Every woman will want one!

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My dear Godsister and FOTM’s co-founder Joan forwarded this video to me, which she had received from a friend named Diana. This was Diana’s one-sentence message to her husband, Joe:


You know I  love you, but if you buy me one of these I’m going to kill you….



And now, here’s the video:  😉


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0 responses to “Every woman will want one!

  1. That is the most UN-politically correct commercial I have ever seen!
    I. Love. It!

  2. funny!

  3. No wonder we’re in a moral and spiritual crisis. If this is what people are thinking about and doing then “they” can get away, and are getting away with murder. Soon to be mass genocide. Secret plans to stage a second “Libya” but more bloody, are being hatched in London by their defence ministry for NATO. Isn’t the US the major player in NATO?
    They have to get the go’head from the UN …..council, we need one of the machines in your video to start reducing the size of the head of the maniac who is coming up with all the foreign policy platform for this deadly idea.
    Better yet a labotomy.

    • Alice…gotta laugh once in a while to take the
      desperate edge off. I’ve been known to enjoy
      gazing upon some of the beautiful creations put
      here by the Creator for our pleasure and having a
      chuckle when contemplating the human condition…
      but you are certainly on the right track …. I could see
      a giant Dyson backed up to the UN/NWO building
      and cleaning house…and then on to the Capitol.

    • Sorry to mess with your head.

  4. …and a looong extension cord….:)

  5. You’re right. I gotta lighten up.


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