Ever seen a bear waking up from hibernation?

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I haven’t…and it’s pretty cool!

Amazing snaps show bear waking up from hibernation

Poking his head out/ Reuters/LEHTIKUVA

The Sun: A drowsy bear pokes his nose out of a snowy cave and sees daylight for the first time after a long winter’s sleep.  The furry creature was spotted making the move from the frosty den where he had been hibernating.
Known as Palle-Jooseppi, the male brown bear can be seen breaking through a wall of snow in the grounds of Lapland’s Ranua Zoo.

Taking a break/ Reuters/LEHTIKUVA

Using his head to hammer his way out, Palle-Jooseppi eventually manages to push the whole of his bulky body out of the cave’s tiny opening.  Exhausted by his efforts, he soon decides to continue a nap in a soft snow bank.
Palle-Jooseppi woke up after winter hibernation two weeks earlier than he has ever done before.  His son, Jehu, is still hibernating in its den and will probably wake up in mid March.
Brown bears are not full hibernators and can be woken easily, but they do like to den in a protected spot during the winter months.  They eat all summer to gain weight for the bitter cold season and tend to start their winter kip in October.

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  1. Very cool. Remarkably, last nite I heard a prophet speak on the Russian bear waking. Good timing!! Just a “pic” to go with a vision a prophet had of Russia rising to become a threat again… as well as a really interesting pic of nature. Nope, never saw it before.


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