Fake Hate Crime: Hollyweirdo Jussie Smollett arrested for faking racist-homophobic assault

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Early this morning, actor Jussie Smollett, 36, turned himself in to Chicago police after he was charged with a felony for lying to police when he claimed to be the victim of a racist and homophobic attack. Detectives had earlier contacted the actor’s attorneys to negotiate a reasonable surrender for his arrest.

Smollett, who is due in court for a bond hearing at 1:30 p.m. today, could face probation or up to three years in prison if convicted, a Cook County State’s Attorney office spokeswoman told NBC Chicago. (Page Six)

Smollett, best known for the Fox TV show Empire, is both black and “gay”.

Smollett told police that on January 29, at around 1:30 a.m., he was accosted by two men in downtown Chicago who shouted racist and homophobic slurs, beat him up, poured bleach on him, wrapped a noose around his neck, and warned him that “This is MAGA country!”– a reference to President Trump’s “Make America Great Again” slogan.

Over the past 20 or so days, however, Smollett’s story has completely fallen apart (Breitbart):

  • Police sources said the rope wrapped around Smollett’s neck was traced back to a purchase made by Smollett himself.
  • According to CBS Chicago, Smollett paid $3500 to two Nigerian brothers, Olabinjo and Abimbola Osundairo, who are also black, to stage a racist and homophobic attack on him.
  • A search of the brothers’ apartment turned up bleach, a red hat, and a script from Smollett’s TV show Empire. One was an extra on Empire; the other was Smollett’s former personal trainer. The brothers are cooperating with police. They told detectives they and Smollett had rehearsed the attack days prior to it happening.
  • The two brothers also told police Smollett was behind creating a racist letter that was sent to the actor on the set of Empire. When that letter did not get a “bigger reaction,” Smollett orchestrated the phony assault with the two men a week later. (Townhall)

At a press conference today, Chicago police superintendent Eddie Johnson said “The stunt was orchestrated by Smollett because he was dissatisfied by his salary.” Johnson said as a black man who’s grown up in Chicago, he’s “offended” and “angry” with Smollett taking advantage of the pain and anger and racism to promote his career:

“I’m left hanging my head and asking why? Why would anyone, especially an African-American man, use the symbolism of a noose to make false accusations? How could someone look at the hatred and suffering associated with that symbol and see an opportunity to manipulate that symbol to further his own public profile?” (Page Six)

According to Wikipedia, Smollett’s first name is Justin, but prefers Jussie. He is bi-racial: His father was Jewish, whose family emigrated from Russia and Poland; Smollett’s mother is African-American.

In 2017 in Los Angeles, Smollett pleaded no contest to providing false information to law enforcement when he gave police a false name at a DUI stop.


Sharp-eyed FOTM reader Maryaha draws our attention to the similar appearances of Jojo Smollett — Jussie’s brother, also an actor — and the man next to Obama dressed as the Baphomet. Here are the side-by-side pics:

See also these other fake hate-crimes:

Update (March 8, 2019):

Grand jury returns 16 felony counts against Jussie Smollett (CWB Chicago).


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64 responses to “Fake Hate Crime: Hollyweirdo Jussie Smollett arrested for faking racist-homophobic assault

  1. The Left has never been known for its honesty, and this is not the first hate crime hoax going. I’m certain had Smollet hired two white men to fake the attack, he’d be happy to let them rot in prison, after he perjured himself on the stand.

    Here’s hoping that Smollett serves every minute of the three years he’s got coming to him. (Too bad he won’t be able to serve it with that Indian who lied about serving in Viet Nam who banged a gong in front of the Covington School boys).

    • Steven . . . Thank you! Your last paragraph really does you credit. I certainly agree with Smollett needs to go to jail . . . and the “Indian Elder” who is guilty of theft of valor certainly needs to be wearing an orange jump suit. He, the Indian Elder, has claimed discrimination on at least one previous. I am sick to death of minorities claiming “hate crimes” when there was no such thing.

  2. I had to look this up, the first time I’ve ever heard of this utterly pathetic loser. And really…Jussie? Anyone with the name Jussie has to live in a world where fluffy pink unicorns dance on rainbows and sprinkle fairy dust. That’ll change if he has to do time. Well, maybe not. But if it wasn’t for fake hate crimes there wouldn’t be no hate crimes at all.

    • His real first name is Justin, but prefers Jussie. He’s bi-racial: father was Jewish, whose family emigrated from Russia and Poland; Smollett’s mother is African-American.


