Ex-CIA agent says Obama had Andrew Breitbart and Tom Clancy assassinated

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The following account is based on Brandon Walker’s post on The Free Patriot blog, Oct. 10, 2013, with additional information I found.

Jim GarrowDr. Jim Garrow (pic from his Facebook page)

Dr. Jim Garrow is the Christian founder and executive director of The Bethune Institute, a charitable organization dedicated to advance education in China via teaching English, giving free books to poor Chinese, and medical scholarships. Through its branch organization, The Pink Pagoda, the institute also rescues baby girls from infanticide  in China, and finds homes for the unwanted girls. Dr. Garrow is credited for saving the lives of over 50,000 Chinese girls for which he was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.

Last Sunday, Oct. 6, 2013, on the Now the End Begins Internet radio program, Dr. Jim Garrow (email: drjgarrow@yahoo.com) made a bombshell of an announcement.

Garrow claims that up to a week ago he was a covert CIA agent, but was fired by none other than Obama himself because Garrow told the world (on Alex Jones’ radio, Glenn Beck, and several conservative internet mediums) that Obama’s U.S. military was purging top brass using a “litmus test” of sorts. High-ranking military officials were being asked “Would you fire on an American citizen?”. Garrow claims that if one answered no, you would be fired.

But that’s not the bombshell.

Garrow says that he knows Obama had ordered the hits that killed Tom Clancy and Andrew Breitbart!

Andrew Breitbart, 1969-2012In the early morning hours of March 1, 2012, conservative media firebrand Andrew Breitbart collapsed on a street near his home in Brentwood, CA. Breitbart was only 43 years old.

On April 21, 2012, the L.A. Coroners Office released its final autopsy report on Breitbart — that he had died from “heart failure.” That same day, a forensics technician or criminalist at the L.A. Coroners Office, Michael Cormier, died suddenly from suspected arsenic poisoning after complaining about pain and vomiting. (To my knowledge, we still have not been told the official cause of Cormier’s death.)

According to Dr. Jim Garrow, Andrew Breitbart did not die from natural causes, but was killed by the Obama Administration.

ClancyBest-selling author of techno-military thrillers Tom Clancy died last week on Oct. 2 at the age of 66.

The New York Times said Clancy died at Johns Hopkins Hospital after a brief illness. But neither Clancy’s lawyer, J.W. Thompson Webb, nor his longtime publisher, Ivan Held, president of G. P. Putnam’s Sons, said they knew the precise cause of death. Under “cause of death” on Clancy’s autopsy is “cause of death unknown.”

When Clancy wrote The Hunt for Red October, he was met at the door by Pentagon officials and FBI agents demanding to know where he got top-secret documents. Dr. Garrow states that after the incident, the CIA “spoon fed” him classified information and scenarios to write his novels in a manner that was entertaining but contained that elements of truth. Garrow says that is why Clancy was killed because he was getting too close to a secret they don’t want the world to know.

Dr. Garrow states Obama had Tom Clancy killed as well, noting that it takes 5 days for plant toxins and most poisons to break down and leave no traces in the human body. Strangely (or not), doctors did not perform an autopsy on Clancy’s body for 5 days.

Garrow ended his radio interview with one last revelation.

He said the Obama administration is made up of Marxist Muslims who all take their orders from Senior Adviser to the President, Iranian-born Valerie Jarrett. Garrow said it is well known to intelligence agencies all over the world that Obama is a foreign plant who was placed on the path to the presidency by ultra-rich Saudi nationals. This is why all of Obama’s education records are permanently sealed.

H/t Clash Daily

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0 responses to “Ex-CIA agent says Obama had Andrew Breitbart and Tom Clancy assassinated

  1. Reblogged this on Dead Citizen's Rights Society and commented:
    The latest in conspiracy theories. I don’t trurt our current administration and would put nothing past them but this does seem far-fetched. It could be true but I would need quite a bit more supporting documentation …

  2. This story sinks at the end when it’s claimed that Valerie Jarrett is Muslim. Jarrett is Jewish. She claims she didn’t know, ( like Madelyn Albright , if you believe that…) The largest Jewish population outside Israel has existed in Iran unmolested for eons.
    That Jarrett is Marxist is no surprise,but then when you get down to it, who were the innovators and still are the promoters of Marxism behind the scenes ? The answer ? The bankers….and they aren’t Muslims.

    • Jeanie,

      Dr. Garrow didn’t say Valerie Jarrett is Muslim. What he said was that Obama takes his orders from Marxists and Muslims. As for Jarrett’s ethnicity, she’s more Black than Jewish. From Wikipedia:

      “Jarrett was born in Shiraz, Iran, to African-American parents James E. Bowman and Barbara Taylor Bowman. Her great-grandfather was Jewish.”

      • Hurrah’s for you, Doc! I often wonder who some people think they are when they make statements such as, “That Jarrett is Marxist is no surprise, but then when you get down to it, who were the innovators and still are the promoters of Marxism behind the scenes ? The answer ? The bankers….and they aren’t Muslims.” Black and white, tunnel-visioned thinkers are not worth anyone’s time other than to smack down. I’m glad you did!

