Evidence of the Resurrection

When I was in college people would say we can’t prove Jesus was raised from the dead

They were wrong, not being knowledgable of the facts. The Resurrection of Jesus Christ has more historical evidence than almost any other event in history. In the Laws of Evidence, all the boxes are checked, supporting the truth of the apostles’ narrative.

If you can spare a half hour, this presentation will make you aware of how strong a foundation we stand on. And since it is not dependent on visual images, you can listen to it while occupied with whatever you are working on with your hands. I enjoyed it while working on a painting today.

PEACE (meaning: complete wellbeing, nothing missing)

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Dr. Eowyn
1 year ago

It’s all about percipient (or eye) witnesses — a concept accepted in law and courts. If we go by the criterion of percipient witnesses, there’s more historical evidence of Jesus Christ and His resurrection than of other historical figures widely accepted to be true, such as Plato and Aristotle.


Jackie Puppet
1 year ago

Thanks TrailDust – when I really want to listen to something, I do it in my car (youtube videos, I convert ’em to mp3) – otherwise, it’s sound in the background, and I will probably miss something).

1 year ago

Interesting, but news flash, Catholics have always believed in the Resurrection. The “dr” lost me in the beginning when he stated it isn’t just evangelical.