      • Aha…so his family has been colluding with the Russians!😇

      • Of partial Talmudic extraction. Imagine my shock

      • Why, he couldn’t be a Nice Jewish Boy! What a shock (wink, wink!). He also sent himself a “powder” in the mail and the ATF and FBI had to get involved. That’s another five years if a federal charge is filed.

        Of course they won’t do that because he’s sorta black, like Obongo. He is exactly what they wish for all of us privileged YT’s.

      • So maybe he should spell his name Jewsie since he is so very proud of his victim hood lineage on both sides. https://twitter.com/HenryMakow/status/1098245156665544704

        But as Stefan Molyneux points out in this tweet: https://twitter.com/StefanMolyneux/status/1098348813964795905

        “Jussie Smollett is:

        – gay
        – black
        – Jewish

        We’re going to find out who has REAL privilege in America.”

        And I bet the sniveling little coward will get a slap on the wrist. This creep could have started a race war with the climate as it is in the country- all thanks to the jackels in the media. Remember after the hype about Trayvon Martin. There were at least three White people that were attacked and one murdered because of self justified retribution. I hope this little twit hangs, but I won’t hold my breath.

        • Yeah, I suppose that makes him the diametric opposite of “virile”. Looks like he completely did away with that “toxic masculinity”. I have straight, female cousins who are more masculine than this guy. He’s a veritable “Beto”.

        • I read that they spell his name that way because its short for Justin (get it?). Isn’t that……..sweet?

          • “Get it?”
            Now that you mentioned it!

            I think our minds could wander towards other explanations for his choice of Jussie ( Juicie) as well.

        • It’s not certain Jussie is even “gay”. The Wikipedia entry on him says that he told some public forum that he could imagine marrying a woman if it feels right. So Wiki calls him “sexually fluid”.

      • IMHO, “Jussie” over “Justin” is an uber-pathetic cry for attention.

        • From what I’ve been reading, whether “Jussie” is “gay” is an open question. This character lies like a rug. It is pretty likely he thinks that being queer improves his “victimhood”, and thereby his standing in the freak community.

    • First time I ever heard his name, too. He’s pretty obviously a cipher that Fox Entertainment’s meme encapsulation team were using to normalize his mental instability and homosexuality as something outwardly associated with fluffy pink unicorns while inside it’s a life-threatening perversion of ingesting feces to engage in sodomy, which also explains Fox’ predictably referring to him as a “consummate” professional. Aside from the few token schvartzes, the production management appears kosher.

      What’s significant isn’t this loser’s grasping for attention, however, but the seriously evil Dems who jumped on the opportunity to fan the flames of their hoped-for coming white genocide. Fox News, like it’s Siamese twin, Fox Entertainment, is also all about meme encapsulation, such that disloyalty to an enemy, criminal state like Israel has been so successfully encapsulated in flag-waving jingoism and Country Western hokum that not signing a loyalty oath to Israel will get you fired from your job in Texas and booted out like Cynthia McKinney if you’re a member of Congress, while the antiAmerican activities of, say, the SPLC will get you your own go-to page with the FBI.

      • So true. Us YT’s can get dragged behind a pickup by “people of color” and end up charged for littering. They never let a meme go unused. In fact, they invent them (see SHES).

        This is the situation we live in. It’s all fake. Sometimes they get caught, more often they don’t.

        • How true about inventing memes, with none quite as effective as “conspiracy theory,” a thought-stopper so effective that conservative intellectuals will throw out a millennium’s hard-won advancement in distinguishing true from fabricated and falsified evidence, ignore the laws of physics and the scientific method, and accept shetl-level fairy tale nonsense that is neither scientifically plausible nor even logically possible as being a thoughtful consequence of their educated thinking on 911. As German psychologist and author of The Logic of Failure, Dietrich Doerner, puts it, there’s no thinking without emotion, which in the case of cucks is old-fashioned cowardice causing them to live a lie rather than messying up their lives enwalled in unmerited privilege no different from their Dem confederates who’re simply chugging the other end of the stuffed derma.

  3. So Jussie gets to surrender in quiet like a gentleman while Roger Stone is arrested on camera with dozens of SWAT Team members cover him with automatic weapons. Barefoot perp walk for CNN prime time news. Welcome to a nation with two completely different sets of laws.

    • Exactly!

      • Now the “media” is so outraged with Stone because he is treating this with dignity and holding his head high, even smiling at them. They want him demoralized, groveling and frightened and it isn’t working. It’s driving them even more insane than they normally are.

    • Bob Brownson . . . You have hit that sentiment way out of the park! What was done to Roger Stone was such a display of criminality on the part of Mueller, and his henchmen.

