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Cancer-stricken devout Catholic, 21, ignores doctors’ advice to abort baby and gives birth to healthy girl

Daily MailA pregnant mother diagnosed with lung cancer who refused to abort her baby to save her own life has given birth to a healthy daughter and is now cancer-free.
Daniella Jackson, 21, was diagnosed with a tumour in her left lung shortly before discovering she was pregnant with her second child.  Doctors told Miss Jackson, who has never smoked a cigarette in her life, that they urgently needed to remove the 4cm-long tumour – a type usually found in people over 60.
However, medics at Nottingham City Hospital refused to operate while she was expecting and told her to terminate her pregnancy to save herselfBut Miss Jackson, a devout Catholic from Aspley, Nottingham, refused and gave birth to a healthy baby daughter.
Four weeks later, she was able to have the life-saving operation to remove half her lung.  Now both mother and daughter Rennae, four months, are cancer free.  Miss Jackson said: ‘I was always determined to have my baby. I felt such a close bond with her, I couldn’t let her go.’
She first saw doctors after experiencing breathing problems and was diagnosed with asthma.  But after a CT scan, a carcinoid tumour was discovered – a genetic type of cancer usually only found in the elderly.  Towards the end of her pregnancy, Miss Jackson was battling daily asthma attacks and could not lie on her left-hand side due to the tumour.
She said: ‘I couldn’t lie down on my left-hand side because it hurt so much.  I thought it was the end for me and my baby. I felt like a ticking time bomb and I had nightmares about dying in labour.  It was a bad time, my head was all over the place. I just shut down and tried to get through as best as I could.’
But she defied the doctors to give birth to a premature, but healthy baby weighing 6Ib 3oz.  Miss Jackson, who also has a son, is now recovering at home but wants to share her story to raise awareness of lung cancer.
She said: ‘If this can happen to me, it can happen to anyone.  People need to know this isn’t just an old person’s disease. I kept fit, I never smoked, and my world fell apart when I got this disease.  I’m just so thankful I have a future with my children and I’m surviving.’
What a brave woman.  I’m so glad it turned out for the best for her and her family.  Her daughter is such a little cutie!

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Al Thompson

Most doctors are full of crap when it comes to cancer treatments. They really have no cure and they only treat the symptoms. To abort a baby at all is an abomination, and the lady did good by keeping the child. Maybe it’s time to abort the whole medical profession and start over. Common cancer treatments are about as stupid as going to a witch doctor. Anyone who suggests a treatment such as chemotherapy, surgery, or radiation is just plain crazy. The only exception may be surgery if there is a cancer that is blocking the normal function of something… Read more »

Dr. Eowyn

“The baby growing inside a woman’s womb passes his fetal cells — embryonic stem cells! — to the mother, and those cells protect the mother from breast cancer and other diseases.”


what a truly wonderful post!!