Exclusive! First photo of Obama's future presidential library!

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Last Thursday, April 25, 2013, all five living U.S. presidents gathered in Dallas, Texas, for the dedication of George W. Bush’s Presidential Library and Museum.

bush_library_dedicationl to r: POS; George W.; Slick Willy; “New World Order” Bush; Jimmy “attack rabbit” Carter.

FOTM has an exclusive peek at the future Barack Hussein Obama Presidential Library!
Are you ready to be one of a very very very select few to lay their eyes on the future Barack Hussein Obama Presidential Library?
You’re sure?
Okay, okay! 😀
Scroll down….
O's future presidential library
H/t Obama Release Your Records

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0 responses to “Exclusive! First photo of Obama's future presidential library!

  1. Priceless – yep, this picture contains a million words!

  2. The Reggie Love Wing of the Obama Presidential Library is right next to the stainless steel crapper/sink.

  3. Works fer me. 😀

  4. From your lips to God’s ear Doc . One can only hope . I was envisioning a straw hut out in the middle of nowhere in Kenya . Surrounded by bars of course !

  5. Many thanks, you saved my otherwise grim day! Reality is SUCH a drag. We need to cancel it and take up WHIMSEY instead!

  6. It would be nice–but I don’t think it’s gonna happen–as he has way too many friends in LOW PLACES…

  7. Excellent photo! Nothing else to say…

  8. Well, we may not like the guy… but bets are his Library will be just as classy… and possibly more lavish than recent others. Just think of all his Hollywood contributors.

  9. this is perfect, maybe too many luxuries though!

  10. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this clever post. You never know; the truth always comes out.

  11. Those are books. All you need are just 2 tele- prompters. . 😀


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