      I had a very difficult time understanding why it was that when the Chicago Police requested that he surrender his cell phone that he did not do so, but after some passage of time–he complied and did surrender his cell phone which was heavily “redacted.” He also flat out refused to be interviewed by the police for a second time. How is it that a private citizen has the right to disobey the police?

      The first reports after his arrest have stated that he has had a previously clean record . . . however, our own Dr Eowyn, has been able to ferret out the information that when stopped for a DUI–he gave police an inaccurate name, in order to attempt to evade any repercussions of a DUI charge.

      Judge Neapolitan said that since Smollett is guilty of sending that letter, which had both homophobic and racial hate filled content, approximately a week before this staged attack . . . that under US Postal Code, he is guilty of “postal fraud.”

      Normally, an individual who does indeed have a “clean record” would not be given actual prison time–they would get probation, since the “attack” is a 4th degree felony. My opinion is that he should get actual prison time, due to the fact that he has a previous DUI, where he attempted to assume another person’s identity . . . and he has a US Postal Service fraud. Only an idiot would think that this turkey is an upright citizen. He must obviously believe that the laws of the land just do not apply to him.

      Since racial tensions in our country since Obama are tenuous at best . . . I believe that these two recently staged occurrences on the part of Smollett really could have ignited a race war. We must remember the reason why he did these things . . . . in order to gain money, since he was not satisfied with his current salary on the TV show–Empire. I must say, I think he should be kicked off the show. and have his salary reduced to Z-E-R-O. in addition to serving prison time for each of the “hate crimes” he initiated.

    • Absolutely. There is no dignity with these commies. There is no justice either. It’s all a “who” thing, not a “what” thing. Hypocrites!

  4. These two pictures were posted on Twitter last night. Jussie’s brother, Jojo, is an actor and producer. He sure looks a lot like the man that was in a picture with Obama in a bizarre costume that was posted a while back. See what y’all think. I can’t tell for sure.



    • Wow! Great find, Maryaha.
      They do look similar. I’ve put the pics side-by-side to compare. Scroll up to “Update” at end of this post for the pics.

    • Yes, I wouldn’t be surprised to find that the whole kit and caboodle are Satanists and personal friends of Barry and Big Mike.

      • I dond’t know if you coined ” Big Mike” or found it somewhere else but I find it not only hilarious but apropos. Good one!

  5. I read he paid his “attackers” by check. This guy is an IDIOT!

    • Unbelievable. Anyone that stupid needs to be in protective custody

    • HE’s a total self-serving moron. Look how quickly they jumped on this. Wow. SHE’s is a “hoax”, this is a “tragedy”. They’re all idiots.

    • DCG . . . . Absolutely incredible, how could he possibly be so dumb that he would pay co-conspirators with a check. The checks absolutely prove the instance of a conspiracy.

      How many of the FOTM family can think back on the post that Dr Eowyn did which displayed the average IQ of various races. . . . in last place were those from African nations. Does this prove those test scores, or what ???

      DCG . . . Thank you, that was a terrific find!

      • The average IQ of Nigeria is 84, which is one standard deviation below the world population average of 100 (1 SD = 15 IQ points). 85 is also the average IQ of black Americans.


        • And this is exactly why the Talmudists are raising them up to prominence; because Blacks in general do not have the brains to succeed on their own. They overall can never succeed in professions where any level of intelligence is required and therefore cannot accumulate any appreciable amount of self earned wealth, so it has to be taken from someone else. That’s one reason the Talmudists champion ( use ) them to bring about their Socialist/ Communist order. A mutually rewarding parasitic endeavor for both races. And just think Jewsie embodies them both. What a guy!

          • Well, not to put too fine a point on it, but, if you were black and wanted to stage a “horrible” assault by the White Devils, would you hire two black guys? Then pay them by check?

            There used to be a joke going around when I was a kid: “why do blacks and Mexicans never marry? Because their offspring would be too lazy to steal!

          • The crime of Talmudists against blacks isn’t so much IQ-related, although it’s that, too, but the concealed premise in their every legislative and social initiative for blacks, which is that blacks are soulless half humans incapable of distinguishing right from wrong. This hateful lie is the teaching of Maimonides, the greatest of rabbis in history, and so Jews’ controlling entertainment calling blacks “soul people” is a double insult that’s unfortunately lost on most blacks. For the producers of Empire, a slap on Jussie’s wrist is a double insult for that reason, that he’s got no more understanding of right from wrong than a trained dog in the show who craps on the set. At least we’ve learned Jussie thinks of himself as black and not Jewish since he didn’t get caught painting swastikas on his front door to malign innocent white Christians for racism.

