'Explosive' FISA memo will be released!

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Update: Full FISA Memo released!!!
Three days ago, on January 18, members of the House of Representatives were given a four-page memo, described by journalist Sara Carter as so “shocking” and “explosive”, it could lead to the removal of senior officials in the FBI and the Department of Justice (DOJ), and the end of Robert Mueller’s special counsel investigation.
The memo is rumored to detail the Obama Administration’s abuse of power in ordering a FISA (Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act) wire-tapping of then-candidate Donald Trump, as well as the administration’s extensive and illegal collusion with the FBI, the DOJ and the Clinton Campaign against Donald Trump during and after the 2016 presidential election.
A day later, on January 19, 65 lawmakers signed a letter calling on House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes (R-Calif) to publicly release the memo.
House members have been blocked from discussing the memo in detail due to a waiver they signed, according to The Hill. They have described it as being supported by classified documents and interviews that most lawmakers have not been allowed to see.
CNN reported yesterday that Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky) wants to read the memo, but was turned down. But Paul’s spokesman, Sergio Gor, said Paul is “determined” to read it.
At least six House members have spoken out, calling for the release of the confidential memo because the American people deserve to know the truth. Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) tweeted that not only will FBI and DOJ officials be fired, “people will go to jail“.

See “Tell Congress to release the ‘explosive’ FISA memo that’ll put officials in jail!

Congress must have been inundated with demands to #ReleaseTheMemo because yesterday, Rep. Dave Joyce (R-Ohio) tweeted that the process to release the memo has begun, although it may take 19 or more Congressional work days:

HPSIC is the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence or, in short, the House Intelligence Committee.

Washington Examiner reports that:

  • A request for further comment from Rep. Joyce’s office was not immediately returned.
  • A meeting had taken place to discuss the process for the memo’s release, but cautioned more details need to be ironed out before a final decision is made.

Below are some reactions to Rep. Joyce’s tweet:

“Sorry but 19 days is not soon enough. I appreciate your efforts to get it released but it shouldn’t take 19 days to tell the American people the truth.”
“I agree 19 days is too long. Let’s start a new hashtag
“Unless you’re being satirical, this tweet is outrageous. You’re DELIBERATELY giving Americans the bird. All it takes is a vote of the Intel Committee and then the POTUS green light. Could be done in a day. Get on with it, or burn in the mid-terms”
“Now that I think about it, ’19+ congressional work days’ could be months given that it is Congress, after all. Is this more swamp-stalling? This is the first I’ve heard about any 19+ day wait. Political double-speak for stalling.”
“You guys need to “get this Memo” from Americans>>> you work for US & 19 days is NOT acceptable! Get on the damn ball”
“19+ Congressional work days??? Look, I know government is slow, but it’s a four-page memo. I’m assuming the pages are 8.5″x11″.”
“As long as what we get are NOT pages and pages of redactions.”
“They want 19 Congressional WORKING DAYS to buy time. So that gives them well over month to make plans, flee the country or pull some monkey business on the Americans.”

My favorite:

“How about read the Memo in the State of the Union Address!”


Update (January 22, 2018):

Democrat Rep. Adam Schiff: Can’t release ‘explosive’ FISA memo because people won’t understand it

Update (Jan. 24, 2018):

‘Explosive’ FISA memo’s 99-page ‘top secret’ source document

Update (Jan. 26, 2018):

Too-stupid-to-understand-FISA-memo Americans inundate Rep. Adam Schiff’s office with ‘I’m not a Russian bot’ phone calls

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0 responses to “'Explosive' FISA memo will be released!

  1. I dearly pray this memo isn’t another dead end exercise in innuendo over substance. And, yes, of course, release it within 48 hours. Totally do-able.

