Every car should have one!

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Seen at Sam’s Club, Bangor, Maine.

Sam’s Club, of course, is owned by Wal-Mart — which goes to show that not all people who shop at Wal-Mart are “People of Walmart.” LOL
H/t our beloved KhetaAmenti.

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0 responses to “Every car should have one!

  1. Luvs it!

  2. I’m laughing way too hard…way too early 🙂

  3. I have a gut feeling that we may see lots of things like this soon. Personally, I would worry about the safety of my car when going to the city.

  4. I too would worry about my car if I had different bumper stickers. For that reason alone I only have ONE which is on my back window of Jesus holding a soldier in His Hand saying…Jesus, please hold our troops in Your Hands!

  5. I want one please!!!:) this is a money maker!!


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