Excuse me intruder, can you wait while I unlock my gun?

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Federal judge upholds San Francisco gun laws

SF Gate: A federal judge has rejected an effort by the National Rifle Association to block enforcement of local gun laws in San Francisco.

U.S. District Judge Richard Seeborg ruled Monday that the laws don’t appear to violate standards set by the U.S. Supreme Court in its 2008 ruling that declared a constitutional right to possess firearms at home for self-defense, the San Francisco Chronicle reported.
The NRA sought an injunction on behalf of gun owners.
A 2007 ordinance requires San Francisco handgun owners to keep weapons locked up or use trigger locks when stored at home. A 1994 law bans bullets that can expand or splinter on contact, causing more damage to a human body than convention bullets.
Seeborg said the restriction does not prohibit San Franciscans from possessing guns at home or using them for self-defense, the rights specified by the Supreme Court.
The judge also said that constitutional standards on gun rights are in flux. He added that higher courts may issue new criteria for evaluating state and local regulations before the case is concluded.
San Francisco City Attorney Dennis Herrera said he agreed with the judge’s decision. “This is a thoughtful and persuasive ruling that affirms our position that San Francisco’s gun laws protect public safety in a manner that’s reasonable and constitutional,” Herrera said in a written statement. “I’m proud of the efforts we’ve made to beat back these legal challenges, and preserve local laws that can save lives.”
C.D. Michel, a lawyer for the gun owners, told the newspaper the ruling would be appealed to the Ninth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, which is preparing to hear separate challenges next week to California’s licensing requirements for carrying handguns in public.
Michel said San Francisco’s gun-storage ordinance “requires you to sleep with your gun in a holster if you want to have it ready for self-defense in the middle of the night. We respectfully disagree that it’s a minimal burden.”
We all know that responsible gun owners will keep guns locked in a safe, especially if they have children in the home. Yet many gun owners keep a loaded weapon by their bedside, to be easily accessible if an intruder breaks in.  What are we suppose to do, ask the intruder to wait while you get the key to your safe and unlock your firearm? I would ignore that ordinance.  Better to be alive and fined than dead by some thug.
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0 responses to “Excuse me intruder, can you wait while I unlock my gun?

  1. DCG,
    Your post’s title perfectly points to how ludicrous this city law is.

  2. “A 1994 law bans bullets that can expand or splinter on contact, causing more damage to a human body than convention bullets.”
    Does this mean that the none of those hundreds of millions of rounds of .44 hollow point ammunition purchased by Homeland Security and all the other non-military federal agencies can brought into San Francisco?

  3. What the city of SF does not know, will only hurt the fool who dared to mess with my family, home or possessions.
    About the banned ammo??? What ammo………….
    These fools in the queer Bay area think LEO are going to save their sorry butts every time or do the right thing.?
    I am so blessed to be scrimping by in POORegon and not in queericornia.

  4. See I’m just thinking about all that FMJ ammo going thru about 6 walls right into the babies room. At least with JHP it will disintegrate upon striking each wall. Yea, good logic. Put under mattress. Put all in to perp. Dead men tell no tales.

  5. Good answer Steve. Government logic does not exist. The City of Kent (Kent State Unv.) decided to equip its police department with AR-15s instead of shotguns in their cruisers because they would be safer to the gerneral public!!!! A shotguns’ effective range is a block and a half firing 00. The effective range of a 223 is in miles!!

  6. Sometimes I think their lack of commonsense is to wear us down. Kind of like arguing with a know-it-all teenager.

  7. Thanks for the cute avatar. It fits me to a “tee”!

  8. My all-time favorite is the sign that announces that we’re a gun-free zone. Wow. talk about an open invitation for mayhem….!!


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