‘Failure to identify’ is an offense in Austin (if you’re a white female American citizen jogging thru a college town)


Jogger Arrested for Jaywalking, ‘Failure to identify’ 

Four cops needed to subdue female jogger

Adan Salazar

Footage capturing an aggressive arrest by Austin police of a non-violent jaywalker yesterday near the University of Texas campus is spurring outrage.


Witnesses say a jogger wearing headphones ran past an officer and was quickly subdued for jaywalking. She was later arrested for failing to produce identification.

“I was sitting at the Starbucks at 24th and San Antonio,” one witness told The Daily Texan. “Then I hear a cop shout at an innocent girl jogging through West Campus with her headphones on.”


“She repeatedly pleaded with them, saying that she was just exercising and to let her go,” the witness said.

The woman jogger, who looked to weigh no more than 110 pounds, apparently required four burly APD officers, two on bikes, unashamed about being caught on camera as the scene played out in broad daylight in full public view, to place her in the back of a squad car.


In footage of the incident, the woman can be heard saying, “I did nothing wrong,” and “I was crossing the street,” to which the person filming the event acknowledges, “I saw you.”

“I didn’t do anything wrong. I didn’t do anything wrong,” the woman screams as she’s placed in the back of a squad car. “I didn’t fucking do anything wrong. I just crossed the street.”


The photo above depicts the pain being inflicted on the woman during the arrest stemming from the punishing position officers are holding her hands, an awkward extended and high-behind-her-back contortion.

The torturous pose is reminiscent of a notorious 2012 Austin arrest in which officers manhandled a female passenger of a vehicle after she gave her friend advice about not having to submit to a sobriety test.


Ex-marine and activist Antonio Buehler documented the incident and was also later arrested himself after one cop claimed he spit in his face, an allegation Buehler vehemently denies.

In the jogger’s case, APD spokespersons told the Texan officers “proactively” patrol the area around the UT campus conducting overall pedestrian and bike safety enforcement, but that there was no specific initiative in place to target jaywalkers.


This is just one more example of how the police state apparatus is encroaching on the private lives of citizens and more activities are becoming regarded as thought crimes, with everyone being guilty until proven innocent.

Update: Austin Police Chief Art Acevedo, in response to the deluge of negative press over the incident, issued a statement Friday defending the officers and saying they “had cause to detain & arrest.

“Thank you, lord, that it is a controversy in Austin, Texas — that we actually have the audacity to touch somebody by the arm and tell them, ‘Oh my goodness Austin police we’re trying to get your attention’,” Acevedo said in a statement published in the Austin American Statesman, ignorant of the fact that if a citizen touched a cop in this manner it would be deemed “assault.”

After reviewing audio and video reports, the police chief said he also thought 24-year-old jogger Amanda Jo Stephen’s “limp routine” was an act.

“She did the limp routine, and in 28 years of law enforcement, I can tell you it happens all the time,” Acevedo said, according to the Statesman. “Quite frankly she wasn’t charged with resisting and she’s lucky I wasn’t the arresting officer because I wouldn’t have been as generous.”

One of the witnesses, Chris Quintero, who also photographed the event and blogged about it, told the Statesman he thought Stephen could have handled it better. “Looking at the video it was not too bad,” Quintero stated. “Up until that point, I think (officers were) a little excessive. … But (Stephen) started yelling and making commotion. I think she handled it poorly.”

Image credit: Youtube, Chris Quintero, The Daily Texan

I have great respect for the police and first responders I know personally, but there are occasional exceptions. These latter are a disgrace to the uniform.  And “failure to identify” is an offense?!!! “Show me your papers” is a term we associate police states. Police Chief Acevedo did a response to the uproar, that amounted to nothing more than circling the wagons. Chief Acevado, where did your officers’ disrespect for citizens come from? They say a fish rots from the head. ~ TD 

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0 responses to “‘Failure to identify’ is an offense in Austin (if you’re a white female American citizen jogging thru a college town)

  1. So illegal trash from Mexico invade our country, take our jobs, parasite off our welfare and hospitals, and then have the audacity to vote without identification, but a legal citizen can’t so much as jog?!?!

  2. Certainly goes along with the slogan there of “Keep Austin Weird.”

  3. “But the times they are a’changing!”

  4. Reblogged this on The Shepherd/Guardian and commented:
    Way to go, Austin.
    You have again proven your liberal, elitist, socialist leanings.

  5. Traildust, what you see here is a classic “divide” psy-op, that is, to divide the police against the citizenry, and vice-versa, this serves to provoke emotions, and encourage negative attitudes in the general public towards the police. This end-result is actually what the non-visible people who run the police department are intending, divide, arouse anger, and make sure the citizenry feel violated enough to want to pick fights, which will then be used in police training materials to encourage the “us vs. them” mentality in the officers. The woman may be innocent, and deliberately targeted, and have no idea that the end-result of her being jumped is to foster such a thing, hopefully someone will tell her that. Suffice it to say, this is conditioning for both the police, and citizenry, to make sure they behave “as desired” for a civil war.

    If you have any friends in law enforcement etc. please *do* inform them that they’re being “played” as such, and the best way to ruin this intended goal is to befriend the citizenry and essentially be like a mayberry police officer, be a public friend, not a public enemy, encourage the public to do the same, if we can reunite the police with the citizenry against the puppets of evil, the chances of their plans going right drops considerably. There is no question these cops in question are thugs, paid thugs, but people reading this need to remember that they should not judge the whole of a department from the actions of some blue/black-suited mercs with badges.

