Family pictures of young Barack and Michelle Obama are fake

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Is there anything about the POS that isn’t fake? (See “Obama’s entire life is a lie“)
Fake birth certificate. Fake military draft (Selective Service) registration. A fake female as wife.
Add fake family photos to the list.

1. Pic of Obama and his grandparents

You’ve probably all seen that picture of Obama seated between his maternal grandparents Stanley and Madelyn Dunham, supposedly taken in Central Park sometime in the early 1980s while the Dunhams were visiting Obama when he was a student at Columbia University.
The photo was among other family photos of Obama which were released by his presidential campaign in February 2008 (see Daily Mail). The photo is also in New Yorker editor David Remnick’s 2010 biography of Barack Obama, The Bridge.
Look at the picture again, carefully.
Do you see what’s weird in the picture?
Here’s a hint (see yellow circles):
Do you see how grandpa Stanley’s upper left arm is vertical, but his left hand is resting on Obama’s left shoulder?
Why don’t you try doing that to another person who’s about the same height as you — put your left hand on his or her left shoulder. Go ahead, try it!
What happened to your left upper arm? Did it stay vertical as Stanley’s arm did, or was it horizontal, stretched across your companion’s back?
It is anatomically impossible for Stanley Dunham to rest his left hand on Obama’s left shoulder while his (Stanley’s) left upper arm stays vertical. That means the picture had been altered by inserting the image of Obama between Stanley and Madelyn.
Here’s the original picture of only the Dunhams (below). Notice the following:

  • The fingers of Stanley’s left hand grasping his wife’s left elbow, which explains why his left upper arm is vertical.
  • The dark shadow between the Dunhams. That’s the phantom right knee of phantom Obama.
  • The wall behind Stanley’s right shoulder is black, without the two horizontal streaks (– –) in the photoshopped pic of Obama and the Dunhams.

Obama's grandparents
Hilariously, Alex Pareene (and the commenters) of the left-wing derided “birthers” for asserting that the pic of Obama with the Dunhams had been photoshopped. Instead, Pareene says it’s the pic of just Stanley and Madelyn that was photoshopped. LOL
Hey, Alex Pareen! Do explain how grandpa Dunham can keep his left upper arm vertical while resting his left hand on Obama’s left shoulder!
In the video below, the narrator explains how the picture had been photoshopped:

2. Young Barry with dad Obama Sr. in Honolulu Airport

Here’s another at-once heartwarming and heartbreaking photo of 10-year-old Obama with his biological father Barack Hussein Obama Sr., supposedly taken in Honolulu International Airport when Sr. visited Hawaii during the 1971 Christmas holiday season. (Sr. had abandoned Jr. at birth.)
Notice the tips of Obama Sr.’s left hand, especially the finger nails.
Obama Jr. with Sr. in Honolulu airpot, Dec. 1971
Here’s a picture of Obama Jr.’s biological and briefly-married parents, Obama Sr. and Stanley Ann Dunham, in the same airport, presumably taken at the same time as the previous picture of Sr. with Jr.
Notice the tips of Obama Sr.’s left hand on Dunham’s left shoulder, especially the finger nails.
Obama Sr. with Stanley Ann Dunham, Honolulu Airport, 1971
Here’s a side-by-side comparison of the finger nails of Obama Sr.’s left hand. The nails in the first pic (left) look completely different from the nails in the second pic (right) — white (instead of light brown) and misshapen.
Obama Sr.'s finger nails
Alan Jones of 1776 Channel writes:

