Family dog shot as she leapt to defend family being held at gunpoint during home invasion

Why you need a firearm to protect EVERY MEMBER of your family.

Photo from KHOU11


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No better security than a Magnum, a shot gun and a 45 within reach, the hell with the cameras and for that baby girl a Blue Ribbon and tender loving care. 🏆🥇

Dr. Eowyn

I’m so glad the black lab is recovering from her injury.

Question: Since the home had outdoor security camera(s) installed, wouldn’t the 4 home-invasion robbers be captured on video? — which Houston PD should publicize?


I just read where that other stupid SWAT invasion (I think it was in Houston TOO!), where they shot the couple and their dog and later claimed to have shot back was bogus. The couple were unarmed. They murdered them and their dog and then found out they were at the wrong address. Then, of course, they tried to cover it up. Actually, the cops shot each other (non-life threatening wounds) and claimed it was the couple. Somehow their body cams gave them away. What do these monkeys think is going to happen when you come in plain clothes at… Read more »