Ever throw a rock through a paper wasp nest?

That’s what President Trump did when he called the newly elected Ukrainian president to deal with Hunter Biden.

Like a nest of angry wasps, the DNC and the Deep State came out to destroy President Trump with a relentless impeachment show-trial.

WhatfingerNEWS: Pete Santilli, in an article today, detailed out what actually happened in Ukraine.

Article here: https://videos.whatfinger.com/2019/12/23/pete-santilli-ukraine-ground-zero-for-the-cias-coup-upon-america/

I won’t wear you out, repeating the content that is presented more skillfully in this video. But look at the title:

When President Trump called the Ukrainian president to deal with Hunter Biden, he was blowing the lid off the mother-load of CIA False Flags and the Deep State’s active attempt to overthrow the American republic.

That’s why the impeachment madness was completely disproportionate. In Ukraine we find Hillary, Obama, McCain, Biden, Kerry, and their stooges, Brennan and Clapper, together with Soros, running a direct coup against America. Their biggest motivation in the ridiculous and fatally flawed impeachment charade was most likely to change the subject and distract us from the real story.

A coup against America!!!
That’s you and me!

~ TD

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11 months ago

Swamp needs to be exposed, big time!

Man, I pray President Trump wins 2020 and can maybe, JUST maybe, hold someone accountable (but not gonna hold my breath). Make Them Cry Again!

11 months ago

It was divine intervention that he won and she got trounced. Just think where we’d all be without him as our leader. Frightening.

11 months ago

A good and very informative video. It seems that the real objective of the darksiders was to draw Ukraine into sovereign debt slavery. Macro-usury is the source of their power and influence. It is striking how the media presents such a grotesquely distorted view of reality and suffocates truth. Then I think that if this video was on prime-time TV the general population would probably find it boring, so addicted are they to the dumbed-down fluff that is fed to them by the MSM. Maybe not

11 months ago

This is exactly why the deep state/leftists/globalist are freaking out. All of their carefully laid plans are about to be exposed beyond a reasonable doubt. No doubt if, or even if he isn’t, success Donald Trump’s name will go down in history as either the one who saved the Union, formed as the Founders envisioned, or the one that gave his all in turning back tyrannical despots bent on total control. I’m leaning towards the former, as opposed to the latter.
p.s. l peeked at the end of the Bible – Our side wins.