      • From an interesting article in American Thinker on Obama and Jarrett:

        Valerie Jarrett is the most powerful woman in Washington. She has guided the president’s decisions on health care, the budget, the stimulus, the deficit, foreign affairs.

        Jarrett has no qualifications to be the principal advisor to the president of the United States. She doesn’t understand how Washington works, how relations with Congress work, how the federal process works. She doesn’t understand how the economy works, how the military works, how national security works. But she understands how Obama works.

        The president turns to Valerie Jarrett for definitive advice on all these issues. She has given him terrible advice over and over, and still he turns to her.

        Her true job is to make Obama feel proud of himself.

        She fills the emptiness at the core of his identity. She admires and adores him.

      • Thanks For this One Dr Eowyn…Will Foward it…

    • Valerie Jarrett is an Iranian: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Valerie_Jarrett
      Look it up. It is obvious that you are a liberal protecting the Progressive agenda.

  3. Did not buy Clancy’s death was ‘natural’ at all. He has been a target for years. More revealing than his first book was ‘Red storm rising’ which was his second and best book by far, IMHO. I have read this book at least 20 times. It has been long overlooked and if you have not read this one, it is a must read. Much better than his co-authored books. When Clancy flew solo as his own author, this is when he was at his best.

  4. Wow! If these statements are true, they explain all kinds of mysterious behavior by the white house.

    Also, what does this mean about the nation’s future? Will Obama remove his own term limits by executive fiat? Will he step down willingly at the end of his second term? Will he fake (or precipitate) a crisis that would require him to stay in power during the crisis for the sake of continuity?

    • I agree w/your line of thinking here, and feel it will most likely be another false flag, black op, such as 9-11 and the Boston Massacre. 90% of the populace is so cowed that it will be easy to use small numbers of SWAT cops to terrorise them into compliant herds, kept inside their homes and neighbourhoods as happened in the aftermath of the Boston Massacre.

    • “Will he fake (or precipitate) a crisis that would require him to stay in power during the crisis for the sake of continuity?”
      Yes he will create something to allow him to implement Martial Law and just change the Constitution. Congress will not be able to stop him.
      That is when Civil War II begins.

  5. Dr. Eowyn, you’ve outdone yourself with this article, and that’s quite an accomplishment.

    I’m not surprised by anything in the article. O and his minions reek with corruption, fraud, and evil. For the sake of his own soul, I hope he returns to God.

    • Thank you, Mike! ♥

      • He may return to God, but after checking in I’m sure he’ll be sent to another department, likely the Ninth Circle.

        • I’m not certain as to precisely what “god” he would be “returning”. Are inventions truly “created”? An empty, narcissistic suit. Totally self-absorbed.

    • How can he return to God? From where? When did he leave God? Jesus said he would never leave us nor forsake us. It’s either a stepping stone or a stumbling block however we all have to work out our own salvation with fear and trembling………………………..there is mention of God giving homosexuals over to a reprobate mind ……………………… it’s pretty clear that holiness is not top of Barack Obama’s agenda but there again, who am I to make assumptions like that. Perhaps the Prodigal Son is a brighter hope for him. God is good, all the time, God is good.

      • I meant by living his life and governing the country according to God’s will. Obviously, God loves everyone and there is still hope for O, but he’s going to have to change the course he’s on.

  6. If you want to know more about the story behind The Hunt For Red October then investigate the fate of The USS Scorpion. It appears the story roles were actually reversed and modified.

  7. I wouldn’t put anything past this hideous administration from Hell.


  8. Tom Clancy’s wife is a cousin to Colin Powell. Colin Powell is the one that introduced them. Connections………..What did he know? I’ll be buying his new book that comes out in Dec. I think.

  9. Suspected Obama all along in Breibart’s death…Going to miss Tom Clancey one of my favorite authors. Now can we arrest POS?

  10. From the moment I heard about Andrew Breitbart’s death, I wondered if it was truly caused by natural causes. I found this blog very interesting.

  11. AmericaBeautiful

    Now we need intel on the murder of journalist Michael Hastings.

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  13. They called Karl Rove, “Bush’s brain”–well it appears that the woman–Jarrett–is Obama’s brain–it figures!

    ***He said the Obama administration is made up of Marxist Muslims who all take their orders from Senior Adviser to the President, Iranian-born Valerie Jarrett.***

    Yet, because God formed woman out of man, behind every evil woman must stand an even more evil man, in my estimation–no woman could carry this off alone no matter how evil she might be–so, who subs as Jarrett’s ‘brain’?–I wonder–yeah, I wonder if we would even recognize the name should we ever hear it–it could be anyone who also subscribes to the nazi religious cause, who might live anywhere on this earth right now–unknown, totally anonymous, invisible to the rest of us–yet, as deadly as an asp hiding inside a shoe.

