Every woman should have one! The ingenious bra holster

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H/t FOTM’s WildBillAlaska


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0 responses to “Every woman should have one! The ingenious bra holster

  1. Surprise, SURPRISE!!

  2. excellent~~!

  3. Concealed Carry is a problem for women, especially with the clothing styles we wear. This looks like a great solution. (You can’t tuck in your shirt, though.) Have you seen the purses with a built-in holster? This bra holster looks like a better choice, because you’ll always have your bra on.

  4. Hmmmm – talk about in-your-face!

  5. guess what I’m packing!! LOL

  6. OldNorthState

    Hmmmm, very nice, but my wife would have to choose a smaller caliber.

  7. In all reality, this is where ladies who are larger busted really can conceal the fact that they are carrying. I kind of doubt that those women who are flat chested could conceal as convincingly.

  8. Dressage Rider

    The problem that I see would be how to safely extract your firearm, especially in a hurry (keeping the muzzle pointed in a safe direction), and in the process not endanger yourself, or others. The extraction process would needs to be practiced over and over (so this becomes “muscle memory).

  9. Damn , that gals carrying two 45’s ………………………………………………….and a gun !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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