Everything Came From Nothing!

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Some day, I will share my ten-year journey back to God. But, suffice it to say that the journey involved my mind, heart, and soul, though not necessarily in that order. It sounds arrogant, but it wasn’t — I had to be convinced in my mind that God exists. So, I read books on philosophy and theology. I came to the conclusion that atheism — the belief in the non-existence of God — is utterly indefensible on intellectual logical grounds. For to make such an assertion requires TOTAL knowledge of all there is, whether it’s our universe or, as some cosmologists now speculate, the multiverse. Only then can one confidently proclaim that something — in this case God — does not exist!
Here is another logical paradox for atheists: How can everything come from nothing? Scientists say our universe began with the Big Bang. Well, what or who started the Big Bang?
The great medieval theologian, St. Thomas Aquinas, called this the paradox of the First Cause. EVERYTHING has a cause, right? You don’t have to subscribe to Creationism. Our world is a chain of causation: In the primordial soup on Earth, chemicals combined from which came the first single cell amoeba, which evolved into (or caused) multiple-cell organisms, which evolved into…. Yada, yada, yada…. You get the picture. So, who or what is the First Cause?
We have Steve to thank for this video. For the nonbelievers reading this, I hope this will be the beginning of your journey home. God Bless. 😉

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4 responses to “Everything Came From Nothing!

  1. I find that to be a very personal video. As I’ve indicated to you Eo, my practice of Christianity is not as strong as some, but it is science -precisely- that makes the existence of God the logical certainty.
    Personally, I think Atheists are borne of “justify my paycheck” science- those who are generally so conflicted that in order to feel good about themselves, they must believe in their own superiority. Funny how most Global Warming Alarmists are Atheists. Funny how most PETA members are Atheists. Funny how most Progressives are Atheists. Those humans who believe they are the cause and protector of all things, believe deference to a higher being would decimate their self-worth.
    I hope that’s not too convoluted.

    • You’re not convoluted at all. Completely understand your point. Narcissistic grandiose people have no room for anyone else because they’ve made themselves their own god — and thus commit idolatry against the First Commandment.
      Come to think of it, wanting to be “as god” was the first temptation of the first humans in that primeval first Garden. 😉

  2. I don’t believe that atheism has anything to do with narcissism. Sometimes one reaches that mindset AFTER having been deeply religious for many years.

    • Monte,
      Why do you pose “narcissism” and “religious” as mutually exclusive terms/phenomena? Although the psychological literature conventionally divide pathological narcissists into two varieties – the somatic (vanity about one’s physical appearance) vs. mental (those who pride themselves on their “superior” intellect), some of the most narcissistic people I’ve encountered are SPIRITUAL narcissists, who are convinced they are supremely virtuous and esp. favored by God.
      As St. Paul said, we are all sinners!


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