Family of 10 y.o. boy who murdered 90 y.o. woman doesn't want him back

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Tristen Kurilla
American society is breeding psychopaths.
The angelic-looking boy in the pic above is one of them.
He is Tristen Kurilla, age 10.
On Oct. 14, 2014, the AP and Daily Mail report that 10-year-old Tristen Kurilla from Pennsylvania has been charged as an adult in the beating death of a 90-year-old woman, Helen Novak.
Novak was in the care of Tristen’s grandfather, Anthony Virbitsky, on Sky Lake Road in Damascus Township, Pennsylvania.

Prosecutors in Wayne County said that on Oct. 11, county emergency responders got a call reporting the death of an elderly woman, Helen Novak.

District Attorney Janine Edwards said in a statement that Tristen’s mother, Martha Virbitsky, had brought the boy in to the state police barracks at Honesdale the same afternoon and reported that her son had told her that he had gone into the woman’s room to ask her a question and she yelled at him. So “he got mad, lost his temper and grabbed a cane and put it around Novak’s throat,” police said.

When Tristen was advised of his rights and interviewed by a trooper, the boy said he “pulled Novak down on the bed and held the cane on her throat and then punched her numerous times.” Tristen then went to his grandfather and first told him that the woman was “bleeding from her mouth” but denied he had harmed her.

Later, the boy admitted that he had punched the woman and put a cane around her neck. He described how he had pushed the cane into Novak’s throat for several seconds and then punched her five times in the throat and the stomach. “I was only trying to hurt her,” Kurilla told detectives.

Police said an autopsy performed at Wayne Memorial Hospital in Honesdale indicated blunt force trauma to the victim’s neck, and the death was ruled a homicide. Dr. Gary Ross also said the boy’s account to police “was consistent with the injuries he observed.”

Tristen was charged as an adult with criminal homicide and aggravated assault, with the prosecutor’s office noting that the crime of homicide “is specifically excluded from the juvenile act” and therefore “a juvenile who commits the crime of homicide is charged as an adult.” Kurilla is being held without bail pending an October 22 preliminary hearing.

According to court documents cited by WFMZ, the boy’s mother, Martha Virbitsky, told police she “has had a lot of trouble with Tristen and that he has had some mental difficulties.”

Here is another pic of Kurilla making the I-love-you devil’s horns sign:tristen-kurillaAccording to Ericka Sóuter of CafeMom, Oct. 16, 2014:

Tristen’s “parents don’t want him back. They reportedly would rather have the poor, troubled child behind bars awaiting trial than with them. […]
Since being taken into custody, he has been held at jail in a private cell. Originally, the family’s attorney had petitioned to have the boy returned to his father or moved to a juvenile detention center. But that request has been rescinded. The juvenile facility is over 90 miles away, making it too hard to visit. As for the other option — they don’t want him back under their roof. His parents, apparently, are an ’emotional wreck’ and don’t feel comfortable having him in their care. […] So they want him to stay just where he is. They believe he is being treated well and is allowed to color and play. […] Tristen may see things differently. Detectives found a piece of paper in his cell with ‘How to Escape’ written on it.”

See also “Elderly Americans increasingly are assaulted in public places.

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25 responses to “Family of 10 y.o. boy who murdered 90 y.o. woman doesn't want him back

  1. I think I would be afraid to spend one day in a house with this kid, he is truly evil.

    • I agree with you Northerngirl, it’s not a child we’re dealing with but a possession of evil, today we have some fancy medical term for demon possession, this is not to say there aren’t real medical reasons some children are this way but can it be just a coincidence that so many kids today have problems that just didn’t exist or was very rare when I was a kid sixty years ago. We treat children today with psychotropic drugs that supposedly will cure their psychotic behavior, these powerful antipsychotic drugs come with many warnings of their dangerous side effects yet most parents don’t seem to be aware of them and some don’t seem to care, to them a zombie like kid is easier to handle and this is certainly true of the State Parents who handle foster children, California’s foster children whom one in four are on psychotropic drugs, I believe these children are used like lab rats to test these drugs, who is going to stand up for these children so far very few and even fewer who are knowledgeable about psychotropic medications. BTW when I was a boy there was a medication ready available for we unruly boys it wasn’t administered by the female teachers but by male teachers who would give the dosing in a private room, there were no side effects and we didn’t let our parents know about being medicated because we would most likely get another dose of the same medication. The girls never got medicated and even the most unruly boys back then weren’t nearly as bad as I see from many of the girls today, whether or not we can all agree on the reasons why our youth has changed for the worse, the truth is overall they have changed for the worse. One of the many signs of the latter days is what we see taking place with our children, at no time in recorded history has a problem like this ever existed with children.

      • I forgot to give the name of that medication, it was called a Paddle after receiving this medication there was a burning feeling about your butt, It was a great deterrent. I never let my parents know about the few times I was medicated because I knew that they would repeat it as would the parents of the other boys would do to them as well if they told their parents. As I stated the girls were Not medicated, if one had a problem it was discussed with female teachers in private.

