Facebook Freakazoids Praise Colorado Theater Mass Murderer

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The bodies of the victims are not even at room temperature yet, and already the sick, twisted ghouls are out in force supporting what this sick freak of a total whack-job did early this morning in Aurora, Colorado.
As my browswer is currently having fits when it comes to copying and pasting text into WordPress from other sites, I will have to settle for a link for the time being.
We have some truly sick people in this country.

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0 responses to “Facebook Freakazoids Praise Colorado Theater Mass Murderer

  1. Good grief – sick, just sick.

  2. If facebook, can’t control it’s own urge to allow this kind of sh”’, then I may resign from facebook. It’s not something I consider crucial to my happiness. And just maybe it’s not worth using I think my family will understand.

  3. Yeah, I realize I committed somewhat of a writing no-no using the word “sick” three times in such a short post, but I just could not come up with a better word.
    LOL – My English instructor NAZIs would be appalled.
    Besides, sometimes simple is just better.

  4. Shows the Democratic base for 2012 is vocal…

  5. Terry,
    I don’t go anywhere near Facebook – mostly because of their lousy security, but also because I perceive an anti-conservative bias on the part of the mods over there.
    And I haven’t posted a tweet in probably a year for the same reasons.

  6. They love a murderer that does what the United Nations wants.

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    Facebook Freakazoids Praise Colorado Theater Mass Murderer

  8. A while back I was at the movies and saw some horror flick on my own. In front of me to my left sat 2 grown men and through the more intense moments of the film (I had the foresight to hide behind my popcorn) these 2 laughed and made jokes, they were so annoying and probably in their middle 20’s. And then it dawned on me they were scared! They had to make fun and jokes because they could never admit that to each other. This is how they coped with their fear. I would never defend the idiots on FB but I think this is all it is. The real disgust should go to the major news stations that fell over themselves “reporting” the shooter was a tea party member. You could feel the blood lust. If there was a real crazy like Holmes on FB watching this report he could have shot the tea party member James Holmes. If your first instinct is for ratings I not sure where in the lowlife scale they belong.

    • Tea Party member Holmes has been receiving death threats since this morning’s ABC report; he had to turn off his phone. How many people did NOT hear ABC’s retraction??

      • I’m betting a lot didn’t hear their retraction? If I was the TEA Party Holmes, I’d be suing ABC big time…

      • Was it ABC?? I couldn’t remember. All 3 of the “major” networks are pretty much the same. I didn’t hear the retraction but I bet it was warm and heartfelt.
        I feel bad for him and I hadn’t heard he was receiving death threats. There are always back stories to a tragedy:((

  9. Oh well I feel better. Not!!

  10. Yup, told you the retraction would be on the equivalent of print “journalism’s” page 7, in VERY small print! Bottom of the page, left hand corner.
    If I may be so bold as to offer up my very first blog post, not much and not deep, but quite heartfelt, I wouldn’t mind a couple comments from my friends here. Be easy w/ me tho – I’m very very new! LOL! https://wp.me/2BlIV Guess that link will get you there, it’s public now – it wasn’t before – but i don’t know if I give the full web address or the “short link” they provided me. Guess we’ll see, huh? 🙂
    And Dr. Eoywm, HOW do I make YOUR blog show up as one I’m following?? I’ve been fiddling w/ this for the last hour and I can FIND you, I just can’t get the “find” to the “page”. Grrr. Well, I needed something else to think about, I’ve pretty much been in and out of this tragedy all day. It’s getting to me.

    • Apparently, my blog STILL thinks it’s private. I might have to work at this. *tired sigh* grrr.

    • “And Dr. Eoywm, HOW do I make YOUR blog show up as one I’m following?? I’ve been fiddling w/ this for the last hour and I can FIND you, I just can’t get the “find” to the “page””
      Not sure I understand your question, Christine. How about just bookmarking FOTM, or making it your homepage? 😀

  11. Look at this – I know it’s SO weird and off-the-wall, and perhaps the author is anywhere from slightly off his rocker from too much caffeine to a full blown conspiracy theorist, but this IS interesting and may explain some things. Still crazy tho, so crazy it could be true…

  12. Don’t for a moment think that TPTB are not on Facebook. They attack our sensibilities at every opportunity. Where there’s media, there’s a way of attacking life as we know and love it.

  13. It appears some of those Facebook kooks found their way to this thread.

  14. am i allowed to wonder how some of the creeps applauding the massacre would feel if they were the ones looking down the open end of the bore of a .45, knowing the last thing they will see is a bright flash, and “lights out” forever.


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