Facebook took down FOTM just in time for Nov. 6 mid-term election

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What I had expected finally happened.

As of last night when I got offline and closed my laptop, Fellowship of the Minds‘ Facebook page was still up.

Ten minutes ago, I discovered that, like rats and cockroaches that come out cloaked in the darkness of night, the Demonrats of Facebook took down FOTM.

This is the message when I tried to access our page:

Recall that in the darkness of the early morning hours of August 15, 2018, our former hosting server WordPress burned down FOTM.

It took us eight days before we restored FOTM with a non-U.S. hosting server. See:

When WordPress took us down, I had asked our readers to send me their email addresses so that we could maintain contact before the restoration of FOTM. I compiled a list of hundreds of email addresses, many of which are those of our Facebook readers.

I expect Twitter will censor by banning FOTM as well.

So if you are a (former) Facebook reader or Twitter reader  of FOTM, please bookmark FOTM or subscribe to FOTM and leave Facebook and Twitter. Surely, you don’t really want to associate with a corporation that censors our U.S. Constitution First Amendment right to freedom of speech.

To subscribe for email notifications of new posts, just scroll down our page until you see “SUBSCRIBE TO BLOG VIA EMAIL” on the right. Then type your email address in the box, and click “Subscribe”.

~Dr. Eowyn

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31 responses to “Facebook took down FOTM just in time for Nov. 6 mid-term election

  1. Glad your back up Dr Eowyn. On a level playing field, and with a honest media, the mental illness of Liberalism, Bolshevism, Globalism, communism, socialism, loses every time. That’s why (((they))) made sure to buy up thenewspapers,magazines, TV etc at an early stage.
    MAGA Tsunami!

  2. And I just got sprung from a 30-day stint in Facebook Jail. First, I was banned for 7 days for a snarky comment on a meme, then, a day or two after being sprung from that short stay, they jailed me again for 30 days FOR THE SAME COMMENT!!!

    It’s clear to me the Left is cowardly and does not really know WHAT it believes, let alone WHY they believe it. They are knee-jerk reactionaries. That’s all they can do. And not only that, they are PASSIVE-AGGRESSIVE: They are like that lady jogger in Colorado from last year or so, who always stopped to defecate in the same spot every night.

    I don’t mean to be gross here, but the Left is everything you’d expect young children to be: They’re selfish, self-centered, and, frankly, very anal. We laugh at this behavior in a Warner Bros. cartoon, and rightfully rebel against it in real life.

    In the meantime, Gab is back up, and that’s good.

    Robert David Steele mentioned FOTM twice in two separate podcasts he had within this past month; Maybe it would be a good idea to contact him for an interview for more exposure. Just a suggestion; I don’t see how it could hurt. Sean of SGT Report may prove to be another great interview. At any rate, FOTM needs more exposure, and it looks like Facebook is not the way to go, as long as Lizard Boy is at the helm!

    • I know the feeling… they just gave me ’30 days in the hole’ for some post that are 4 years old…

  3. FYI – I clicked on the facebook link on this (your) post and it showed on facebook but I could not comment or like it as all post have. But I shared it on my facebook page and it did allow for comments there and you could like it at the bottom also.

    • I expect the Facebook link at the bottom of our posts to be disabled soon. The WordPress software takes a while to catch up to events.

  4. please subscribe me to FOTM, thank you.

    • George,

      You must do it; I can’t do it for you.
      Just scroll all the way down our page until you see “SUBSCRIBE TO BLOG VIA EMAIL” on the right side.
      Then type your email address in the box.

  5. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. Stop playing in their playground with their toys.
    Go offshore, it is the only place any protection for yourself exists anymore. cryptocurrencies will be the only way in the future to avoid the Antichrist controls upon money as well.

    Iceland and Russia being current good options for hosting.