  2. We live in a time, when too many want to term “evil” as having mental difficulties. Psychopaths are beyond rehabilitation and are essentially “satan’s spawns”. The kid looks evil; especially flashing the devil’s hand-sign. If truth be totally known, the little spawn has probably tortured animals and killed other things worthy of living. I grew up in a era when “childhood innocence” was still in our civilization, and children knew “right from wrong”. Evil is not created; it’s born through spawning. The Jonesboro, Arkansas shooters were about 11 years old, Jeffery Dhamer perpetuated his evil by torturing animals, when he was a young boy. The state will probably lock the psycho up, until he is 18, and then turn him lose on unsuspecting victims. Just looking into his eyes, there is no way I would ever allow him near me, other children or animals. The kid is not troubled; he is a piece of evil work! He needs to be kept locked up for the rest of his life, so others don’t lose their lives. As much as I love children, he is not a child, just an evil force in human form. Leeann

  3. I wonder what was going on that home, he may have the genetic predisposition to become a sociopath but I wonder if there were parent/child attachment issues in the family. Those two are never a good combination.
    How sad for him and how frightening that such a young child is capable of this kind of evil.

  4. I have felt this growing more and more since the 60’s escalating ever faster over the years. The Marxist educational system and entertainment targeted at kids has also been a big contributor but there are probably more factors.
    The power elite have made sure that childhood innocence has been strangled and drown, a fit sacrifice to their god Satan
    More and more western society has rejected traditional mores, everything that was once taboo or an abomination to God is now normal and promoted. As time goes on God will pull his protective grace more and more, and evil is more than willing to take it’s place.
    It’s reached the point where we have a luciferian narcissistic socio-psychopath in the white house. flash mobs of negro savage youth are storming malls and other places where whites might gather to terrorize, rape, murder and destroy anything in their path……cause it be owed them due to white privilege, while the opposite is true, the only privilege non
    negroes have is to be beaten robbed, tortured, raped burned and killed by packs of jungle savages. More accurately black entitlement is more accurate
    and that’s only one factor in the creation of a race of psychopaths. When I have seen interviews with these savages they were open about having no remorse and would do it again and again. These are no longer humans but savage beasts

    • Art, why do you care about what God thinks? You obviously don’t like Black people, direct opposite of what your own bible says in 1 John 4:20. Eternity with the LORD will slip from your hands.

  5. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this incredible post. This is extremely frightening as are the pictures of the boy.

  6. Obviously, this is not one of Obama’s children!

  7. He’s ten. Someone taught him all that behavior, including the devil sign, and most likely it came from his parents. With religious instruction, which he’s probably never had, he could probably be saved.

  8. I wondered about that . Many parents these days are raising kids that will tend to be like this one,because of being overly permissive,not teaching them the difference between right and wrong,and furthering the “I,Me,My” thought process. Most of today’s youth are of the opinion that what’s good or right isn’t as important as getting what THEY want,regardless of what that does to those around them. Thus-the “ME,ME,ME” Generation.

    • Mother Theresa once said that abortion is the worst kind of violence because it sends the signal that violence is an acceptable means of getting what one wants. Forget the religion part of abortion for the moment: Mother Theresa was correct in the mere cause-and-effect way. The “I, Me, Mine” way, carried to its logical extreme without compromise opens the door to violence!

  9. Who would allow this demon seed with “mental difficulties” around the poor 90 year old victim? I think the boy was tired from killing animals and decided to go after someone who was weak and defenseless. My heart aches for poor Helen…I hope she had Jesus in her heart as her Lord and Savior and I pray Tristen finds and accepts the love of Jesus to heal his dark heart.

  10. Those of us who live in PA don’t want him on the loose either.
    His actions may well be the product of violent videos and games
    that could inure kids to the pain they inflict.

  11. I am against trying children as adults, because they’re not chronological adults!
    Be that as it may, I cannot fathom this level of evil, and I’m sure Tristan can’t, either. It could have been motivated by video games, porn or family violence witnessed and unreported. Or he could be possessed. Only God knows at this point.
    One thing is for sure: Although it is not mentioned in this case, we as a society must resist any and all efforts and attempts to sexualize our children. We’ve failed at that, corporately, and the results are beginning to crop up. When children absorb the message that they don’t matter, crimes like this are more likely to happen—whether that message came from the family itself or from society, corporately.

  12. I think it’s very possible he’s possessed. Just look at what TV and video games offer our children. I’m beginning to wonder if society even knows the difference between good and evil anymore. When someone does do something worthy s/he is pilloried. We have come upon even more evil times!

