Failure on so many levels: Millennials are signing up for “Adulting” classes

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Failure on the parents’ part, public education and at the individual level. I also blame social media.

But I bet “Julia” and “Pajama Boy” are proud…

From CBS New York: Millennials lacking life skills — like cooking, budgeting, or time management — are now signing up for classes designed to teach them those basics.

The trend gives young people a crash courses on adulting, CBS News’ Laura Podesta reported Wednesday.

At a cooking class in Queens, 29-year-old Elena Toumaras said she’s finally learning skills she wishes she’d been taught years ago.

“I don’t know, I was so used to when living at home, my mom always cooking,” she said. “Doing simple things now that I’m on my own, I’m struggling with it.”

She’s not alone. The number of classes geared toward teaching adults how to “adult” is growing.

Rachel Flehinger is the co-founded the aptly named “Adulting School” in Portland, Maine.

This month she’s launching online classes geared toward millennials anywhere who want to know how to sew a button, understand modern art or tell someone they love them.

“How to have a relationship, how to talk to someone, conflict resolution — how not to fight,” Flehinger said.

Experts say millennials are behind because many haven’t left childhood homes. The U.S. Census Bureau said in 2015, 34 percent of Americans between 18 and 34 still lived with a parent. That’s compared to just 26 percent in 2005.

“It’s more common than living with roommates and more common than living with a spouse,” demographer Jonathan Vespa said.

That translates into young adults marrying later, having children later and ultimately figuring out those crucial life skills later, too.

“I’m always surprised about people not knowing what I think are the simple things as far as knife skills, or flavors that go together,” said Kim Calichio of

Calichio said she’s happy to keep teaching classes to help millennials catch up in the kitchen — better late than never.


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21 responses to “Failure on so many levels: Millennials are signing up for “Adulting” classes

  1. So makes me wonder what they were doing all that time when we were learning life skills at school and home. So just what did the learn how to destroy a nation with in one generation. I only hope these slow learners wake up before its to far gone to do anything about it.

    HI EVERYONE ALMA Thank you. 🙂

  2. What were they doing? They were being manipulated by media and tech giants. They were taught to play violent and/or fantasy video games, playing on the blood and brain sucking internet, maybe watching dumb tv shows or movies, and they were sleeping late for decades due to lack of normal sleep patterns, due to their mind draining technologically pushed/based mindless computer activities. All because their parents and schools did not know or care to know how to raise normal, conscious, geared for success, aware, mindful, hard working intelligent and socially engaging, morally aware children.

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  4. I learned to cook at 8 as self defense…. If I wanted to eat I had to make it… As far as “knife skills” I have those too… Those were learned the hard way and not for cooking… I have paid my own way since I was a preteen and become a productive citizen that has never drawn a day of unemployment… Millennials and Snowflakes make me sick….

  5. I can assure you that none of this is accidental. The last thing on earth they want is independent, free-thinking individuals. Lately I find myself thinking more and more about this.

    Somehow, “THEY” keep coming out with these fads that everyone is supposed to agree to worship. I don’t recall asking anyone to develop a new civilization based on perverse principles. In fact, I can only think of one group who would find that desirable.

    This is a “global” thing. It may take slightly different forms from area to area, depending on the native culture, but it ends the same. A good example is the European meme of “diversity” and that they “have” to do this. Really? Why?

    It is the same in the US too. YT must die. Why? Why you’d think somebody hated YT. What was I thinking? Nothing can be said about YT that constitutes “hate speech”.

  6. I’ve been working since I was born breech and landed on my feet. From the moment that I could follow an instruction I’ve been expected to take care of myself as much as possible. I tell everybody that I’ve been working since I was 10. Truth be told that’s when I started getting paid in money. Before that I was expected to do chores. (I doubt millennials even know that word.) I learned basic skills from my father, mother, grandmother, older brothers and sisters. I cook, clean, sew. I can sew, do woodwork, electrical, electronic, computers lasers, plumbing, gardening, canning, livestock, fishing, hunting, etc. And when I’m done I’ll entertain everybody on the guitar. I’m stunned when I run into someone that can’t read an analog clock or tie their shoes.