    • it shouldn’t take 3 weeks….they’re probably talking to lawyers and moving funds around…

      • MomOfIV . . . . You and I must be on the same wavelength. The first thing I thought of . . . crooks attempting to flee the country, criminals attempting to turn any possessions they have into hard cash . . .
        Let’s just get on with issuing the indictments and apprehending those who have circumvented our Constitution, and our laws. I am dying to know, since Obummer is/was extremely instrumental in protecting Killary . . . will he personally be indicted. I sure as shootin’ hope so! I am just sitting on the edge of my seat . . I can hardly wait for the party to begin. I just hope this hasn’t been an over inflated bit of nothing.
        Very interesting, I saw yesterday that Trey Gowdy of SC resigned from the “Ethics Committee” because he says he has begun to have a very heavy workload with the “Intelligence Committee.” I am very glad to have him on our side. If you have never seen Mr Gowdy in action, please check him out on “YouTube.” He is just awesome! He really doesn’t take crap from anyone . . . those who have been subpoenaed to appear before the committee, or his fellow committee members! I usually go out and check out the more recent clips of him in action. I have little doubt but what you would be most entertained at watching him go after those who appear to be hesitant at being forthcoming during their appearance.

        • I agree-I heard him question someone usually VERY good at elusive and misleading answers,that person gives a long,convoluted,basically meaningless reply,and Gowdy says,”That’s interesting but you’re not answering my question-lets try this…”,and re-phrases the question until he finally gets an answer. I think his moral values are good too. He seems to be very truthful. It’s also good that he speaks clearly and is easy to understand.

        • gOWDY IS ALL HAT, NO LAND. He sounds impressive but produces zero results. As head of the Benghazi committee he demonstrated that the Keystone cops are like the Prussian Guard in comparison to his skills.

  2. Kevin J Lankford

    Sure they’ll release it; every ‘blacked out’, redacted, page.

    • I believe it can be declassified.

      • And it SHOULD be. BTW-these redactions CAN be “decoded”;just take the message in context and see what would fit the redacted space that might “need” to be hidden-names,procedures or other things that might still be under active investigation….

  3. Reblogged this on kommonsentsjane and commented:
    Reblogged on kommonsentsjane/blogkommonsents.
    Yes, but, release it in its entirety – no redactions.

    • Jane, I feel exactly as you do, however MONEY TALKS AND BULLSHIT WALKS, we don’t know what goes on behind closed doors in Congress and there are lots of “buddy’s” that will throw in the towel, I trust nobody in WAshington because ALL OF THEM GOT CACA on one another, they all bathe in the same mud pool. WE, THE PEOPLE, NEED TO KNOW NO MATTER WHO IS GOING TO FALL, once and for all, it is US and NOT THEM who is owed what’s been kept hidden from US for a very long time.

  4. yeah, 3 weeks to release a few pages…probably a bunch of black lines and as much substance as redacted jfk files

  5. I believe the memo should be made public and President Trump can take the bold and daring move to actually read the contents of the memo in its entirety and actually holding it up to the cameras during his State of the Union address.
    Tyler Durden of Zero Hedge rightly points out that this is President Trump’s best chance to defang and cripple the CIA, which he MUST do if not only he, but America itself is to survive. He agrees with Kevin Shipp that the difference between the shadow state and the deep state is that the CIA, being deep state, can and does carry out operations without Congressional oversight or knowledge.
    The Central Intelligence Agency is, for all intents and purposes, a parallel government, funding itself via black ops, e.g., drug-running, and it MUST be stopped. Recall, as I have said before, that the founding charter of the agency specifically states the organization exists to “protect the interests of the British Crown” and NOT the sovereignty of the United States. President Trump stands at the crossroads of history: He will be the first President since Kennedy who actually stands a chance to neuter the agency; viz., to actually END IT. And it has come down to this: Either the CIA goes or America goes. There is no middle ground.
    This is the gold libertarians and leftists alike should go after: Nailing Obama or Hillary or even George W. Bush to the wall is “a consummation to be wish’d,” but unless this Rogue Agency of the British Crown is destroyed, nothing else will matter. It is also essential to the civil liberties of all Americans that it does go, for, ultimately, the CIA is the mercenary of global interests that will act, when it is told, to implement a global government.
    I believe President Trump has every intention of making this happen. And it will, in part, avenge the assassination of President Kennedy 54 years ago.