            Marcus Garvey was shocked on his pilgrimage to the NAACP NY office to find it was an all-Jewish commie front using blacks as cannon fodder in the Jews’ war against the people and country that had just taken them in—there were zero blacks doing the deciding for blacks, and that was almost a century ago. Because the Talmudists totally control Hollywood, music, the msm, and own the congressional Black Caucus like a kennel of trained dogs, there’s zero chance native black leadership will ever arise to break the cycle of disaffection.

              • Thanks. The linked article links to I. B. Prainitis’s “The Talmud Unmasked – The Secret Rabbinical Teachings Concerning Christians,” which I’m tempted to get, but don’t know I’d I have the stomach for it after reading Hoffman’s “Judaism Revealed” a few times. But it’s a good reminder that the Chasids’ homicidal, atavistic hatred of us oozes from their every pore. And yet every president at least since Reagan publicly abases himself being photographed in a subordinate sitting position in front of their crime bosses grinning like Cheshire cats while he signs an Education Day proclamation honoring a moral monster like Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson. I worked on the same floor with these guys downtown NY at One State Street many years ago and I could tell you stories about their filthy and repulsive lack of hygiene that’d make you skip lunch.

      • Yep! It just goes to show that fame and fortune aren’t related to intellect. Of course if any of us did something like this they’d be dragging us through the streets behind a pickup.

  6. Fox t.v. station and the show he works for needs to fire his azz! But I bet they won’t because he is partly black and fully gay and he would probably sue them for discrimination. He is crazy and dumb to try to pull this stunt. Chicago does not mess around when it investigates hate crimes these days.

    • I heard they’ve already written him out of most of his parts. GOOD. I don’t watch that trash anyway, but I can’t stand the thought of this little privileged lying punk making money. Let him shoot dice and steal TV’s.

    • Alexa . . . While I do agree you have a valid point. It is outrageous that some “privileged individuals” can walk on this kind of behavior. I think that normal American citizens should write or call Fox TV and let their voices be heard regarding retaining this dufus on this show. I realize that his role has been almost written off . . . now we need a “fictitious” horrific car crash written into the script in order to send Mr Smollett on his way.

    • I just read that Smollett has returned to the “Empire” set after posting bail.

  7. He seems to be a bad actor in both meanings of the phrase. And a RACIST! $3,500 for one role and another sum for bodybuilding and not one employee was white!
    Seriously, good Soros material. Just an opinion, the activity of a person unhappy with both himself and position in life.

    • Of course, he’s a racist pr*&k, like Adam Sandler, (only ‘darker’). They need to keep hyping that meme. Only YT is racist.

  8. I hope they put this moron away for the hoax he tried to pull off. Shit like this makes legitimate complaints be questioned. What a fool

  9. Comparing this guys brother to someone who’s in a photo with a costume of a transsexual drag queen in horns and Obama is disingenuous and really stretching things. Sharp eyed reader? More like looking for things that are not there.

    • So, you don’t think that’s Obongo in the costume? Or you don’t think the other guy is his brother? Or both? Please explain.

  10. Once again we see a Leftist who uses the tool of deception to get his way.

  11. Since Smollett is a confirmed homosexual, perhaps he will find prison life
    very satisfying.

  12. Anybody with a modicum of common sense had their BS meters go off immediately when the “attack” happened.

    Besides the sandwich not getting beat up in tandem with Jussie, it was obvious that Jussie’s hair, beard , and clothes did not change color when bleach was poured all over him. Never mind the freezing point of bleach – one of the “redneck Nigerian” brothers could easily hide a quart-sized bottle inside his coat.

    The rank-and-file CPD, along with the detectives, also knew this was BS from the start. But since they work for the token Superintendent “Special Ed” Johnson, and the Ballerina-in-Chief Rahm Emanuel (and also the city elections in a couple weeks), they had no choice but to put 20 detectives on the case.

    It was only a matter of time before Jussie was arrested. Most of America knew it 3 weeks before he did.

  13. Yawn. He fell upon his own pitard……and all those like him, too, will do so. It’s not EVEN hard work to round them up.

  14. As a caller noted into the excellent Rush Limbaugh Show said, there are no real MAGA hate attacks on America hating, nutter DemocRats, so they have to fabricate them. (Though there are many real attacks by mentally ill America hating DemocRats against Americans)

    List of FAKE Hate Crimes just since Trump was elected

  15. Cook County grand jury returns 16 felony counts against Jussie Smollett!


  16. From the rest it looks likely he’ll plea that down to one or two charges with probation. Too bad. The feds need to file one on the mail threat.


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