Everything's falling apart, but we can still play Caption Contest!

This is the 40th world-famous FOTM Caption Contest!
Here’s the pic:

First CoupleClick image to enlarge!

On the left is a closeup of the screenshot I took of the shiny snot dribbling from the First Lady’s left nostril at the 14:20 mark in this White House video of a speech she gave on February 28, 2011, at the National Governors Association Meeting. (See my post “First Lady of Snot,” Feb. 1, 2013.)
On the right is a screenshot I took at the 0:18 mark of the President of the United States of America shoving his right thumb up his right nostril on live T.V. (Click here for the YouTube video.)
You know the drill:

  • The winner of the Caption Contest will get a fancy Award Certificate and a year’s free subscription to FOTM! :D
  • FOTM writers will vote for the winner.
  • Any captions proffered by FOTM writers, no matter how brilliant (ha ha), will not be considered. :(

This contest will be closed in a week, at the end of next Saturday, February 23, 2013.
To get the contest going, here’s my caption:
“The First Couple of Snot.”
For the winner of our last Caption Contest, click here!

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0 responses to “Everything's falling apart, but we can still play Caption Contest!

  1. “This looks a lot better than Rubio drinking water.”
    ” I wouldn’t have such a big nose if i didn’t have such big fingers.”
    “This wouldn’t be so embarrassing if I had Gene Simmons’ tongue. I could just have licked.”

  2. I guess the obammas clearly nose whats best for us,,,

  3. The CIA’s “nose cloaking” device fails during televised speeches. Leftists freak out from the reveal.

  4. Hey honey , maybe we should not have done that last line before going out in front of the cameras !……..OR
    I’ll wipe yours if you wipe mine .

  5. Thought Bubbles
    Her: Where’s his damn thumb when I need it?

  6. After the “keep brains inside” post I don’t even wanna try. That one deserves the win IMHO. By the way, Hi everyone, I’m back……

    • How’ve you been, SDF?

      • I’ve been in the hospital for six weeks – oxygen tube in my nose, sleeping with a jet fighter pilot’s mask on ramming air down my lungs. On December 21, (ironically the day the Mayan calendar ended, which I’d been making fun of for months!) I went to the doctor, hadn’t been feeling good. Congestive heart failure. Prognosis; Good.

        • OMG! I had no idea!
          Thank God you made it, and the prognosis is good.
          Prayers coming your way, SDF…. ♥

          • Thank you so much for your kindness. It’s good to be back to some semblance of normalcy, though my store’s liquidated, I’m living in a very generous friend’s spare room, and I have a quarter of a million in hospital bills….

            • Ouch, ouch, ouch.

            • Ouch, I feel your pain SDF, I have a big one from 1998, but the hospital lets me pay on time. I’ll be paid off when I’m in my 80’s. Just think if we were illegals it would be free. Will add you to prayers, too. Much love dear one…

        • Glad the prognosis is good, take care!

  7. The buggered up first family.

  8. I know there is another “Executive Order” up here somewhere….

  9. The S(Not Presidential) couple!

  10. America. You sure can pick ’em

  11. boogers are good mmmm boogers are good mmmmm chanted the kindergardners as they watched the obamas pick their noses


    (whiney voice and stamping foot!) michelle, “It’s snot funny!!! My husband doesn’t always pick the losers!”

  13. BOOGERS ! It’s snot very funny.

  14. Michelle: It has been proven that eating boogers in a liquid form is very nutritious and I highly recommend it as the best diet supplement. The only side effect is after prolong use certain people will have a large ass.
    POS: I have been following Michelle’s nutrition advise for years and I agree boogers are a great source of essential vitamins and minerals. Oh and I do not recommend the liquid version as it has some serious side effects, just look at Michelle.

  15. Up yours!!!

  16. “Realizing mid-speech that she had used up every square inch of her blouse, Michelle paused and thought “what would my husband do?”

  17. The Obamas have the “Boogie Fever”!

  18. Proof positive; librals never grow out of their childish behavior.

  19. Is that a rose I see on your nose? Oh no, it’s snot.

  20. Maybe we should have done the coke – after our speeches and the press conferences.
    Can you imagine these two Freaks of Nature “nagging” Americans about giving up a Bigger piece of their Pie, so that they can have more….. coke?

  21. I could not turn the Coke down. It was Free!

  22. These stupid Americans will never imagine that’s coke dripping from our noses. The Liberal media will cover this – and get us sympathy for being sick.

  23. Damn, if I would have known I was going to have this coke dripping from my nose, I would have pretended the girls were sick – to not do this speech.

  24. Obama: I am so tired of acting dignified – for my pResidency, I am going to do what I feel like doing – and just pick my nose.

  25. Obama: Oh, Bejesus – I have a small rock of cocaine stuck in my nose – and do not want it to go to waste,

  26. We are so bored with being in The White House, we have to do drugs.

  27. The only good thing about “looting” The US Treasury is that we can get anything we want – including as much coke as we want.

  28. Left Photo; ‘If it snot organic, I won ‘t eat it!’
    Right Photo; ‘Thumb Sup!’

  29. Dennis H Bennett

    For those of you who think my Presidency is invalid, I’m here to tell you itssss..not. Still digging for gold, Omucus

  30. My husband worked in Nigeria, years ago. His company wanted to send a native guy to the US for training. They told him he would have to stop picking his nose in public. Poor guy just couldn’t stop. Therefore, looks like BO cannot stop either, Kenyan anyone? (Just a comment not an entry…)

  31. After a 32 year old successful implantation and operation of a cold war soviet era behavior influencing device – the devise loosens causing an embarrassing mucus inflammation for the POS and faux Mrs. POS

  32. michelle to the crowd “how do you make a napkin dance? blow some buggers into it and then it can boogie”

  33. If your nose is kinda runny and you think it is kinda funny well it’S NOT!

  34. It’s not a caption but here goes:
    T’was the night after elections
    And in the White House
    Michelle was wiping her nose with her blouse.
    Obama’s finger was rigid and posed
    Anxiously awaiting the trip up his nose.
    Natasha and Malia were snug in their beds,
    But nothing was dripping from out of their heads.

  35. what a pathetic administration these two clowns have lowered the bar to the sub moronic level

  36. The Snot Seen Round The World.

  37. One more:
    In the Obama White House dreary, where the liberals are quite cheery,
    Over many socialist strategies that are loathsome to the core,
    Whence a cup of tea I was sipping, suddenly I heard a dripping,
    As if a nostril sphincter was slipping, slipping loads of mucus to the floor.
    “’Tis a nasal drip” I muttered, a nasty condition that I deplore-
    Only this, and nothing more.
    Ah, distinctly I remember after the elections in bleak November,
    And that poor staff member mopped up that nasty business on the floor,
    She said, “ This isn’t very funny, not for gold nor love of money;
    Michelle’s nose is awful runny, wiping her snot up is not a pleasant chore.”
    Quoth the chambermaid, “Nevermore.”

  38. It’s snot easy to pick a winner