    • NO. THE CIA MUST NOT GO, but the corrupt political appointees should be drawn and quartered. Also, though there is a nexus, my understanding is that the intelligence agencies are, by definition, part of the “shadow government”, not the “deep state”.

    • steven . . . . Great addition to this discussion! I just don’t know that much about the CIA. I am dumbfounded that their purpose is “protect the interests of the British crown.” When and why was this agency formed?

      • Auntie,
        I call them the “Create Instability Agency”…another pro-corporation govt agency like the EPA and FDA and USDA, etc…cause trouble in other countries (and at home) to push the cause of corporations/bankers.
        I, personally, suspect their hand in the ongoing terrorism problems in mexico which has forced a fourth of their population over to the usa to work for pennies while hanging on to the backs of taxpayers…corporations are the only ones to benefit from this scheme.
        I suspect their involvement in Syria and Iran…creation of isis and “protesters” against Iranian govt…the list goes on and on…
        very evil all over the world.

        • Yes. It is the old Hegelian Dialectic of thesis-antithesis-synthesis. The CIA exists to subvert foreign governments, overthrow democratically elected leaders and conduct illegal activities, e.g., drug-running and money laundering.
          They create the chaos in order to establish the order their bosses—the Rothschilds and the British Crown—want.

      • The CIA grew out of the Office of Strategic Services during WW II. President Truman, ever the British agent, signed legislation founding the CIA in 1947. It’s founding charter specifically states it exists “to protect the interests of the British Crown.”
        In that same year, President Truman founded the NSA by Executive Order.
        The problem with the CIA is that is in a position to be above the Law, and it has all but admitted that it conducts “black ops” or illegal activities to increase its budget beyond what Congress allocates it.
        The CIA played a pivotal role in the assassination of President Kennedy. (And I am convinced that a large number of people in that Agency suspected it).
        It is for these reasons that I consider the CIA to be not only a Rogue Agency, but UN-AMERICAN, and, therefor, must, in my opinion, be abolished.

        • steven . . . . thank you so much for laying that out for me. It seems unfathomable that Rogue Agencies such as this got a start with taxpayer monies. I suppose that they still do receive monies from the US treasury, in addition to any monies they earn from illegal activities.

  6. I cannot wait to hear the last words ever spoken from vile Pelosi, Schumer, Durbin, Flake and all the snakes that trail behind them!