An apparent mismatch between fingernail sets on Barack Obama Sr.’s left hand, captured in two ‘photographs’ purportedly snapped inside a Honolulu International Airport terminal, reveals that at least one of the images is likely a digital creation [….]
The image featuring Barack Obama Jr. appears to have been distributed by Reuters while the image featuring Dunham appears to have been distributed by the Associated Press, with the names of those wire services appearing in the bottom left corners of identical images served by Google and Bing search engines.
[…] the airport family gathering portrayed in these images of Barack Obama Sr.’s Honolulu arrival or departure likely never happened. Both airport images appear to have been manufactured, perhaps to propel the official narrative of Barack Obama’s family history as told in his memoir “Dreams from My Father.”
Barack Obama Sr. is wearing the same suit and tie in both images, yet has completely different looking left ‘hands’. […]
Additional anomalies detected within the airport terminal images suggest that both images were likely assembled using a raster graphics editor computer application such as Adobe Photoshop.
The faces of all three individuals seen in the foreground of the images, Obama Sr., Obama Jr., and Stanley Ann Dunham, appear to have been photographed under different lighting conditions, suggesting that the images may be composites.
Artifacts and distortions observed along the edges of Barack Obama Sr. suggest masking problems during the creation of composite images. These include the ‘halo’ effect and distortions in the blending and ‘feathering’ of the human subject with the background.
There are also proportional problems, such as the similarity in size of the heads of Barack Obama Sr. and Jr. and the small, distant appearance of the airline agent(s) behind the counter.
The positions of Barack Obama Sr.’s left ‘arms’ appear unnatural in both images. His arm is wrapped around Obama Jr. in one image and around Dunham in the other image.
Obama Sr.’s right arm appears unnaturally narrow in the photograph with Dunham.
The airline agents behind the counter appear to possibly be the same person, but the different looking watches worn on each agent reveal that they are perhaps two different individuals.

airline agent in Obama Sr. at Honolulu airport
Moreover, the appearance of the airport terminal and especially the overhead “San Francisco” sign behind Obama Sr. in the first pic, suggest to 1776 Channel that the airport in the photos might not even be Honolulu International Airport.

3. Obama’s 1973 airport photo with mom

Joel Gilbert, who made the documentary “Dreams from My Real Father,” commissioned a professional graphic artist to examine a 1973 family photo posted on Obama’s 2012 reelection campaign page on Facebook.
The photo shows boy Obama standing in Honolulu airport with his mother Stanley Ann Dunham on his right, and on his left, a young girl (most likely his half-sister Maya Soetoro) and his maternal grandfather, Stanley Dunham, wearing dark sunglasses.
Obama with mom at airport 1973
Notice anything odd about the pic, specifically Ann Dunham’s right hand?
The professional graphic artist who examined the 1973 photo believes the image of Ann Dunham had been airbrushed into the scene to cover up an African-American man who was standing next to Obama, because Ann Dunham’s right hand appears to be a black man’s hand — as you can see in this screenshot I took from Gilbert’s video.

Gilbert believes the airbrushed man was Frank Marshall Davis, a registered member of the American Communist Party and Obama’s childhood mentor. (Go to “Why does Obama’s mom have a black man’s hand in this photo?” for more.)

4. Michelle Obama’s Prom Photo

In April 2012, TV talk show host Ellen Degeneres released a photo of 18-year-old Michelle Robinson posing with her prom date, David Upchurch. As recounted by David A. Graham for The Atlantic, April 15, 2012: “DeGeneres showed the photo [of young Michelle Robinson dressed for prom] as they taped a segment for Monday’s show.”
Michelle Obama with her first boyfriend. David Upchurch escorted the then 18-year-old Michelle to her high school prom in Chicago, as seen in this photograph. A glowing Michelle shows some leg in her low-cut slit golden dress as David, who now lives in a modest home in Colorado Springs, Colorado, stands next to her in a smart tuxedo in the 1982 picture. Pictured: David Upchurch and Michelle Obama Ref: SPL85093 060309 EXCLUSIVE  Picture by: Splash News Splash News and Pictures Los Angeles: 310-821-2666 New York: 212-619-2666 London: 870-934-2666
But FOTM’s very observant reader MomOfIV points out:

A few things to note from my observation, with photo enlarged 300%:
1. the female in the picture is wearing a ring on her wedding finger
2. the female in the picture has an “innie” outer ear fold (you can tell by the shadow on the inside of the outer ear fold), while mooch has an extended outer earfold
3. the female in the picture has an apparently smaller foot (maybe an 8?), while mooch’s feet are a size 11 from
4. and last, but not least, if you look around the bottom of mooch’s mouth, and the sides of the eyes, and above the eyebrows you will see cut and paste lines….photoshop job

So I went looking for pics of Michelle Obama’s left ear. Below is a pic of the left ear of prom Michelle (first left), placed next to three pictures of First Lady Mooch.
Mooch's left ear comparison
As you can see in the comparison pics above (click to enlarge!), the left ears of prom Michelle and First Lady Mooch look very different:

