Evidence of Americans becoming increasingly narcissistic – in one graph

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Americans are becoming increasingly narcissistic.

Studies have shown that college students are more narcissistic than past generations. Even psychiatrists say they’re seeing more patients who are pathological narcissists.

Here’s another indicator of the rise in narcissism.

The Google Ngram Viewer is an online phrase-usage graphing tool that charts the yearly count of selected n-grams (letter combinations) or words and phrases, as found in over 5.2 million books (containing 500 billion words) digitized by Google Inc.

As such, the Google Ngram is a window to the zeitgeist (spirit of the time).

Tyler Durden reports for Zero Hedge, Feb. 21, 2014, that, as measured by the percentage of times that words such as “me,” “want,” and “fair” are mentioned in books, Americans have become more narcissistic.

Google Ngram

Beginning in the mid-1960s, the words “me” and “want” increased in number, whereas the word “fair” decreased. In other words, more and more we are concerned about “me” and what I “want,” and less and less about what’s “fair”.


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0 responses to “Evidence of Americans becoming increasingly narcissistic – in one graph

  1. This confirms what many of us suspected: the social world we live in is becoming more & more bizzare, IMO. Well, just as does a pendulum, this will return to its other side, in time… I think.

  2. Well when you have parents gushing over everything their kid does and continually heaping unwarranted praise on them, showering them with anything they want, what then do you come up with…….a narcissistic/ungrateful/entitled/self absorbed little S.O.B. Then they go to school and obtain an award or trophy for anything they participate in. And they do not need to win…….they just have to show up. Well If I were raised up like that I would damn sure feel special too! So now we live in a world where EVERYONE is special. Which to my way of thinking means that there is no longer ANYTHING that is special…………..Just one more bi-product of our liberal society. It should be considered child abuse.

  3. We then, they ain’t got much to be proud of. They are about as worthy of self-love as Shirley MacLaine is God.

  4. Its just evil killing the world….its such a dragged out pathetic cliche’ and all the pathetic lies to go with it….the serpent seed is such a drag.

  5. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this significant post. I completely agree with swampygirl. I have noticed that parents are constantly praising their children for the littlest things, saying “good job” or some such thing. They are teaching their child selfishness which is the source of narcissism. It is really sickening. And, children are not being taught that we are each other’s servants in Christ.

  6. One more thought on narcissism……. it is considered to be an incurable condition.


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