    • “I’m stunned when I run into someone that can’t read an analog clock or tie their shoes.”——

      OR…..write a check, know what it means to balance a checkbook, read or write in cursive, know how to make change accurately, know how to COUNT change and add it up, understand interest rates or percentages overall in ANYTHING, read and follow a recipe b/c they don’t understand the abbreviations or how to use the measuring cups and spoons if they ask for an odd amount (like, 3/4 cup) where there is no pre-made spoon or cup for that amount and you have to know how to add fractions, or understand what a “quarter” means…as in, a quarter cup, or a quarter until noon……or can’t read a map, don’t know wht the states in the USA are or that “New Mexico” is NOT in Mexico….HOW ’bout THIS: my school kids today ages 11-14 don’t know their phone numbers these days b/c it’s a speed dial button on their cell phones —so they never had to KNOW/memorize it…AND, where I live, they move so much, so transient….they don’t know their addresses or even street names; saddest of all….most don’t know the name of their grandparents…….let alone great-grandparents…..and I’d say the majority don’t know who their fathers are……I’d say that America has been “fundamentally changed” in the last few decades, and as someone on the front lines with the upcoming generations, I can’t say that I have much hope for us ever regaining the basics that we once had or even mitigating the ignorance and learned helplessness that is now ingrained into our school populations from pre-K to college…..

  7. The Ruling Elites are winning. They used to produce citizens with civics. Then they produced consumers with money to spend. Now they produce little lugubrious leftist lemmings of LEARNED HELPLESSNESS.

    Lenin & Trotsky are high-fiving each other in Hell!

    Not to worry: The GREAT CULLING is coming. And DON’T call the Culligan Man! Nothing like a little Social Darwinism!

  8. Is pajama boy related to screaming girl?

  9. I think it’s the parents’ job to teach their kids vs. Schools & even Churches. My parents flunked in both categories & taught us nothing. Whatever I learned, I learned from Observing &/or just having to figure out how to do it myself.

    As for Schools:

    “Adulting Class” used to be called “Home Ec” (Economics) in 9th Grade, which included cooking, sewing, etc. I wonder what year public schools did away with that class?

    They used to also have Mechanics & other (pre-computer age) “Tech” classes for the boys.

    Spoiled Wives(?)

    And, evidently, some husbands dropped the ball re their wives (in prior decades at least). In the 1980s & 1990s I heard THREE DIFFERENT mature (age-wise) women say:

    1_Never learned how to drive. Her husband had ALWAYS done the driving. When he died young (in his early 50’s), she was stranded! … until she could learn to drive which she eventually did.

    2_Did not know how to keep a checkbook as her husband had always taken care of the money. They divorced. That woman was in her 40’s & asked me: How had I ever learned to do a checkbook? (Umm, by just DOING it, Add + Subtract. SMH, sad & pitiful!)

    3_Did not know how to grocery shop without her husband since they had been shopping together since they were both 17. (Woman was in her 50’s!) I couldn’t believe what I was hearing!

  10. Ok. Women whose families started in the fifties or earlier were taught men ruled the roost until they passed away or left the ladies or vice versa. However, that does not take away from the fact that younguns like it fast, easy and believe less work is more. Parents have been uninvolved for nearly or more thsn twenty years. Nothing good comes or will come of society and families leaving kids to be raised by strangers and odd people claiming knowledge on the internet, in our schools or elsewhere. More hands on morality with present actual parenting and grandparenting is needed in America by parents who have wisdom and knowledge in raising decent hard working ethical kind kids.

  11. I sent this pic to my daughter a couple of summers ago, saying this is her sometimes; she replied it’s her every day.

    My own experiences are similar to a few above, though not quite as extensive; I’ve always had an interest in cooking, even if it was just treats, as far as I can remember. I even got my own beaters (hand mixers) before I was a teenager, and lasted me for about 30 years – heck, even my recliner is 30 years old. In junior high, I took a semester of Home Ec, followed by a semester of Industrial Arts (building a “mobile”, or a small-scale mock-up of a home) – I did pretty good in Home Ec, not too good in Industrial Arts. Any stigma that may have existed by taking home ec, was negated when 2 few of the “really cool” guys were also in the class; they were admittedly more in it “for the chicks”.