  7. Here is a Twitter thread by one, Larry Schweikart, who does great analyses on this subject, and he’s also quite entertaining.😁 It helped me understand a lot. I hope it posts correctly.
    1) I posted a version of this a week ago, but there have been new developments so I thought it good to update in light of “The Memo” flap. 
    2)Let me begin, of course, with history. 
    3) At the Battle of Austerlitz in 1805, Napoleon defeated the Russians and Austrians.
    4) As the defeated Russian army fled across the frozen Satschan ponds. Broken and retreating, they would not be too vulnerable to cannon, and thought they could escape. 
    But Napoleon trained his guns on the frozen ice, which broke under the Russian army.
    5) The delusional DemoKKKrats know they are retreating, but they think they are safe. Little do they know Trump’s artillery is blowing the ice out from under them.
    6) There are now EIGHT major investigations of the DemoKKKrats/Cankles/FBI/Zero coup-sters.
    7) The first is the re-opened email investigation of Cankles, which has been going on “for months” (take that, Sessions haters). 
    8) It was revealed that a new smoking gun in the emails proves conclusively Cankles knew what she was doing violated the law.
    9) Second, there is the first indictment in the U1 case that was unsealed (which had come “months ago” again via Sessions’ DOJ).
    10) The third is the Federal Elections Commission investigation of Cankles’ campaign money laundering $84m in the campaign.
    11) The fourth is the Inspector General Report, which is a meteor about to hit Lake Satschan.
    12) The fifth is the Nunes FISA memo, which is likely a component of the IG report, but coming from the House is now separate.
    13) The sixth is Sessions’ announcement he is opening an investigation of Zero’s Hezbollah/Iran activities. 
    (Gee for a guy sitting in his rocker he’s awfully busy).
    14) The seventh is Mulehead’s investigation, which, as you know, I’ve said is run by Sessions and RR, and that it’s job is to bottle up, control, and immobilize the Deep State scum like Deep Stroke and Pageboy, Ugly & UglyOhr till they get indicted.
    15) The eighth is the investigation into the Awans. To me this one is bigger than George Clooney’s ego. The Awans, through their servers and connectivity, likely had all the info on virtually everyone. 
    16) Then there is one no one talks about.
    This would be the sex fund, wherein from 2007-2017 there were 145 settlements paid out. That’s 145 people most likely (possible some repeat offenders). 
    In that 10 year period, probably 15 legislators lost their jobs in elections.
    17) That brings us to about 130 cases. So far, 24 Rs and 7 Ds have announced they won’t run again, usually “to spend time with their families.” Uh hum.
    I personally believe most of these were blackmailed with understanding if they left, no info would come out.
    18) If that’s the case, that leaves about 100 cases still to have a name attached to them: 100 congressmen or women who have settled a harassment claim with taxpayer $.
    19) Given that a 3:1 ratio of Rs:Ds has left so far odds say the majority of those remaining 100 cases are Ds.
    20) Rs are paying now by having to come up with candidates . . . but in January, not July. Ds are gonna be in trouble when these names start dropping and their candidates start leaving later in the year.
    21) So that’s EIGHT investigations plus the sex funds under the DemoKKKrats’ feet. 
    22) Now, a word on the FISA Memo. Yes, Trump “could” declassify that. Very, very bad idea. It would become so politicized (1000 times worse than now) that it probably wouldn’t be useful.
    23) Understand that thanks to Rogers and Flynn, Trump almost certainly knew EVERY BIT of dirt that was out there within a week of taking office.
    He knew HE could not be the one to bring this stuff out. It had to look like a “response to public outcry” and needed to come from either Congress or an “independent” investigator like Mulehead or the IG. 
    Further, since he KNEW what was already there, he also knew a major “lay the groundwork” PR campaign would be necessary to educate the public.
    24) You could NOT come in in Jan 2017 and start hurling indictments. It would look entirely political and would go nowhere, maybe even would have gotten Trump impeached then.
    No, a major, ongoing “reveal” had to be set up. We are seeing that now.
    25) But the FISA Memo is likely far worse than most of you think, IMHO. 
    I believe that it shows not JUST that Zero approved spying on Trump for Cankles, but that it shows PREVIOUS spying on ALL the GOP candidates.
    26) But I think it gets still worse: I think it shows that data collection and blackmailing was being used on all sorts of people, including possibly Justice Roberts. 
    This is what I think the Congressman meant when he said this was a “threat to our democracy.”
    27) So, if the Democrats think they’re getting across these ice ponds, they haven’t been paying attention to Sessions setting up his cannon on the shores.

  8. Been led down this path before. I’ll believe it when they announce the indictments.

  9. I pray this gets the ball rolling and gets many put in prison.

  10. Keeping my fingers crossed it will be released…

    • Oh they’ll release it. It will make an impression like “Umar Fizzlepants” did on the plane. Nada. The best we can hope for is a quiet retreat back into the walls like cockroaches do when you throw the light switch.
      We need to purge them all. All of them.

  11. I certainly do hope that this doesn’t turn out to be smoke n’ mirrors. Our country can only begin to be turned around, if the cankerous growth that has taken hold can be cut out.

  12. MUST SEE VIDEO=> Former Federal Prosecutor Details “Brazen Plot” by FBI and DOJ to Exonerate Hillary and “Frame” Donald Trump

  13. Or it give them time to set up a military tribunal.

  14. Bring justice, Lord.

  15. Page stiles himself as some expert on Russian energy business and self promoted himself to some innocuous advisory position in the Trump Campaign. He was not a real player in anything in Russia. Trump hired him not knowing he was not that important. The Clintons, grasping at straws to find something on Trump gets a warrant against Page. It’s all a bunch of bumbling stupidity. The Russians don’t have to interfere with our elections. All they have to do is sit back and watch us shoot ourselves in our own feet.


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