Fake News Swarm

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Operation Mockingbird
Choking Off The Truth

A Youtube search for Roger Stone on the morning of his arrest returned results that amount to a Swarm of Mockingbirds

What you see in the picture is the top results of my search, all or most are Mockingbird Media. Mockingbirds in the order of their appearance: CBS, CNN, CBC, ABC, NBC, CNN, Fox, MSNBC, ABC, MSNBC, MSNBC, USA TODAY, CNN, TODAY, Fox, CNBC, ABC, Global News, USA TODAY, TIME, TIME, CNBC, AP, ABC. It amounts to scrolling 5 times the height of my browser window. A rule of “Search Engine Optimization” is that most results that require scrolling down will be ignored, thus making searchers give up on finding out anything CNN doesn’t want them to see.

The Roger Stone arrest happened on a Friday morning to dominate the news narrative for the weekend. The intent is to try to make patriotic Americans and Trump supporters feel their efforts are futile, that Trump’s regime will fall. In an election cycle this would be called attempted “Voter Suppression.”

But take heart 

One thing the Deep State didn’t count on is a President and a voting population who like a good fight.

And they still have no ability to defend against a President who can take back the news narrative at any time, even mid-weekend, with a little bird of his own.

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24 responses to “Fake News Swarm

  1. Time for serious PRAYER & FASTING to drive out these dev!ls!!!

    Seriously – the Prince of Darkness fears spiritual weapons far more than he does conventional political battle and even Jesus Christ said certain dev!ls can only be driven out with PRAYER & FASTING. And, of course, renunciation and repentance of all personal sin.

    The new abortion law in NY is no doubt intended to facilitate even more demonic child sacrifice intended to advance the Left’s power, so now is the time to give your all to God!

    • About that NY law, the Cuomo family are vicious anti-Catholics whose m.o. is straight up Machiavellianism—something right out of chapter v of The Prince—, taking great care they should outwardly appear to be Catholics while promoting and enforcing its ruin through abortions, homosexual marriage, transsexualism, etc—as if were their duty as impartial public servants to commit evil. It was Mario who started that “personally opposed, but legally bound to enforce” dodgy excuse for being 100% pro-abort that the likes of Biden and Pelosi still hide behind. What’s often overlooked is the more general role the Cuomos as faux Catholics have played in the subordination of Christianity to the state in all matters, to the extent Christianity is made largely irrelevant to Republicans and an outright disqualifier when the Dems are in power.

  2. Remember when Chucky said the “intelligence” community has seven ways to Sunday to get back at you?
    The coup is almost complete but who will be new and improved Dear Leader?
    Nancy, Hillary, Cortez, Hussein Hopenchange?

  3. It’s hardly like we didn’t know this would happen. We’ve been discussing it ever since they allowed all these propaganda hypers to consolidate into roughly six “companies”. Actually there is only one “Company” that controls them all.

    We are in the middle of a coup. I suspect that some people think they are going to “announce” this or something. They will not. We are smack, dab in the middle of it.

    If someone doesn’t assert themselves HARD, its done. I think Trump needs to start his own “morning raids”. Sedition is illegal. Let’s enforce the laws.

    • “Sedition is illegal. Let’s enforce the laws.”

      Exactly. I am not a Trump worshiper who thinks he is a genius ” playing 3 D chess” but my god surely if the man has two brain cells to rub together he has to see what has to be done, and he does have the reason and the means. There were players from the get go that could have been charged with sedition. If he does not assert himself, I can only surmise that he has been threatened on a whole other level ( think Jeffrey Epstein) that would mortify and destroy him in a personal way, or that being part of the club, he has agreed to play the part of a clown voluntarily. If he doesn’t fight back he not only screws his own presidency, his has screwed those of us who voted for him royally too.

      • Precisely. I’ve been saying this since “Day One”. But, day after day, the coup plods on. The disrespect and insults are outrageous. Beyond that, the Presidency is the most powerful office on Earth. By these actions they have carved huge divots in that power. That’s why I’m suspicious.

        If he doesn’t have the brains to see this certainly someone on his staff does. Most of the “real” exercise of this power isn’t done publicly. In the real world your enemies have to fear you more than death. When forces oppose the truly powerful things happen.

        It’s a lot like the portrayals of the Mafia. They always send flowers to the widow. I don’t see this here. It is like he’s deliberately playing the clown. I have a sense of humor too. If I were he I’d be laughing while reading about the “unfortunate” set of circumstances my opponents encountered.