  6. Such childish behavior from the left. I read last week where Twitter had blocked several and that FB had eliminated 800. What do they fear? A fair fight? They have just proven our point that those on the right that have fought for our freedoms are the only ones that should be in charge. We need to swamp the WH with these examples, I have heard Trump is fighting for us.
    Bless you Dr. For all your hard work. I Know Gateway Pundit often has to fight the same battle.
    Sad, when the truth is blocked.

  7. I quit FB in 2014 and twitter in 2016. Don’t miss either of them AT ALL.

    Commies aren’t your friends.

  8. Dr E
    Stop wasting your valuable time and information on Facebook and Twitter. I never have joined either one of them and I wish people who have legit complaints against them would just delete them. Where would Facebook and Twitter be if we ALL deleted them. If I can’t directly subscribe to a blog through email then I just move on to some other blog because I refuse to contribute to any social media platform.

    • I had used Facebook only for FOTM because there are readers who simply refuse to email-subscribe or bookmark FOTM, but instead get FOTM post notifications via their Facebook accounts. Probably just too lazy to take any initiative.

    Facebook took down FOTM just in time for Nov. 6 mid-term election

  10. What jackass names, Facebook and Twitter. Isn’t a Twitter post called a Tweet? Zuckerberg is the perfect stand in for lib men, like during Congress’ asskissing “interrogation”—a beta douche affecting a Victorian woman’s Grecian bend while sitting on a four-inch-thick padded cushion.

  11. This is germane:
    Left-Wing Jews: a Jewish and American Tragedy
    @: https://www.amgreatness.com/2018/11/06/left-wing-jews-a-jewish-and-american-tragedy/

    Frankfurt School

  12. I suspect that they actually want to force “dissidents” to abandon their “services”, it makes their controlling the narrative on the platforms far easier, and since these are used by the majority, it serves to further marginalize and fringe-ify people. Put simply, I suspect this is a “smoke out” tactic. Once “questioners” are driven from the mainstream services, and can’t reach the general public, (effectively self-silencing) the services they went to & use can then be labeled as terrorist networks, and be taken down. The more people they drive out of the mainstream arena, the more quiet and unnoticed these removals will be. (ala what has, and continues to happen to, gab.) Effectively giving them full narrative control, without much fight.

    What I would suggest, is keep coming back, but make sure you isolate things like facebook etc. a bit, however, so it can’t mine your own personal data etc., while also still utilizing it as a platform for reaching people who simply refuse to dump the garbage. “Sandboxing” might be a good idea for that sort of thing (sandboxie used to be a freeware program for doing just that.) in addition to other steps for cutting down on facebook’s capability to spy, like blocking certain flash & java bits, blocking their web beacons & pixel trackers, deleting their cookies on a regular basis, yes its inconvenient, but having to re-login frequently is better than them siphoning your data constantly and maximizing their profit shares.)

    They seem to be trying to make a catch-22 system, where if people stay on to keep exposure, they pay with being spied on & profiled by the police state, whereas if people go, they self-marginalize, and thus self-silence, allowing the corrupt full control of the information that gets out, which will ensure even less question anything. What they don’t want people to know then, is that exposure can be had, and some degree of privacy can be maintained at the same time, defeating their catch-22 system.

    Keep on Posting Dr. Eowyn, (I would also suggest keeping a separate computer/laptop just to do facebook things on, if you can afford it, which would serve to really isolate & minimize their datamining efforts, if you want to move things form your own computer to the isolated one, simply use a USB stick to put files on, and transfer them over, this suggestion goes for any/all other researchers reading this as well.) every article posted is a slap in the face of the devil worshipers, after all, as indicated by their obsession with trying to force you, and others, out.

    • That’s a good point. You’re probably right. Just like the so-called “media” on TV, it is all controlled. They took the place of older forms that had some level of First Amendment protection in place. These “newer” forms do not.

      They could easily have that again. Clinton destroyed “The Fairness Doctrine” with a stroke of his pen. It could be restored just as easily. Then the FCC can take action against those who violate it. We are rapidly sliding down the scale of freedom among the peoples of the world.