  13. Steven Broiles: For the most part, I’m in agreement with your take on this evil piece of kid. There are a lot of people who were brutalized, sexualized and had the most horrid childhoods, that never killed anyone, tortured animals or beat frail old women and men to death. I sincerely believe that some people are evil because they are owned by Satan. Some are pathologically and spiritually evil. If it is mental illness, that many say it is; then why not do kind and loving things for others, instead of evil? For an example; the Mitchell boy, who was the main Jonesboro, AR shooter in 1998, was sent to a juvenile detention center until the little evil piece of crap turned 18. He was then turned out amongst civilized people. The first thing he did was to make friends with another 22 year old who had served time for killing his father with a crossbow. Maybe some have reservations about calling a child evil, but I don’t. Another example is one of the Kennedy boys, who beat a neighbor to death with a golf club; not because he is mentally ill, but because he is evil. As for Tristan, he needs to be put in juvenile detention until he is 18 and then sent to prison as an adult. Leeann

  14. Hello, FOTM, ツ
    I’ve been lurking your fine site, and decided to pipe up on this one.
    I don’t trust ANY of these fear porn “news” stories any more.
    If I just 100% deny all of them, my odds of being wrong are much less than if I believe even some of them.
    Just sayin’…

    • Fear porn? Why do you interpret a post on the news, reported by many media, that 10-year-old Tristen killed an elderly woman to be fear porn? Are you accusing me of lying?
      Do you also see these other news reports of elderly people being attacked and killed all across America as “fear porn”?
      If those elderly victims had heeded what you call “fear porn,” they might still be alive today.

      • Sorry, sir. I didn’t mean to call your integrity or intelligence into question AT ALL.
        Perhaps I didn’t express myself well.
        It happens.
        All I’m trying to say is I personally don’t trust ANYTHING the media puts out there until I see some proof.
        Like perhaps the URL to a copy of a death certificate.
        Or the notification of the “victim’s” death on the Social Security site.

  15. Will the liberal loons now advocate banning canes?

  16. So, who’s up for arguing that “kids aren’t any different today than in years past?” They ARE different. Ask a teacher. One example: We dropped a beginning piano elective at our middle school because of a few key, no funding for much schooling let alone ELECTIVES/cultural education…&, no one cares about art, music, drama, dance, choral music. Every hire these days is a job-for-life math teacher…& yet, we STILL can’t “do” math–nor do most of us CARE about the hypotenuse in real life. Want to discuss the life-cycle of a right angle at a casual gathering or a business meeting? I digress: Another reason is one that few people know or understand— kids can’t read print OR read music today because of their electronic games, equipment, tech-saturated lives. The thing you notice as a teacher these days is, increasingly, fewer children each year have, even by MIDDLE SCHOOL, the skill of tracking their eyes left to right —the way that we read and write. They have been so pre-educated to “read” the intermittant patterns of their tech devices, that, their eye-habit just can not be trained well left-to right in a steady, fluid pattern. This will be a life-long struggle for these kids. It’s pretty much the same with writing…NO uniformity now. It’s painful for kids to even STAY on a lined tablet/paper. No one teaches writing…I’m HAPPY to get something that goes AT LEAST from left to right (doesn’t always happen). Kids are allowed to “invent’ their own script, mixed cursive, printing, mixed capitals/lower case, little puncuation. (FORGET SPELLING! NOT taught or practiced after 5th grade in CA). If the kid is confused…left to their own devices to “invent” their own printing …then that’s the way their thinking is ordered…confused, and left to figure things out their own way..& struggle as they may….it’s not ever going to rise to a level of “ease” w/language or literature….the KEYS to communication in our society—no matter HOW MANY tech devices are invented/used in the interim. The down and dirty is that you will STILL only rise to the top if you can communicate your ideas to others—in business or the arts or in science, agriculture, EVEN math and engineering and so on. The way that we communicate is with reading and writing–EVEN if it involves technology.
    The other thing that teachers notice due to the inudation of tech games is, kids have no human empathy. Geez—if you can play “kill games” and car heist games on your tech device at age 10 or 11…what’s so awful about injuring a classmate or stealing a book? If they say something untoward or do something hurtful to another—and a teacher counsels for enlightenment and an apology—I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gotten a refusal to apologize, with the “excuse” being, “Why should I—I’m not sorry.” There are days that I come home thinking I’m teaching in an asylum for sociopaths. It’s so off the wall to me that in 2 generations—from me to the kids that I now teach (they are the ages that my grandkids might be if I had them this age)…that the world could have changed so much on the front of HUMANITY. I know that the world changes in science, medicine, fashion, technology, and so on…but when did we start changing in human empathy on a grand societal scale? Maybe back when there were gas chambers in Europe? I just can’t think of another time on this grand of a scale….

    • Spot on CalGirl!
      I feel your angst and agree 110%. The dumbing down of America is very much alive today. The L to R eye movement was a real eye opener for me. I’ve never thought about that before, but it makes perfect sense. Children today are emotionally detached, they are taught to react to screen images, believe false realities of video games, accept drugs and sex, and are apt to believe anything they are told…no critical thinking skills. I pity these children and subsequent generations to follow. This is truly heartbreaking.

    • Superb reply, CalGirl! I recall a conversation I had years ago with my teacher son who admitted that the kids were detached, but his main complaint was with the parents who just didn’t care! Wow….”an asylum for sociopaths” – perfect….What a great description, thanks!


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