        Look at Hillary. Matt Lauer does something she didn’t like and, “poof”, he’s toast. With this guy Reggie Madcow gets to call him names and laugh at him 24/7. Does that strike anyone else as peculiar?

        She should be doing her snarking while bouncing at the local dyke bar.

    • Of current interest (and beyond), “In the Shadows of a Presidency,” Daniel Estulin.

  4. Let THEM defend themselves for once, in a court of LAW.

    • Like the court of LAW that Wolfgang Halbig is fighting in?

      (I don’t mean to be snarky, but there is no justice in this world.)

  5. I just wrote President Trump. The FBI is totally corrupt. Roger Stone is no more guilty of Russian collusion than Donald Trump is. Even if they did ‘collude’, I like the Russians more than the Democrats. Especially their women.

    Pelosi is a dirty traitor. The FBI covered up 9/11, Sandy Hook (where I was a witness to the fraud), Parkland, and Vegas. These traitors need to be hanged.

    Never Give Up! Never Surrender!


  6. I won’t give up on Donald Trump just yet, but I won’t bet even money on him, either. Yes, Trump likes a good fight with the media, but he has yet to go on the offensive with Pelosi & Schumer on the border wall. I, for one, cannot fathom why he did not and will not fire Rosenstein and Mueller.

    And to be candid about it, I’m tiring of hearing about it for this reason. As readers of FOTM may know, I was arrested on a misdemeanor assault charge and given a desk appearance ticket on October 5, 2018. In the world of the Law, it is not the biggest deal in the world: I’m not being marched to the electric chair. But for me it was an utterly devastating move: I was out of work for a month, and my finances have not recovered yet. (Many thanks to all who gave to my Go Fund Me campaign.) But here is the problem: The New York County’s time frame for a misdemeanor prosecution is 90 days from the first court date, which was November 7th. So I’ve got this cloud over my head, and there’s nothing I can do about it. This is where the Law can bankrupt anyone. My next court date is January 30th; 90 days from Nov. 7th will be February 6th. Maybe then the whole episode will end. (This is not entirely the State’s or the D.A.’s fault: Some counties, for some cases, have a 180-day window).
    So my point is this: Whether he is good or evil, Mueller is a man on a mission, a prosecutorial machine who just isn’t going to give up the ghost on Donald Trump—or anyone else opposed to the current Establishment. Forget about Cohen the Rat because he caved. (It looks now as if Dr. Jerome Corsi has also caved). But others have not caved. Roger Stone vows not to cave. I myself in my own situation have not caved. But the Mueller witch hunt has broken and ruined people, at least financially. It will likely ruin Roger Stone. I myself will have to work until the day I die.

    I like Roger Stone and I listen to him on Alex Jones almost every day. He’s 100% honest and I like his analysis. And like him I am fighting for my life and trying to get by (and for now I am), but it ain’t over til it’s over.
    So don’t ever get arrested, even if you never did anything wrong. The machine of the State moves without pity for anyone and it cannot be stopped. I really don’t think anyone who has not experienced this can understand it. And this is the thing: If what happened to me or what is happening to Roger Stone happened to Beto O’Rourke or Alexandria Ocasio-Cortes and they were absolutely innocent, I would have to take their side on the matter, politically detestable as they may be.

    • I don’t think it’s about “giving up” on him. He either is the President, or he isn’t. If he allows Pelosi to “pu*&y whip him into submission he should leave. Somebody needs to do some slapping around here.

      He should have his FCC guy make a few calls about licensing. He should fire that Barr and get a real AG and get rid of Mueller. He should round up the Obongonoids from the FBI and file charges. They can get the Clinton gang while they’re at it.

      But (sigh!), it won’t happen. He’s powerless like a leaf in the wind (sniff!). All the more reason to hang on to our guns. We’re gonna need them.

    • STEVEN ~
      Thank you for the update on your legal situation. I have been wondering quite a bit about that lately. In fact, I sent you an Email via your GoFundMe account but apparently you didn’t receive it.

      I wish you the best and hope that everything is favorably resolved no later than February 6th.

      And I also hope that, one way or another, you will please let those of us who donated to your GoFundMe account know how things turn out. May God’s Eyes be upon you and His Spirit do the fighting for you.

      “Not by might, nor by power, but by My Spirit”, says The Lord.

      ~ D-FensDogG

      • Thank You, Steve. I have been very careful about what I post and how I post it, because I do not have any way of knowing who is trolling me, or, if my accuser is reading anything I post. (I certainly don’t want to give her any ideas).