  • prom Michelle has a dainty ear lobe; Mooch has a long ear lobe.
  • Mooch’s ear has a wide expanse of Crura of antihelix that’s missing from the ear of prom girl.

anatomy of outer hear
Ears don’t change. The young woman in the prom photo is not Michelle Robinson. Whoever photoshopped Michelle’s face onto the prom pic not only overlooked the wedding ring on the girl’s left hand, the fraudster also didn’t bother to fix the ears. LOL

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0 responses to “Family pictures of young Barack and Michelle Obama are fake

  1. In regard to the photo of his grandparents sitting without Obama, I notice there was no mention of the obvious photoshop “stutter” on the wall on the right side of the picture and also lower on the wall between each of their legs. SOMEBODY has been photoshopped out and then the grandparents pushed together. Whoever manipulated this photo did a very poor job. On the photo of the airport worker, can you not see his arm is turned differently between photos? One shows the light watch face, the other the dark watch strap. On the one showing his father’s hands at the airport, one appears to have the fingernails reflecting light, the other one not. I agree that the prom picture is not real, as the cut and paste line where her face was inserted is visible.

  2. There is an explanation for the “vertical” arm as well. Some men’s suits have very stiff shoulder shapes. The shoulder in the suit will retain its shape even as the arm position changes. Notice the shoulder atop grandpa’s other arm. Vertical, even though the arm goes out. However, I question whether or not it was Obama sitting in the middle, or someone else who was photoshopped out and replaced with Obama. Notice the gap under Obama’s right arm (left side as we see it). At least a little portion of grandpa’s arm should be showing unless he’s got very slender arms!
    The pic of his mom standing behind him….photoshop all the way. Obama does seem to love having his pics photoshopped. Even in his official portrait/photo as president he has had his ears photoshopped down (especially the lobes), his head broadened a touch, and his jaw reduced. It is easy to see when you do a side by side comparison with another front-on photo.

  3. In the pic of Obama Sr w/ his hand across the chest of Obama Jr, doesn’t it seem as if Sr’s fingers are freakishly long?

  4. They do look very long. But why would anyone who wants to pass off a photoshopped pic as real put in daggers for fingernails lol? Either it’s supposed to be caught or its a freak of lighting combined with bad picture quality imho.

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  7. Did no one think that the fathers photo with Barack @the airport had an extremely long wrist to finger tip hand by comparison. The attendant @the counter has dark glasses as well as watch band. One photo is extremely dark and the other very light. What had changed there?

  8. Not only do the “Prom” pictures not add up, but neither does the “dating” story. She’s 18 years old in the “Prom” picture. A senior, grade 12, right? They started “dating” in middle school. What’s middle school? Grades 7-8? I’ll even give you grades 7-9 as “middle school”. But they only dated for a year and a half!? Then they went to the senior high school Prom together? Do the math. It doesn’t add up.

    • NOTHING about these creeps add up or down, IMO. Frauds from the get-go, all of them. I’ll even go so far as to say that the kids may have been adopted for future use.

      • The kids were allegedly adopted from Morocco.

        • You are dumb as hell funny sadly but dumb as the rest of these paranoid f*cktards. Dumb like you people who photoshopped these photos. Someone edited this family’s photos to make it look like they did but I see through the bs.
          Omg much thanks for the laugh hahaha

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  10. Billy Joe Diesem

    Google Michael Lavaghn Robinson aka Michelle Obama transvestite

  11. Billy Joe, I visited that website and curious to see that the picture they have there of baby Michelle is also Photoshop hack… can tell by the poor attempt of cleaning the fingers of the mom as she held the baby, seems the original person there had a dark garment and not white, the black line left behind at the finger tips of the mother grasping the child, also the hand of the older brother has one shadow when it should have to spots, unless it wasn’t a shadow but a piece of the dark garment,

  12. Nothing about the ovomits seems to be truthful. It would surprise everyone if we actually knew who that really are. It’s scary to think we let this pair into the WH and run our country. He could be a spy from Russia or China or the Muslim brotherhood. Just glad I had no part of voting him and him into the office of President and First laddie.


