Even Obama's Dog is Unpopular

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USNews’ Washington Whispers had a poll on “who do you think is the most famous recent presidential pet?”
The result:

Clinton’s cat, Socks, beats Obama’s dog, Bo, paws down.


Here are the numbers:

  • Socks, the Clinton cat 34%
  • Bo, the Obama dog 28%
  • Millie, George H.W. Bush’s dog 17%
  • Lucky, the Reagan dog 8%

[Source: The Synovate eNation Internet poll was conducted December 9-13 among a national sample of 1,000 households by global market research firm Synovate.]
Meanwhile, Washington Whispers reports that donations to the Demonrats’ MoveOn.org have plummeted, prompting its executive director Justin Ruben to send a desperate E-mail plea to supporters:
“Hi — I wanted to make sure you saw this email in the midst of holiday craziness. We could really use your help!”
See also “MoveOn.org Says It’s In Big Time Money Trouble”.

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5 responses to “Even Obama's Dog is Unpopular

  1. Bo’s popularity rate prob higher than Skippy’s!
    Moveon losing donations? Too bad so sad 😉

  2. Obama poor fegeley fleyshik, his other buddy.

  3. Look it up

  4. you ppl r nuts


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