        My pro bono attorney has put my name on his class action suit against the City. The suit has been tied up in the courts for years, and he told me not to hold my breath. He has also filed suit for me separately, and this other suit may take years. I am withholding his name because I don’t have his permission to post it, explicitly, yet.

        My criminal attorney will, in all likelihood, move to have the misdemeanor charge (a single charge, to my knowledge) dismissed. This may stand a very good chance of being granted, especially if my accuser does not show. (If she does show up, we intend to take her testimony apart, and I, for one, will press for any perjury charges if I can).

        At any rate, thank you and everyone at FOTM for your concern. I have been working almost every single day since my license was restored. I have taken only five days off since my license was restored, and although I am still in good health, it has begun to take a toll. Will fill everyone in once it’s over.

        • Stephen T. McCarthy

          Good for you, STEVEN. I applaud your lion-like attitude. You get her, Brother! Make this a lesson she learns and carries with her for the rest of her (miserable) life!

          I will pray for you and await the good news, my friend!

          ~ D-FensDogG
          ‘Ferret-Faced Fascist Friends’

  7. Trump is a false figurehead set up by the jew-leftist corporatocracy (((networks))) as a “counter” those who are the social even-further, far-leftists, but Trump is an intergal part of their plan who, while he pretends to be the least evil of all of the other evils which we are given to choose from, allows them time to further consolidate their (((globalist))) forces.

    It’s not just the media and Trump which engages in this game. It’s all the “leaders” of the controlled “free world”. We are being subjected to their Tavistock, and their Frankfurt School styles of “cultural conditionings”.

    Don’t let it lead you toward what it is that this article below astutely points out as being the intended result. Maintain your effectiveness against those psychologically induced forces which intentionally are, after all, INTENDED to marginalize and zap you of your energies, rational knowledge, and your cool-headed resolve as good White people. MAINTAIN until we have found our way to organize and to work past the controlled politicians, the media and the rest of (((them))).

    “The (((Media))) Needs to Keep You Angry. Don’t Feed Into It”

    “rage profiteering.”


    I’ll leave another link which goes with this, but is to be left with my comment in the reply section to this one.

  8. I find it funny in a disgusting way that they arrest Roger Stone with a full pre dawn SWAT style raid…. Meanwhile twice convicted and sentenced FELON Sheldon Silver has yet to serve a day of time or even have a set of handcuffs placed on him during his arrest… See a double standard here??

    • Double standard – along with intimidation – is all dems got…

    • Once upon a time, Mueller proclaimed:


      And so it is.

      Roger’s ice-cold sneering response while riding solo in the back seat of a limousine:


      (Reference: The 2017 biographical documentary movie of Roger’s life & “Dirty Trickster Political Career.” Movie title, “Get Me Roger Stone.”)


      I wonder if Roger still felt that way early yesterday morning?

      A total of ***27*** SWAT thugs were apparently “required” to arrest at 6am (in the EST darkness) a 66-y/o “dapper man” whose side-hobbies are Men’s Clothing & Cooking!

      CNN was pre-invited (by whom?) to the arrest of Roger Stone at his Ft. Lauderdale home, having shown up with their camera crews 30-45 minutes prior to the SWAT guys arriving.

      Stone later said they “terrorized” his wife & his dogs.

      The indictment was for 7 “process crimes” which normally leads to nothing (& such people are usually allowed to “turn themselves in” to the nearest FBI Office). But if they want Stone to “sing,” they have & may further put him through the ringer.

      However, for being such a nefarious “criminal” worthy of a 27-member SWAT team, he was bonded out on his own recognizance > his signature/promise to show up for court & with NO bond-$$$ required!

      I read varying opinions on Roger’s post-bail presser. Some said Stone seemed “strange,” & others said they liked his “smiles” because he’s a “tough guy” & that he did not let the (faked, bought-&-paid-for) crowd of chanters (“Lock him up! Lock him up!”) bother him. Good! I hope he keeps his resolve not to cave.

  9. POTUS’ tweet from 21-hrs ago, re Roger’s arrest:


    He does not name Roger but ends with, “Who alerted CNN to be there?”

  10. We put POTUS there -the rats are NOT the ones to bring him down, it is WE THE PEOPLE who will be the ones doing it for the rats, and we we will have played into their hands, we will become their benefactors. Muller has an agenda to bring the President down, the Republican Party is not on our side and we must not abandon Donald Trump, he has an agenda to build the wall for our fast crumbling country.


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