Facebook messages added to Obama’s daily reading material

Obama skips plenty of intel briefings yet has time to read love letters on Facebook (you know he isn’t reading any letters from TEA Party members). Priorities.
obama ego
From NY Post: People hoping to send a note to President Barack Obama can now contact the White House using Facebook Messenger, just as they would communicate with their friends.
The White House says Obama reads 10 letters every night and that they help keep him in touch with what’s happening around the country.
White House chief digital officer Jason Goldman says expanding the president’s reading material is meant to create opportunities for people to engage with their government in new and accessible ways.
Goldman says face-to-face time with the president may be more difficult than it was much earlier in the nation’s history, but technology now makes it possible for anyone with an internet connection to send a message to the president and the administration.

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Dr. Eowyn
Dr. Eowyn
4 years ago

The narcissistic POS has the time to read fawning Facebook crap because he misses 6 of 10 of his daily intelligence briefings.

4 years ago
Reply to  Dr. Eowyn

Hah, that’s funny! He’s much too “sexy” for briefings. I encourage everyone to “sound off” (oh, and be sure they have your name and address correct).
Anything I’d have to say to him would ensure an MRAP in my driveway.

4 years ago

‘Cause it’s, you know, like, so totally awesome, dude!comment image

4 years ago

oh hooray, I have a boatload to say to barry, but it’s not exactly a “love letter”!

4 years ago

My comments would be judged as insensitive , racially motivated , closed-minded , non-progressive , gun toting , ………………..blah blah blah
He must have an ego the size of the Pacific ocean .

4 years ago

we’re supposed to believe that this clown randomly chooses ten messages? More likely, he has a staff of 50 searching through all the HATE MAIL to find ten that don’t tell how they detest him. (and that “keeps him in touch”/keeps him DELUDED)

4 years ago

I’m pretty sure that any message I sent him, would land me in jail, so I’ll be a good little gofer and keep my “opinion” quiet.

4 years ago
Reply to  patrioticgofer

Well, lets’s see….., “How do the men at Man’s Country in Chicago compare to the strays you used to pick up in Waikiki?”. I could go on.


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3 years ago

Fork the Nairobian mooooooooooooslim communist fraud.