      We know what Marxism looks like but we act like it isn’t happening here and now.

      • Indeed Lophatt, a while back I had posted some things in a town to be aware of the history of Russia from 1917, and compare that to these days… didn’t seem like anyone acknowledged it, however. Russia 1917-18, and the U.S. 2017-18, what does one see in these nations in those time periods?

        I also suspect that if trump were an actual threat to the devil worshipers as he had been advertised, they’d have tried to JFK him by now, between this, and his history of chumming around with the clintons, and the apparent lack of any actual stopping of the devil worshiper schemes, makes me suspect things are going along as planned, with “distractions” in place to keep people from targeting the real sources of the problems. What ever happened with saville, epstein, the pedophile explosion, that creepy camp where the kids were beign held and “trained”/abused, and the whole slew of things that have been “swept under the rug” as rabid politicism took over every mic & platform? The hegelian dialectic sides started screaming at each other hoping to make enough noise to make people forget what was going on, it seems, and arguably it worked.

        As one example, notice how the alt media was yakking about khashoggi the same time as the mainstream was, with roughly the same focus, isn’t that a bit unusual? What else has been going on that we aren’t aware of, that may well be of a more pressing concern?

        • I’m afraid I agree again. I always get into trouble here when I tell what I believe to be the truth. It isn’t “the truth” because I WANT it to be. If he were a “threat” he’d be dead, period.

          It provides entertainment to the eaters while the Plan marches on. Still, we can only do what we can do. Being naive, however, doesn’t solve anything.

          This is like Worldwide Wrestling. They dress them up in outfits that appeal to segments and then tell them which one will “win” this time. Then they go out, beat their chests and posture. The announcers (ABCNBCMSNBCCSPAN ad nauseam), speak in breathless tones. Everyone is glued to the TEE VEE.

          At the end of the day they go out, have a beer and plan for next week’s “match”. The owners count their money.

  13. The devils are after everything. I/we need to stay strong & pray. Never give in.

  14. Facebook Blocks 115 Accounts for ‘Coordinated Inauthentic Behavior’ Ahead of Midterm Elections


  15. I might not comment as faithfully as some, but FOTM is my primary source of news, along with a very few YouTubers (who have to walk on eggshells and talk in code).

    Is it overly dramatic to suggest the Apocalypse is underway? There’s certainly been a grand unveiling (of the dark kind) in recent years.

    Keep the faith. We ARE the resistance. To bastardize an old gem: Right makes might!

  16. I’ve noticed the people who post on YouTube have started to switch to other providers to post their videos (D-Tube,Bit Chute,Real Video),maybe one of those could be of use. Not being at all tech-savvy,I don’t know if the two mediums could co-exist,but I have to say they have the right idea. It’d probably be necessary to do multiple-posting for a while,but at least if things get TOO oppressive you’d have an up-n-running back up to go to.

  17. How SHOCKING! Leftist DUPLICITY on the eve of the midterms!? NO!

  18. The bastards!!

    Glad I don’t do social media at all, and I’ll never understand how people can’t bookmark a site once they discover it and like it to the point they’ll be back again & again, going to it directly instead of through FB.

  19. In watching this it seems like in past years they tried to deny that they lied and cheated. Now they seem proud of it. The majority of them make absolutely no excuses for cheating. It’s “expected”.

  20. I know the feeling… Ya might also check into this place for a backup. I keep one there for when the fascistbook throw me into jail… they just did for several post 4 YEARS ago… ’30 days in the hole’…

  21. Thank you, Dr. Eowyn, for your faithfulness to the cause of Jesus Christ. May we all keep the faith and stand firm in the face of evil.

  22. Fakebook? I might even look at it sometime if they paid me.
    I do love searching for my name and finding absolutely nothing in multiple search engines not named Google.
    My brother checks on Google and he finds nothing there either.
    It is fun to mock those who can’t compute without an eye over their shoulder but I will refrain from that here.


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