Faithful dog loses it when soldier returns home

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H/t PawMyGosh

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0 responses to “Faithful dog loses it when soldier returns home

  1. Good posting!

  2. That was PRICELESS!!

  3. I love dogs!! Ours is 18 years old and maude still has lotsa fun. This was great,thankx!

  4. And that is what loyalty and love look like. Beautiful.

  5. 🙂

  6. “Oh joy, my daddy’s home- – my daddy’s home”!!!

  7. At times I marvel at the fact that Our Heavenly Father created such wonderful and unique animals who would love us unconditionally. They bring us joy and happiness that cannot be measured. Great post!

  8. There could NEVER be any misunderstanding of the language of these loyal pets! Wonderful post!

  9. That was wonderful! thank you.


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