Eye Bleach Alert Vote

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Too often, Steve or I goes a bit batty and post a pic, so hideous that you can be traumatized and haunted by it forever. Like this one:

 Or this one:

Fellowship of the Minds already has a spew alert:

We need an “eye bleach” alert as well. Here are two possibilities:
No. 1:
And here’s No. 2:
Vote for your choice! We’ll use the one that gets the most votes.  😉


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0 responses to “Eye Bleach Alert Vote

  1. Gotta go w/kitty….looks like my Lucky!

  2. I just love the look on that cop’s face.

  3. MOO has really mastered that well-tailored look! Nothing like pants that are too short with a visible thong. Bet this pic didn’t make Vogue magazine.

  4. Kitty!

  5. Good Morning All:
    Any pic of Moochelle displaying her cellulite ridden ass is the best appetite suppressant available. It should also be posted on barracks/dormitory walls where abstinence is required for the men living there. (high alert military or seminary). I stand by my vote for the bleach jug!


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