselves..& were definitely not even REMOTELY arguable) But then the arguments came. The most hideous claim of the insurance exec–in his safe desk in Texas—was that, he didn’t know if the missing tiles from our roof allowed the pouring rain in from this storm/tornado were, as per his adjustor, the result of the storm—or if we already had a hole in our roof of long-standing. Now…I put it out there to anyone who might read this—-do you think that a wind that could twist a 30-ton tree off it’s base, 10-ft above the ground–and throw it onto my backyard…could also take 3 terra cotta tiles off the peak of our roof & allow nature’s fury to dump water inside my house? And, how many people live in a home for 27 years with a hole in the roof and NOT notice?
        Please remember—it was a USAA exec sitting in an office 1500 mi away in TX who tried to nullify our claims of damage and who also, in the process, called his own adjustors, “liars,” regardless of news footage/adjustors’ photos and reports.
        I thank you both for your care for me & mine, and our beloved pets! So sad to lose our innocents….

  8. Wow – just made my YEAR! Thanks so very, very much….

  9. This is just awesome……I love the pics 🙂

  10. What no kitties! I’ve been a cat person my entire life but had one dog, a black Labrador retriever. I had two cats who thought they were dogs
    Puppies are cute, especially golden retrievers and labs, but they grow up to be barking, smelly, poop eating, crotch sniffing dogs 🙂


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