Facebook bans private gun sales

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This will stop all the criminals from getting guns, I’m sure. Just another reason I’ll never get back on Facebook.

Two peas in a pod...

Two peas in a pod…

According to Guns.com, Facebook has banned the private sale of firearms. This also applies to its sistered site Instagram. This was announced late last  Friday.

The ban applies to private, person-to-person sales of guns, but posts by licensed gun dealers are okay. Facebook already prohibits unauthorized dealers to purchase, sell, or trade prescription drugs, illegal drugs, or marijuana.

Although Facebook has never been directly involved in gun sales, users have created groups used specifically for the sale of firearms.

Facebook updated it’s policy in 2014 to limit the sale of guns due to pressure from gun control groups. The company pushed forth efforts to block attempted sales to felons, minors or across state lines without an FFL.

They are a private company and are entitled to set their own rules. Just as I’m entitled to not use any of their social networking applications!



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  2. So, you do as I saw one person did. He sold a “pliers with all attachments” and that pliers happened to have a gun attached

  3. That last pic perfectly expresses my sentiments. 😀

  4. Ah, but they have no problem with “Instagram models” (you know, those that do kinky things with rich Arab dudes in Dubai for mad $$$ and expensive stuff)…
    “Instagram Models: The Difference Between Whoring and Prostitution,” by Alden I. Bula, BlogPh, Jul 2015

  5. Interestingly, Facebook’s fingerprints are all over the “Occupy” movement, the “Arab Spring” movement, and riots and insurrection all over the world.

  6. I’ve known for a long time that FB is the FedGov’s direct line to knowing ALL of America’s intimate information-THIS is just the cherry on top.Gotta go now-I have to tell ALL my friends why they won’t be seeing me on FB anymore.

  7. When the Total Information Awareness project was exposed a while back folks were concerned, then as concerned died down, along comes facebook with connections to CIA’s in-q-tel (among others) to make the citizenry spy on & profile themselves, and rat themselves out. It is definitely reasonable to think facebook is an intentional “spook” operation designed for exactly the purpose of spying, and conducting experimentation, on the public via mind tricks (like the homosexual rainbow overlay for photos which was admitted to be an experiment).
    Facebook bans gun sales? then it will encourage illicit sales… that’s how that works. Funny thing isn’t it, how every time “gun control” shills make a ruckus gun sales spike sharply in the positive… one might even suspect that they’re trying to saturate the public with guns (weapons caches for a potential second “civil war”?) intentionally, and exploiting the knee-jerk reaction to calls to “control guns” to do so (perhaps a continuation of obomber’s “fast and furious” operations?). One wonders why the “gun control” activists can’t put this 2+2 together and realize that if they want “gun control” they need to stop pushing for it… hahaha (assuming that at least some of them are ignorant “useful idiots”, anyway, and not purposeful shills.)
    Good for you staying off failbook DCG, if only more would do the same. Part of the problem is that they’re considered “stupid and simple” and thus the “only game in town” for staying in touch with people (despite e-mail being just as easy and considerably less fascist/communist/satanist), despite the fact there are other options.


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