Fake Hate-Crime: Anti-Trump homosexual, posing as pro-Trump Nazi, vandalized Indiana church

Last November, St. David’s Episcopal Church, a pro-LGBT church in Bean Blossom, Indiana, garnered national headlines when immediately after the 2016 presidential election, it was spray-painted with graffiti — the messages “Heil Trump,” “Fag Church,” and a swastika.
It turns out that, once again, the church vandalism is a fake hate-crime by — surprise! — a liberal.

Michael Gryboski reports for Christian Post that on May 3, 2017, Brown County Prosecutor Ted Adams filed a criminal mischief charge against George Nathaniel “Nathan” Stang — St. David’s Episcopal Church’s organist and an openly homosexual liberal who has admitted to vandalizing the church with fake pro-Trump Nazi graffiti.
In an interview with the IndyStar, the 26-year-old Stang explained that he vandalized the church as a “false flag” operation to rally people following Trump’s electoral victory. He said: “I guess one of the driving factors behind me committing the act was that I wanted other people to be scared with me. I’m very sad to have created more hate in a world that already has too much hate … The congregation doesn’t deserve it, the emotional turmoil I put them through.”

“It was November, shortly after the presidential election. Stang told everyone he discovered the graffiti when he arrived for Sunday morning services,” reported WTHR. “Detectives immediately suspected the crime was committed by someone familiar with the church. They said cell phone records put Stang in the area Saturday night.”

Following the election of Donald Trump last November, many claimed that there was a spike in hate crimes directed toward liberals, Muslims, and racial minorities. The Southern Poverty Law Center claimed in a report last December that over 1,000 hate crimes were committed between Nov. 9 and Dec. 12 of 2016:

“Overall, anti-immigrant incidents (315) remain the most reported, followed by anti-black (221), anti-Muslim (112), and anti-LGBT (109). Anti-Trump incidents numbered 26 (6 of which were also anti-white in nature, with 2 non-Trump related anti-white incidents reported) . . . . [A]round 37 percent of all incidents directly referenced either President-elect Donald Trump, his campaign slogans, or his infamous remarks about sexual assault.”

But Associate Editor of Reason Elizabeth Nolan Brown maintains this wave of alleged hate crimes was mostly comprised of hoaxes and exaggerations rather than actual bigoted violence:

“The bottom line is that when it comes to physical aggression inspired by this election, we are looking at a little more than a dozen incidents reported, over a 10 day period, in a country of roughly 318.9 million people—none of which resulted in serious injuries. Regarding the rash of hateful graffiti and signs popping up this week: while some was certainly meant to offend or inspire terror, other times it has turned out to be the work of anti-Trump forces who intended it as commentary on how they perceive ‘Trump’s America.'”

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3 years ago

Reblogged this on World Peace Forum.

3 years ago

This guy is not only a member of the church, but plays the organ for worship songs? Now he’s “sorry” for “creating more hate?” Or, is it more likely he’s just saying that because he got caught?
Hmmm…maybe he should get a Bible and read it! Here’s a start:
Pro 13:5
A righteous man hates lying,
But a wicked man is loathsome and comes to shame.
Pro 26:28
A lying tongue hates those who are crushed by it,
And a flattering mouth works ruin

Waco Bob
Waco Bob
3 years ago

Shouldn’t these type of false flag incidents be prosecuted as both hate crimes and violations of civil rights laws?

3 years ago

When a christian is attacked by an enemy of the faith I expect it to be factual as in it really happened as reported. When anyone else, ie anti-christian gay churches, slamix, minorities, is attacked I expect the truth to come out and reveal a false flag event, hopefully to be followed by an arrest of the one who reported the faked crime. The vast majority of these will be false flag events. That guy who vandalised a jewish cemetary in New York recently turned out to be, you guessed it, jewish.

3 years ago

Those who speak of hate all day long seem to harbor the most hate within their hearts.

3 years ago

Logically,..a ,..’FALSE,..accusation of a ,..’hate crime’,.. is,in & of, it’self a,..’ hate crime’,.. A hate crime against the group who are wrongfully accused,..’of”,.. the hate crime in question.
And therefore, any,. faked,.. hate crime, leading to a ,..’false’,..perception off a hate crime, should be considered to,..’be’,.. a,..’ hate crime’,..,in & of it’self, & mandatory prison sentences should,..’automatically,. apply. ,
Ya think,.?

3 years ago

Knowing Bean Blossom quite well, I am surprised they have that liberal church there now. It is a tiny little berg, home of the good ole boys. Where biscuits and gravy and tenderloin sandwiches are still king. Not exactly the home of liberalism and protesting. Maybe he feels out of place and lonely.

3 years ago

Nice job asshat! That helped a lot! Keep up the good work!