    ***Psalm 140:3
    Authorized (King James) Version (AKJV)
    3 They have sharpened their tongues like a serpent;
    adders’ poison is under their lips. Selah.***

    Yes, but the Lord Jesus promised us that, if we are called to do God’s will and He wishes us to remain on the job in spite of any sort of attempt on our lives, He will prevent us from being harmed at least fatally–therefore, we need to remember His words to us here:

    ***Matthew 10:26
    Authorized (King James) Version (AKJV)
    26 Fear them not therefore: for there is nothing covered, that shall not be revealed; and hid, that shall not be known.***

    They can hide nowhere that God does not see them.:)

    {Amen, Lord Jesus}

    “Even so, come, Lord Jesus.”[Revelation 22:20]
    Amen and amen.

  14. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this fascinating post. As has been said already, I wouldn’t put anything past the current king whose evil deeds and policies reflect his desire to destroy this country. I pray that Garrow will be safe and that St. Michael protects him.

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  16. Extremely interesting and completely unprovable (unfortunately), since the Agency’s policy has always been to neither confirm or deny facts related to any person(s) employment at CIA.
    This works well for fakes as you get the exact same answer that you would if the individual actually HAD been an employee.
    Usually the only way the outside world learns the truth is if it’s later found that the Agency either blocks, tries to block or otherwise takes an individual to court over a specific item or incident–not likely here, although it would be a point in the “former agents” side–a better indicator, and as we’ve already seen, if the person ends up “suicided,” that add somewhat to their credibility.

  17. How did all of you become such fucking nutjobs?

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  19. In time, (more aptly, on time) every killer, murderer, homicider, and genocider must also die.

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  21. bullocks. Saudis don’t have that kind of pull. This guys is used to mis-direct the public from the fact Obozo is a puppet used by the banking cabal to achieve its ultimate aim of the NWO.

    • Oh Victor, you are SO Yeung! What do you know of this world and the wicked, wicked ways of its men & women?

      Yes, of course the Obamination is the puppet of the ruling financial elites: his largest single contributor was Goldman Sachs, and his campaign Finance Director was Penny Pritzger, but I doubt you know about her & her unlovely family & its genetic links to Goldman, do you?

      BUT the Saud mafia [which is what it is] does have an extraordinary, deep incestuous relationship [thanks to FDR, et al., who created the OSS and then the CIA], w/the USSA’s shadow gubbmint, but perhaps that’s for you to learn another day?

      The PoS learned his lessons well enough that he bowed deeply to the head of the Saud mafia, as well as bowing to all the other Princes of Darkness whom he adores…. Has any former President done this? I doubt it.

      Time for a rest; take a break, maybe a traquiliser [I do!] and come back when you’re ready to have your head explode. Meanwhile, watch yer back, and don’t accept rides when you’re not hitch-hiking….

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  23. Add Joan Rivers to the list of people Obama is having killed. An 81 year old woman being given Propofol outside a hospital. Did she even know that is what they were giving her? Yes, a woman came up to me in the store to announce that she had died and that is what she gets for talking about Obama and Michelle. Funny she seemed to know that I had written about Obama with the same words she used “A hard head makes for a soft ass.” I won’t stop warning people about Muslims trying to take over the U.S. and the fact that an Al-Harbi was invited to the White House after the Boston Bombings ought to disturb Americans. One Al-Harbi was the legless friend of bin Laden and another one keeps putting up and taking down pictures of terrorists on his facebook page. He already made threats against the USA in 1980. Not every Muslim is a terrorist but they usually have a friend that is!

  24. Sorry Victor Yeung but Saudis do have pull! Or is the king just so handsome? Ever see the picture of him kissing Bush and holding his hand? Or the picture of Obama bowing before him? OIL. The government and all the sell-out educators have known for years and years before 9/11 that the students were the enemy of every host country they were in: USA, Britain, Germany, France….The press kept most stories quiet of how they were protected from prosecution and deportation even when they were reeking havoc on American citizens…bringing slaves with them, bragging about their honor killings, refusal to pay child support, drunk driving, etc.

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  27. I can believe that, particularly in the case of Breibart, who died under questionable circumstances; but more than that, the person who did his autopsy died within a few days of Breitbart’s death.

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  31. Obama, didn’t order jack shit! His handlers just swept up around him, to protect their investment. Who are his handlers? Answer: The ones in power.
    Who are the ones in power?
    Answer: The ones who own the dollar, the owners of the FED.
    Who owns the FED?
    Answer: The Jewish elite
    How can the Jewish elite be so powerful that they control the issuing of the dollar?
    Answer: According to Tacitus 100 A.D. the secret to the wealth of the Jews are that they cooperate, are loyal to one another, and hate all other people with the hatred of enemies.
    Why do the Jewish elite hate all other people?
    Answer: Jewish humanists whistle blowers of professors degree reveal that Judaism is a declaration of war against the Non-Jews.

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