Evidence that Obama’s Selective Service Registration Was Forged

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Barack Hussein Obama is the most secretive President of the United States of America. Nearly 2½  years into his presidency, he still refuses to release the following records:

Passport records; medical records; Honolulu kindergarten records; Punahou School records; Occidental College records; Columbia University records and senior thesis; Harvard Law School records; Harvard Law Review articles; scholarly articles on law as an Instructor at the University Chicago Law School; Illinois State Bar Association records; Illinois State Senate records/schedules(said to be lost); marriage license of mum and dad (Dunham/Obama Sr.); Dunham/Obama Sr. divorce documents; marriage license of mum and step-dad (Dunham/ Soetoro; adoption records by step-dad Soetoro; and, of course, the authentic and actual (not an image) of his long-form birth certificate.

Oddly, although Obama refuses to release the plethora of records and documents listed above, he did allow the release of his Selective Service System (SSS) Registration Form. But like everything else about this man, that too is fake.

To begin with, in an interview with ABC’s George Stephanopoulos on September 7, 2008, Obama said: “I had to sign up for Selective Service when I graduated from high school. …. But keep in mind: I graduated in 1979.”

But as Tom Blumer of NewsBusters pointed out, there are two problems with that:
  1. Selective Service Registration was not possible in 1979 because the requirement to register had been suspended in 1975 by Pres. Gerald Ford and was not reinstated until July 2, 1980.
  2. Bob Owens at Pajamas Media pointed out that Obama actually had registered with the Selective Service not in 1979, but in 1980, his registration becoming effective on September 4, 1980.

But it gets even more curious.

Linda Bentley of Sonoran News reports on March 3, 2010, that two people (Kenneth Allen and retired federal agent J. Stephen Coffman) had requested Obama’s Selective Service registration through the Freedom of Information Act, but each received a computer printout with different information.

Both Allen and Coffman received a computer printout indicating the registration number on Obama’s Selective Service form as 61-1125539-1. However the Document Locator Number (DLN), that is assigned to each Selective Service record, which is located in the upper right-hand corner of Obama’s registration form that Allen received is different from the DLN of the Obama form that Coffman received. Coffman’s computer printout showed a DLN of 8089 708 0632. Allen’s computer printout showed a DLN of 0897 080 6320.

Once issued, DLNs do not change. In other words, a man who has two DLNs with the Selective Service System has two sets of records.

There are two other oddities to Obama’s SSS registration form. Let us first look at the Selective Service System Registration Form of a man named Bruce Henderson. Note that:

  • The date stamp is the same date as the date of registrant Bruce Henderson’s signature — August 2, 1980.
  • The date stamp clearly shows the year as 1980.

Here’s Barack Obama’s Selective Service Registration Form. Note that:

  • The date of the official stamp is July 29; but the date of registrant Obama’s signature is a day later, July 30, 1980. How can a government agency give a registration form its stamp of approval without and before the applicant/registrant had signed the form?
  • The numbers 1 and 9 are missing from the date stamp: It says “Jul 29, 80” instead of Jul 29, 1980.

Here are some more examples of Selective Service Registration Forms of other individuals which, unlike that of Obama’s, show that:

  • The date of the official stamp is the same as the date of the registrant’s signature.
  • Numbers 1 and 9 are not missing from the date of the official stamp.

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H/t ObamaReleaseYourRecords.


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13 responses to “Evidence that Obama’s Selective Service Registration Was Forged

  1. s/ But he received an award for being so transparent….

  2. All the endless & steady dripping and leaking of fraudulent / forged documentation for Obama/Soetoro/Bounel/What’sHisname is crazy making because the rest of the world seems to think it’s no big….when I signed my WA State mail in ballot in the last election it was returned to me because my signature was slightly different than on my registration!!!! They wanted to verify that it was really me so I don’t believe for a nanosecond that the enormous amount ( ALL ) of the irregular info, signatures, stamps, typefaces, fonts, layers etc etc ad nauseam on the aforementioned POS’s documentation all amount to nothing…..
    This is the same Dirtbag who just issued an Ultimatum to Bibi Netanyahu, giving him a month to reconsider said Dirtbag’s BS about the “67 Borders”, the Pondscum In Chief who is now the proud owner of 4 wars who was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.
    It all makes me sick
    This creep has no business being anywhere near the White House.

  3. lowtechgrannie

    How seriously can the MSM expect to be taken when they fanatically follow the Palin tour bus and go charging up to Alaska to read Sarah’s old emails while obstinately refusing to cover this?

  4. Except for one thing about those emails, which did nicely blow up…but. The emails kept the “30 second to 5 minute attention span” of the MSM from actually investigating/reporting/delving/exploring/questioning or otherwise doing their job when it comes to providing the information necessary for a Republic to function. Sadly, the long abandoned duty of the MSM, was the very basis and reason journalists were granted the very wording of the First Amendment so many of us hold so dear. As a result, once in power, the fallacy of “possession being 9/10s of the law” appears to allow those in office to stay, no matter what they have revealed, have not revealed, or ought to have revealed.

    • Actually, if it hadn’t been this it would have been some other distraction; at least this left egg on their face.

      I watched ABC news Friday night, out of curiosity. I hadn’t seen the “world news,” in a really long time. Headline story: Which company puts more Americans to work: Toyota or Ford. After all their digging: Pretty much equal. What wasn’t covered in the first half of the program: Stock market lowest since August 2010; weekend election in Turkey of leader who is reducing the freedom of the women there; all those killed in Syria and Yemen; and those were only a few of things I’d read at Yahoo News! I didn’t watch the last half. I felt like it would have been more appropriate if I had gathered up my milk and cookies and blanky to watch.

  5. I didn’t see where is mentioned that the number at the top right on the first registration of Mr. Henderson ended in the number “13” which was dated Aug 2, and Mr. Obama’s registration last two numbers end with “32” dated July 29. The sequential nature of forms alone proves this a fake.

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