    I had my first job, umpiring little league games, when I was 13, my first real job at 15, and first supervisory position at 18.

    I’ve always raised my daughter to be independent as much as possible, keep her head on a swivel, etc., also trying to teach her when to know you can’t be the “lone soldier”. She used to be really curious about life in general up until my family’s had some life-changing events, some that I wouldn’t think would change her (for the worst), but perhaps subconsciously, it did.

    The few times she’ll attempt to cook something simple, she acts/holds the utensils in a timid manner, and I tell her to “own it, show it who’s boss”. Sometimes I’ll tease her saying the only thing she knows how to make, is a mess!

    To her credit though, some things I could never emphasize enough to her, have actually paid off, and she’s seen the benefits of it first hand. I wasn’t happy with her getting a few store credit cards, being a college student, and working only part-time, and the likelihood of having her car re-possessed if I didn’t cover her payments. Earlier this summer, she got rear-ended while stopped at an intersection by some asshole, who promptly drove off. Surprisingly, there were no cameras at the intersection, especially since it’s a big one, so the guy never did get caught. The car was written off as a total loss, which actually was a blessing in disguise, cause she was about to blow through her mileage on her lease a year early.

    When it came time to get financing for her next car, we went through my credit union, and I was shocked at how low of a rate she was getting. She actually built up enough of a credit history to be considered “good” when a lot of people her age can’t even get credit. On top of that, the credit union also gave her a Visa credit card with a decent line of credit for her history.

    I’m glad she listened in this instance!

  12. Omg funny pic to your daughter Jackie!

  13. What you see with this is fallout from the 60’s, itself the result of fallout from the 20’s, and that as well was fallout from an earlier time I’d suspect. Really those from the 1920’s (when such modern mental illnesses such as anorexia & bulimia being induced in the public by companies got started, in the modern era anyway.) on up should’ve had “adulting classes”, imagine if they had known how to be mature, the federal reserve scam might’ve been avoided if people had actually thought, and understood they were being propagandized for the purpose of shackoing civilization to a select group of devil worshipers, they would’ve recognized that prohibition was a real step in the right direction, and kept at it instead of caving to the criminal enterprises & drunkards/drug pushers.

    We see the same sort of thing going on these days, only instead of alcohol being legitimatized, its “soft”, and then “hard”, drugs… for example, Oregon having legalized marijuana for medical and then “recreational” use, is now pursuing legalizing psilocybin/”shrooms” for allegedly “medical” reasons, with a litany of buzzwords/buzzphrases like being a “treatment”/”cure” for depression and mental illness, likely to become “recreational use” later. What better way to control the citizenry? Working this in tandem with promoting actual mental illness (transgenderism, homosexuality, gnosticism, etc.) across the board, using the drugs to ensure they stay crazy, (And even promoting them as if the drugs bring about enlightenment or spiritual insight, something satanism, under the guise of the occult, has done for thousands upon thousands of years. This will also increase the suggestibility of devils to the individuals getting doped up, adding to mental/spiritual illness across the board.) while making the sane appear to be insane, giving them a pretext to lock them away in institutions, thereby silencing them, and removing opposition to the corruption, just like the bolsheviks, and later soviets, did with their dissidents.

    Suffice it to say, they likely aren’t teaching enough “adulting”, like Sobriety, Monogamy, Fidelity, Temperance, Rational Thought, and not falling for propaganda. I begin to think it might be beneficial to relocate to the wilds over being around the mess that may be coming, and yet if everyone sane did so, who then would be left to speak sanity in a world gone mad? What can be done to turn back the vileness being pushed?

  14. LOL! These clowns are enjoying a well-earned ignorance. Too busy whining to get their own way to learn how to “adult.” It might be wrong, I’ll admit…but I hold these people in disdain.

    In the old days…kids were taught the it’s better to be the ant than the grasshopper. Of course…that lesson is probably racist or sexist, today.


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