Evidence the Rothschilds have finally fallen

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Winston Rothschild III – the last of the bloodline

H/t – Red Green


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7 responses to “Evidence the Rothschilds have finally fallen

  1. For those who, like me, don’t know:

    Winston Rothschild III is a character on the Canadian TV comedy show, The Red Green Show.


    • I couldn’t resist. Been a long time fan of Red Green. It’s a soft, gentle humor, something we don’t see on commercial prime time sitcoms these days.

  2. Rothschilds Conduct Red Symphony

    (The Red Star of Communism has 5 points representing each of the 5 Rothschild brothers who were Frankists)


    “The Rothschilds were not the treasurers, but the chiefs of that first secret Communism… Marx and the highest chiefs of the First International … were controlled by Baron Lionel Rothschild, [1808-1878] whose revolutionary portrait was done by Disraeli the English Premier, who was also his creature, and has been left to us [in Disraeli’s novel ‘Coningsby.’]” (250)

  3. I loved that show.

    LOL – Canadian rednecks. 🙂

    • So did millions of others; we never did understand the reasons for dropping it, as I doubt it declined in popularity with its viewers.

      I think what happened was that it was decided by very upper management to shed it in favour of newer, more politically correct images. Don Herron was edged into retirement at the same time, a great loss to those of us who loved so many of his gifts; Charlie Farquharson was for me the very best of them. I’m sure that Red Green is Charlie’s best ‘forever friend’.

      Why is it that “politically correct” is always stodgy and lacks humour?

  4. Lol. Red Green… Duct Tape. 😉
    Hi fellow Canadians 🙂


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