Explosive New Info on SCOTUS Nominee!

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Elena Kagan and musician Tiny Tim, separated at birth.

H/t Uncoverage.net.
See more wicked Elena Kagan lookalikes HERE!

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0 responses to “Explosive New Info on SCOTUS Nominee!

  1. If only everyone here can hear my hysterical laughter.
    Tip toe, through the tulips….

    • Good to have you back, Will! 😀

      • Good to be back “E”. Things are still a little bit hectic. Work got me racking up some serious miles for the past week or so but things are starting to grind down again. I should be back to the norm (work wise not me 😉 ) sometime late next week.

  2. I think she looks like the “new” Chaz Bono, myself.
    And now I have a headache.

  3. I know laughter is good for the soul,I am a firm believer in that,but this may really happen! Yuk! ewwwww! please remove the fraud from the whitehouse so we don’t have to go thru this anymore! Let’s get back to basics and stomp out all the B.S. like this thing about to be nominated for SCOTUS-ughhhh.

  4. Good Lawd!
    That is all I can say.


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