Everyone thinks they are the police: Citizen call shuts down brewery produce sales

Erick Erickson reported on Twitter the following: A restaurant in Macon, GA has been selling its produce to customers who can’t find what they need at the grocery store. Someone has called the law and shut them down because the scale they use in house for cooking isn’t a shop scale for merchandise sales.

From the Piedmont Brewery & Kitchen Instagram post:

“Your daily Mercantile Update is a sad one. As of today the program is suspended.

You see, apparently someone here in town called the Department of Health to tell them that we were breaking rules because we were not using a “for legal trade” scale for the items that we were selling by the pound. That part is true, our scales are not for legal trade because we don’t need scales that are legal trade for our regular business model.

Well, rules are rules and we always do our best to comply. We looked into buying a “for legal trade” scale but the long and cumbersome process to get it certified didn’t make sense given the temporary nature of our Mercantile program.

The bottom line is that some unhappy person has taken advantage of the system, forcing us to shut down the Mercantile program.

This is a real shame because the program was promoting social distancing by helping people avoid the grocery stores. But most importantly, the PBK Mercantile program was providing 1-2 extra jobs for our employees during this tough time. So, congrats unhappy person…….you shut down a great program that was doing nothing but good!

Just think how much worse things can get when people are locked up for ANOTHER FOUR WEEKS and have nothing better to do than “report” on their fellow citizens.


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9 months ago

I saw a woman having a yard sale today and called the COVID Rat hotline to tell them a non compliant global citizen was endangering public health with non-essential activity. Not really. The COVID Rats have relinquished their status as American Citizens IMO. We should be taking names. When this is over they should be deported to Red China. They’ll feel right at home

Deplorable Patriot
9 months ago
Reply to  William

Taking names is the least we can do. They will snitch on someone not committing a crime but help illegals, let them get away with murder.

Steven Broiles
9 months ago

Yep. This is how it starts, and continues. The police state always encourages little codependent creeps who wish to enforce their envy upon others.

THIS is the spirit of the Pharisees that Our Lord condemned.