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  16. Tabitha Bennett

    Her feet look pretty big to me but that photo does look sketchy. Who dresses like that but wears no make-up or has nothing done to their hair. The 80s was a very made-up time for women – big hair dark makeup and too many accessories.
    The airport photos look real, just dark and bad quality.
    The mom’s black hand photo is obviously sketchy.
    The only the bench image is all kinds of odd.

  17. The photo of him and his grandparents is false. Not from the hand but look at the facial expressions in the two different pictures. The grandparents smile teeth head position all the same. Sorry this does not happen twice.

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  19. And from there the lies just grew bigger… every disappointing and sad… Presidential frogs..

  20. And yet he has served 2 terms …???? He was placed as President .. He did not win. Do u really think after all this trouble they went through .. He will leave WH

  21. everydoghastheirday

    There are those who know who Obama really is and when obama, who is nothing more than Cowardice CIA asset and establishment mouthpiece whose identity was created.
    His identity is well known, where he was previous to 2001, Afghanistan! and Pakistan, plastic surgery in 2001 while under FBI supervision, family members being flown out of the US on private planes by the Bush administration , head scars, the nose ears and lip job, social security number of a dead man. fake birth certificate, etc etc etc. Obama understands very well his days are numbered and no one has his back he understand his identity is going to be released no matter how hard and how much he has spent to suppress the facts and cover it up.. Washington is scared and so they should be. Prison and worse is whats coming their way, make no mistake about that.. traitorous criminal cowardice bastards will be sent to Hell.

  22. I don’t usually respond to these sites but… this is too much. If it makes you feel better to believe our President is the “Boogie Man,” by all means… have at it, but the photo of Obama and his grandparents is real. Obama has been PhotoShoped out of the second photo.
    I’m a graphic designer, and I specialize in photo manipulation and whoever did this needs to keep practicing because this is some sloppy work. The horizontal lines in the altered photo (the photo without Obama) are shaky and smudged in places and then the photo was slightly blurred in a lazy effort to hide the poor workmanship. And if you look at the original photo (the photo with Obama), notice how much sharper his grandmother’s pleated skirt is.
    I could go on but I realize that, to some people, the truth is what you want it to be.

  23. Wow – Look at the picture of Oblama as a boy standing next to his father, supposedly – the fingertips look just like the FEET OF A TOY, which would explain the glee in Oblama’s smile in clutching it so close. It is not someone’s hand but a kid’s toy.

  24. After reading many, but not all comments, no one is stating the obvious mistakes:
    – same Christmas decor in both
    – backgrounds are same; one just brightened
    – crooked and too clear San Francisco sign
    – Mommy picture has top cropped
    – Since tree behind their heads is legit in both pics, both are fake.
    – inanimate objects never changed
    He’s the Manchurian Candidate that we hoped, and never believed would come to fruition.

  25. Your ears do change with age. Earlobes can become long from wearing heavy dangley earrings. She may have also had a nose job and they take cartilage from the ear to reshape the nose. Stop grasping at straws.

  26. Common u guys it doesn’t matter if she looks different we know who she is

  27. Okay what’s the Problem? In January you will have a new Potus,I don’t hear you all asking for his Taxes,what about the rape case and his wife posing in pictures…

    • Yes, we will have a new POTUS. #MAGA.
      As for Trump’s taxes? What’s the problem? Hillary Clinton used the same legal method as Trump to avoid paying income taxes.
      “But there’s just one thing wrong with Hillary’s and the MSM’s crowing: Trump did nothing unlawful in paying no federal income tax. He did it “by the book” — by using a perfectly legal method provided by the IRS, called “carryover” or “long-term capital loss”.
      The NYT admitted as much: “The tax experts consulted by The Times said nothing in the 1995 documents suggested any wrongdoing by Mr. Trump, even if the extraordinary size of the loss he declared would have probably attracted extra scrutiny from I.R.S. examiners.”
      There’s another thing wrong with Hillary’s and the MSM’s crowing: Hillary Clinton used the same “capital loss” method that Trump had used to reduce the amount the Clintons paid in income tax last year.”