    • Left/liberals love to have non-thinking aggressive police who feel the civilian public is the enemy… especially if they’re in gov’t and think the “little people” civilian public should be made to obey.

    • Seumas, it’s the devil’s work alright, and not knowing much about psy-ops, I still agree with you. I have a number of friends in law enforcement, and all of them, thank God, are more like Mayberry RFD, good men who respect the Constitution. You’re right in saying we need to promote cooperation. It won’t be so easy then for the puppeteers to orchestrate insurrections that would lead to martial law.

      • Really, the “Give everyone an arrest record, let the judge do the thinking– I’m not paid enough!” attitude toward officer’s discretion common lately would get soldiers punished (career ending, at least) and annoys civilians who lose faith in the police (especially when coupled with stories about how cops would save a drowning man or help get a cat out of a tree because the “weren’t trained” or “policy” doesn’t let them).

        • Agreed, and when did Jay Walking rise to enough importance to cause something like this? These cops were sent on a fool’s errand, to stop jay walking, by a city that is so politically correct it ought to be chopped out of Texas,and floated out into the Gulf of Mexico.

  6. I read an account of this yesterday. She was wearing headphones and didn’t hear the officer yelling at her. The officer ran up behind her and grabbed her arm and she instinctively jerked her arm out of his hand as any of us, especially women would do when not knowing who is doing the grabbing. This is why the officer became aggressive with her. She didn’t instantly know it was an officer grabbing her. Granted, she did jaywalk and started using profanity when she realized they were going to arrest her. The policeman who grabbed her from behind totally overreacted and became nothing more than a bully along with the other three. It’s obvious they were not interested in calmly talking to her about jaywalking and giving her a warning, or if they must, a ticket for jaywalking. And, asking her for an ID? Plain and simple, this is an example of police state tactics. Austin needs to get rid of Acevedo. And, all police who think what happened was justified should ask themselves, “What if this was your daughter”?

  7. Like how the cops are fat… your tax dollars at work.

  8. Moral of the story is : Don’t jog in Austin if you can’t hear a cop give you directives. You are treated like a dangerous killer who has really done something wrong.

  9. If she looked Hispanic the Liberal establishment would probably say it’s racists to even ask for an ID in the first place. With someone who’s white, then it’s not important for the mainstream media…and I say this as a minority lest someone charge that I’m racist.

    • SLIMJIM, I think you are right. It seems like there’s a hidden agenda out there to do what you just described. Whatever happened to honesty?

  10. Face it folks, Texas is becoming a socialist liberal state like the calsocialist state. How many of these storm trooper tactics have happened here the last few years. Kids being punished in schools for no following their liberal agendas. Middle of the night no knock invasions into homes. A governer who seems to turn a blind eye to this anymore. One of the new police states.

  11. I’m just amazed that those dough-boy cops can even run. They did this to the Jews during the Holocaust also. Those fluffy cops are just nasty brown shirts. Leeann Springer

  12. NaturalBoredCitizen

    My opinion is this: Any effing one of us that knows their SSN, or our official name spelling, or our address, are then never without ID. Period. They have instant access on their handhelds which will include your photo so why this girl was manhandled and not just ticketed is reprehensible, she should have been told to calm down, you’ll get a jaywalking ticket , I’ll just run your ID. What’s your name, your address and do you know your SSN. He sends it in bingo! He writes her a ticket cause she matches her picture. She’s a registered dog just like us good boys and girls. Why? Because all normal American citizens who obey our orders and their laws can be tracked and known down to our genes and abusing us is a profit scheme, abuse me for jaywalking, I pay a fine. Cash. Abuse an un-trackable, non-collectable, or a low life criminal junkie and you get ziltch but problems. We’re their fodder folks. Why? Because we feed them. And they’re always hungrier, greedy, greedy makes a hungry puppy, They aren’t running your Identity and criminal background check any more, they’re running a credit check. Imagine what they do to you if God forbid you asked them for help or reported a crime. Sorry folks, they’ll sniff you like fresh kill. You got debit cards.

  13. “…the punishing position officers are holding her hands, an awkward extended and high-behind-her-back contortion.”

    One of these days they will snap a female’s puny arm & break it by doing that! Don’t they know it is men who have natural upper body strength but women do not, & for the most part women have thinner-boned arms. (Keep your PI attorney’s biz card handy after any encounter with cops!)

    And how retarded of those cops to holler at someone with headphones on. Duh! Why didn’t they just start JOGGING their fat selves until they were up around in the front of her, to get her attention that way, rather than coming up behind her & spooking her! Grrr.

    Texas was supposed to be “patriot heaven” some years back, but it sounds like it is really going to the dogs fast.

  14. Just more Nazis doing their jobs, protecting us from young, little, harmless, white girls. Stellar performance, pigs!

  15. Remember one thing. Under federal law your SSN is not to be presented for I.D. Thats why they are no longer required on drivers licence. Why do these idiots all look like rent-a-cops that couldn’t pass a physical evaluation. They didn’t care about the jay-walking, they seen a young girl and wanted to grab her. Why wasn’t a female officer called in?

  16. Good thing she was a petite woman . Can you imagine if she was a BIG woman , they probably would have called out the swat team and maybe the f.b.i.’s h.r.t. …….Hey , in that 1st. pic ; was that guy about to go into labor ?

  17. Personally I feel so much safer now that this extremely dangerous alien has been removed from the streets! No telling what she had hidden in her bra….
    Seriously, I hope she sues the **** out of somebody over this outrageous violation. What is going on in this country? Are we getting scared yet?!


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