Factory Worker Fired for Refusing to Wear "666" Sticker

A factory worker in Georgia was fired because he refused to wear a “666” sticker that his employer mandated all employees to wear.
The Associated Press reports, November 18, 2011, that Billy E. Hyatt claims in a federal lawsuit that he was fired from Pliant Corp. (now renamed Berry Plastics Corp.), a plastics factory in northern Georgia near Dalton where he’s worked since June 2007, after he refused to wear a sticker proclaiming that his factory had been accident-free for 666 days.
Like the factory’s other employees, Hyatt had worn the sticker proclaiming how many days the factory had gone without an accident. But, being a devout Christian, he increasingly grew nervous in early 2009 as the number of accident-free days crept into the 600s.
As the company’s safety calendar approached day 666, a number that is considered the “mark of the beast” in the Bible’s Book of Revelation describing the end days, Hyatt said he approached a manager and explained that wearing the “666” sticker would force him “to accept the mark of the beast and to be condemned to hell.” He said the manager assured him he wouldn’t have to wear the number.
But when the “666” day came on March 12, 2009, Hyatt sought a manager to discuss his request, only to be told that his beliefs were “ridiculous” and that he should wear the sticker or serve a three-day suspension.
Hyatt took the three-day suspension, but was fired at a human resources meeting several days later. He filed a complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, and his attorney Stephen Mixon said the agency granted him the right to sue the company in August.
The lawsuit, which seeks punitive damages and back pay, said the company forced him into a terrible situation: Keep his job or “abandon his religious beliefs.”
The company, now known as Berry Plastics Corp., did not return several calls and emails seeking comment. It has yet to respond to the complaint in court.
Berry Plastics Corp. is headquartered in Evansville, Illinois. Less than a month ago, former U.S. senator and governor of Indiana B. Evan Bayh was appointed to the corporation’ Board of Directors.
Ironically, Berry Plastics’ home page proclaims that “Employees are our most valuable asset.”
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9 responses to “Factory Worker Fired for Refusing to Wear "666" Sticker

  1. Legally Plaint Corporation may be within its right. So to would any citizen who refused to purchase any product from the Plaint Corporation (under the brands Blockade, Freshview and Glidefast, among others) or its parent Berry Plastics Corporation. It should be noted that 70% of Berry Plastics is owned by Apollo Managment and Graham Partners, not noted private equity firms. Hit them where it hurts.

  2. I would not wear anything with 666 on it, the same as refusing to use any tool or vehicle that needed to be replaced or repaired, My soul and life are more important than any one thing or anybody.
    I have refused to drive vans and LARGE TRUCKS that needed repair or gotten rid of before without being fired but there is a first time for anyhing. go for it.

  3. I wouldn’t wear it either. Jerk of a boss. What harm would have been done to go one day without wearing the sticker? jeesh…

  4. Human resources (HR) people are some of the most progressive and worst educated folk (see Occupy Wall Street and their “studies” degrees) in private industry today… guranteed they felt the guy so “disruptive” they unlitaterally upped his manager’s punishment to firing, not only giving the guy a leg-up to sue but undermining the manager’s authority too.

  5. GrouchyFogie is spot on. If a muslim would have refused to wear the sticker on religious beliefs and gotten fired, cair would be right there and suing before you can say 3, 2, 1…

  6. Just wear the sticker upside down to support Herman Cain. But Cain is not able or Abel either for that matter.

    • As opposed to the Mooooooslim of a former commoonity pisser-offer currently residing in the White House, and who has never so much as run a lemonade stand?
      Just how colossally stoopid are you?

      • Kool-aid rots the brain 🙂

      • Dave,
        walthe310’s blog is most revealing. He claims to be a former Republican who got disillusioned with George W. Bush (yes, it’s Bush’s fault, again!) and esp. the Iraq War, and so became an Obama supporter, voted for Barry in 2008 and still support Barry to this day! Wow. That’s some Kool-aide this dude drank. So, he voted for Barry because of the Iraq War. Question to walthe310: How are you liking all the many wars your man, Barry, has gotten the United States into in just 3 years of his presidency? Hypocrite.
        The name of his blog, “Bell, Book, and Candle,” is also most revealing. It is either a reference to:
        1. The old Hollywood movie about a man (Jimmy Stewart) falling in love with a witch (Kim Novak); or
        2. A method of excommunication once used by the Catholic Church for one who had committed a particularly grievous sin. The ceremony involved a bishop, with 12 priests, reciting an oath on the altar, after which the bishop would ring a bell to evoke a death toll, close a holy book to symbolize the ex-communicant’s separation from the church, and snuff out a candle or candles, knocking them to the floor to represent the target’s soul being extinguished and removed from the light of God.


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