      Maybe you missed our post on that?
      And the rape allegations thrown at Trump? You must have missed the news about that case. A civil suit against Donald Trump alleging he raped a 13-year-old girl was dismissed in California in May 2016, refiled in New York in June 2016, and dropped again in November 2016.
      As for Melania posing for pictures? Well, at least she didn’t drive off a bridge while drunk and leave another person to die.
      Hey jackass, don’t you have more important things to worry about in Chiraq? Like the record number of blacks killing each other in the streets? Talk about “being nice”…

    • Why,
      You are dragging Trump into a post that was published in May 2015, BEFORE Trump said he’d be running, BEFORE there was a GOP primary, BEFORE the Nov. 8, 2016 election.
      What is wrong with you?

    • Well the problem would be that our ENTIRE Land of the Free and Home of the Brave- has been hijacked and scammed! We all would have been taken for a ride- and our country is lost to a puppet master or committee of puppet masters that we neither elected nor know of?? That alone should strike fear IN every citizen of the US- regardless of party affiliation. We know Obama was never vetted properly and I as an American taxpayer- WANT TO KNOW WHY?- Who did it serve and what was THEIR purpose for doing so?

  28. The real tell in the ‘Columbia’ picture is Obumbler’s right arm. Barry’s left shoulder reveals a thin frame shoulder leading to a normal looking upper arm- to make Obomber fit into the picture his right arm has to fill the void left by Grand Mammies right arm- this causes an awkward displacement of the shoulder leading to the upper arm. It could be explained by a broad shoulder but that doesn’t exist on the left! Also the space caused by the right elbow revealing the wall behind it looks obviously doctored- the intense clarity and lack of shadow on the wall behind all of their bodies is highly suspect. Fake fake fake- case closed!

  29. I posted yesterday that Obama is a man with no identity, etc. etc. etc. I read his father abandoned him too. HE, OBAMA, WAS NOT WANTED by either parent, had he not been raised by the grandparents but placed in a foster home that would make OBAMA a BASTARD -that he is, regardless, he has no identity, please don’t judge me wrong, but what is he? IS HE BLACK? IS HE WHITE? I understand his sarcasm, his arrogance and his lack of morals, decency, he is a nobody with a tittle.

  30. ManShell must have gotten so excited by Ellen’s fictional story that her ‘Turkey-is-done Pop Up’ showed during their dance sequence.

  31. I have read an article about how Michael LaVaugn Robinson went to Johns Hopkins and had sex-change surgery to become Michelle. There are pics showing Michelle having man-junk unless they’re photo-shopped. Not everything is what it may ‘appear’ to be. I mean, did Michael have sex-change surgery or not? And whats up w all the childhood pics of Moochy, online?

  32. Reading the messages on this board, I’m actually happy that Trump was elected. He will crash America so hard, it will be a feast for the eyes.

    • @Viktor Nelson, with an IP address in Versailles but your Facebook page says you’re in Paris, France:
      By wishing a “crash” for America, you have simply furnished us with yet more evidence that Leftists like you are evil, full of hate and malice. You must be a miserable wretched person. I feel sorry for you.

      • viktor nelson, america already crashed under obama…nowhere to go but up…
        that’s why people like you who don’t think with their right minds are called “leftists”

  33. LYING is repulsive, Buckwheat. Someday you will be ashamed of being a phony. You ARE repulsive.

  34. ALSO, that MAN in the Prom photo with “HEshell” is NOT a high school aged boy..!!! Look at him….he’s a fully mature MAN…!!!

  35. THe picture at the airport with his mom the other man is from a whole other time period maybe 20 years later.

  36. Why did Barry wear a wedding ring as a college student?

  37. I recognized that the face did not fit the neck & body of Michelle Obama plus when you zoom in on pixels very small you can see the overlay of skin colors don’t match plus the dates are completely off for age of Michelle at 1982. None of the dates fit at all, and oldest girl has a cleft chin which is genetic, neither parent has it. I have studied IT and computers since they began, and went to college many years in programming and graphics so whoever’s body that was that Michelle’s head was photoshopped on, she should come forward publicly & sue Obama’s for millions.

  38. Found another photo that appears to be shopped, notice the blond hair “behind” the niece’s black hair … you can see it whisping off on her right and all around O’s nose on her left. Photo says it was supplied by “White House” … odd …


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