Eyewitness says Sikh Temple killing by 4-man team, not lone gunman

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Two sources are now contradicting the official version of Sunday’s terrible shooting in a Sikh temple in Wisconsin which took the lives of seven people, including the alleged gunman, former U.S. Army psy-op specialist, Wade Michael Page.
Paul Joseph Watson reports for Infowar.com, August 5, 2012, that the first source is an eyewitness to the shooting who says that a team of four men dressed in black carried out the massacre.
Videotaped speaking with the Associated Press, the eyewitness stated (at the 0:10 mark) that “Between ten and ten-thirty, four white males who were dressed darkly, dressed in all black clothing, came in and opened fire on our congregation.”

A second source is corroborating the eyewitness’ account.
A man whose parents were victims of the shooting told a TV reporter that his parents told him there were “multiple shooters” involved in a “coordinated” attack.

Paul Joseph Watson observes that:
“Just like the ‘Batman’ massacre, after which eyewitnesses clearly stated that James Holmes had an accomplice, today’s tragedy in Oak Creek is already throwing up questions that may suggest a wider plot. […]
With the federal government already labeling the shootings a “domestic terror incident,” the narrative is already being manufactured to blame the tragedy on conservatives and libertarians, as well as demonizing the second amendment.
President Barack Obama is already positioning himself to politically exploit the incident. Top Democratic strategists have previously welcomed the prospect of domestic terror incidents as a means of boosting Obama’s poll numbers and helping him re-connect with the American people.”
Read more about the U.S. military’s psychological operations (PSYOP), here.

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0 responses to “Eyewitness says Sikh Temple killing by 4-man team, not lone gunman

  1. So,…we have all noticed…1) more than one shooter 2) psych references in each case..Is there a conspiracy here?…

  2. they want power and gun control. the NWO backers will manufacture whatever it takes for mind control. Did you hear about the lightening storm yesterday that killed one and injured 9. No.

  3. Grouchy – I’ve been saying for at least 2 yrs that there will not be an election. I expect more of these in the following weeks and perhaps one to rival 911. If Obama loses the election, he will still be the President. The forces behind him and he, himself, will suspend the Constitution via martial law and confiscate our property, including our guns, and send us off to the camps. It’s all about power and surrendering the freedom and liberties we thought we had, to global governance so to enslave us.
    The outlook for a bright future for America is very grim, I think.
    I was talking about him to someone today and remembering the Damian series of movies. He’s very much a dark soul. He is surrounded by dark souls and he has no verifiable past. Nothing. I am not terribly religious, but he is fitting the antichrist position more every day.

  4. Remember Crystal Nacht and the Reichstag Fire….
    state terrorism isn’t anything new. The head of DHS
    is the former head of STAZI. .. and they didn’t believe there
    were train cars with manacles for the transport of prisoners
    to the camps. NEVER AGAIN !

  5. Waaaaay too quick to define this as domestic terrorism. Yet the Fort Hood incident is workplace violence.

  6. These cases are just allllllll too damned convenient. Something really smells bad.

  7. This was a false flag, so the government can “work to make society safer”. All of this garbage happening so close to the election? Please.

  8. Reblogged this on Cmblake6's Weblog and commented:
    False flags everywhere, so the government can “make us safe from ourselves”.

  9. Too convenient, indeed. How long before this is used against the 2nd Amendment? My biggest problem with the conspiracy theory is how anyone could be brainwashed as completely as these shooters would have to have been. Is it even possible? Sounds like science fiction.

  10. If we stay peaceful, and can’t be baited into street protests, they may not be able to manufacture the excuse to round up half the population. Fortunately, the ones who are suckers for street protests and riots are all on the left.

  11. Good points Grouchy Fogy. And if this psy-opps guy wasn’t completely brainwashed, he is conveniently dead.

  12. Steven Broiles

    This is what I think: The CIA is the only organization or bureaucracy in our Government that could pull this off. They have a history of assassinations and cover-ups, and they have their various and sundry techniques and dry-runs down pat. You can blame Obama for many things—including allowing an atmosphere of divisive hatred to obtain—but neither he nor his Administration would have the gall, or the resources, to pull this off.
    Nota Bene, also, that EVERY TIME an incident occurs where multiple eyewitnesses come forward to say there were multiple shooters, eliminating and abolishing their testimony is their first order of business. Because eyewitnesses are, of their very nature, unreliable, You Know.
    These other people may get mentioned in the media. But you can bet your last devalued dollar that the CIA will NEVER be mentioned.
    Mark my words: This will happen again. And again. And again. And every time witnesses come forward to claim a second man was involved, the powers that be will shoot that clay pigeon down, just like the penny arcade game that this is.

  13. Bobos fingerprints are all over this attack just as the cias fingerprints were on the John Kennedy assassination. The govt thinks we believe everything they say, just because they say it.

  14. I accidently ran across these and then did a search engine on if it were true about James Holmes’ father’s job and due to testify. And it appears to be truth!!!! Now, question I had from the beginning, was, who opened the theatre doors for him to bring in the gas can, etc? There had to be more than one. This is mind boggling and I pray for this family. Just like Andrew Brietbart, there is something fishy….”The truth is only strange when you’ve been indoctrinated with fiction.”

  15. Also, there is a huge banking crisis in the artificial making, and James Holmes’s father is a genuis like he is and found out too much what is fixing to happen soon, so the “ones-that-be-worldwide-mafia” did the-horsehead-in-the-bed routine on the Holmes family. Tell me it isn’t so, but I have a mighty bad feeling… https://www.moneywise.co.uk/banking-saving/savings-accounts-isas/whos-next-the-libor-banking-scandal


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