Even in the Happiest Place on Earth there are predators

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Truth be told, I love Disney World. Being a post WWII baby boomer, Walt was like the best uncle a kid could imagine. But there is a paradox here. The place is appealing to all kinds of people, not all of them nice. There are gay activists working there, and there are many committed Christians working there. So this story comes as no surprise. I’m saddened, but not shocked. ~ TD 



Lured to house by police posing as youngsters online

dsodCover(ORLANDO SENTINEL) A valet attendant at an Orlando strip club is accused of bringing a McDonald’s Happy Meal and condoms to what he thought was a sexual encounter with a 13-year-old in a vacant Clermont home. The 27-year-old man instead found Lake County Sheriff’s detectives who’d posed online as children and parents of children offering sex.

Alexander Vorobets – a valet attendant at Rachel’s in Orlando – was one of 23 men arrested on child-sex or prostitution charges during a seven-day sex sting dubbed “Be Mine” to mark Valentine’s Day, Lake County Sheriff’s Office announced Wednesday.

Lake detectives say the suspects brought jewelry, chocolate candy bars, a bottle of flavored vodka and marijuana hoping to meet children as young as 13 for sex. Sheriff Gary Borders said the operation was the third such effort by his cybercrimes unit which has netted more than 100 arrests in recent years. The men came from all walks of life, Borders said. One suspect was already a registered sex offender.

Read more at https://www.wnd.com/2014/02/disney-world-workers-busted-in-child-sex-sting/#IX7C5pjGi0ffEx6W.99

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  1. I have the sudden urge to up chuck. This world is becoming more demented every day.

  2. In his bestseller, People of the Lie, the brilliant psychiatrist M. Scott Peck, M.D., observed that one of the prime attributes of evil is deception, and that one of the “best” places for evil people to hide is in places of good, such as churches. Disney World is such a place and a magnet for pedophiles because it’s full of children — the perfect “playground” for predators.

  3. We are in the last days! Through the years I’ve watched with a sad heart our ability to bring the Dark Forces to the front. We’ve outlawed God from everything, decided it was fine to kill our babies, ripped apart the Commandments (they aren’t suggestions!), allowed every perversion possible and impossible on TV, etc., etc., etc. Now we are reaping the wild and evil oats!

  4. Although I ticked ‘Like” on the above, the only aspect I really like is that it has been brought to light. I read Dr M. Scott Peck’s book a long time ago, a few years after it came out, but I failed to grasp that it could happen to me one day.

    Instead, I read it as a documentary that applied to everyone else but myself. My inability to accept that this also applied to myself meant that I would have disastrous encounters in my life, and now I’m going through the third –but I plan to make the last– one of my life.

    I failed to become as wise as a serpent, though I was a fool for Christ and what I believed was helping others who were less fortunate than I. I now understand that there can be many reasons why they have sorry a sad tale to tell, or that they make themselves appear to be a victim, for that is the way they ensnare their next victim.

    I went to the police yesterday and filled out a 3 page statement about my most recent, and I hope last one, someone I befriended for nearly five years. W/another friend I will start on Monday, when I tell him he is evicted from my basement suite and life as persona non grata, and to remove his gear within 24 hours. If he opposes this or shows any sign of violence, the police said that if I phone they’ll be there ASAP, and stay until he’s gone.

    I want everyone who reads this to take my plight to heart and believe this: IT CAN HAPPEN TO YOU. These sociopaths are skillful liars and will look you full in the face as they do so. Very convincing, right down to the tears and sobs of their ‘victimhood,’ if that’s the right word. This one’s scam has cost me $10,000 now.

    At nearly 71 and on the very brink of bankruptcy, even aside from the medical and other deficits, my spirit believes these can be overcome so I can continue working in my residential contracting business. Eventually I’ll recover from all this, but it will be very difficult as I carry $42,000 in debt and only have a very modest pension & Soc Sec.

    Yet as always my spirit is willing, albeit my flesh is weaker now, so I will again give my burden to God and trust that Heaven will see me through this too. For just as Tolstoy’s Judge Ivan Ilyich’s enlightenment and acceptance of Christ came on his deathbed, I have at last come to be as wise as the serpent I needed to be fifty years ago!

    I pray that my cautionary tale keeps you from being so much a fool for Christ that you lack the eyes to see, and the ears to hear the real truth of the encounters in your life.

    • I’m so sorry, Joseph, that you’ve been defrauded a 3rd time. God gave us not just a heart (yours is most tender and trusting), but also a head (to reason with) and soul (to see others clearly, especially people who are deceptive). I will pray that the Holy Spirit and your Guardian Angel (angels are experts at intuitive knowledge) give you insight and guidance.

      Some years ago, I undertook an intensive research and study of the Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD), in the course of which I discovered Dr. Peck’s book, which is about the intimate connection between narcissism and human evil. Peck even proposed to the psychiatric profession that there should be an Evil Personality Disorder. Since then, my experience has been that one of the first warning signs, if not THE warning sign, that I should beware of someone is NARCISSISM. For that matter, narcissism not only was the First Sin (of Lucifer, who refused to submit to the Creator) but also the Original Sin of Adam & Eve (the serpent’s temptation to them was “to be like God”). I’ve found that I have to remind and reacquaint myself, time and time again, with the attributes of NPD because they are so perverse.

      Although the phenomenon of narcissism is as old as humanity, the formal diagnosis of NPD was made by the APA only as recently as 1990. The following list of traits comes from the APA’s Diagnostic Statistical Manual IV: “A pervasive pattern of grandiosity (in fantasy or behavior), need for admiration, and lack of empathy, beginning by early adulthood and present in a variety of contexts, as indicated by 5 or more of the following:

      1. Has a grandiose sense of self-importance.
      2. Is preoccupied with fantasies of unlimited success, power, brilliance, beauty, or ideal love.
      3. Believes that he or she is “special” & unique & can only be understood by, or should associate with, other special or high-status people or institutions.
      4. Requires excessive admiration.
      5. Has a sense of entitlement, i.e., unreasonable expectations of especially favorable treatment or automatic compliance with her expectations.
      6. Is interpersonally exploitative, i.e., takes advantage of others to achieve his/her own ends.
      7. Lacks empathy: is unwilling to recognize or identify with the feelings & needs of others.
      8. Is often envious of others or believes that others are envious of him/her.
      9. Shows arrogant, haughty behaviors or attitudes.”

      • You’re ABSOLUTELY correct: I learned that all three people put themselves at the center of the universe, all else was used & abused to serve them alone. Even though I did my best to live a model life they could see was willing to help them, they wanted far more, one’s very soul & reason for being! I now see them as ‘black holes’ in our life, so they suck it out of anyone who gets close to them. My daughter went through this w/my ex-wife, so now we’re both licking our wounds.

        • Joseph, remember that your generosity and good will are like jewels in your crown in heaven. Jesus knows your generous heart, and I applaud you for your kindness. Do not change your wonderful heart. You will be rewarded by Our Lord. On the other hand, also remember that the people involved will also receive their “just reward”.

          • Joan, I am glad you touched on the blessings we receive for having a generous heart. Since we are all beggars before the The Lord, I do believe that we will be judged for “our willingness to be charitable to one another.” Although, sadly, we must temper our charitable efforts in the instances that we are dealing with narcissistic individuals–and I believe that we do and can get spiritual guidance to protect us from evil doers, who may target us. I had to deal with a lady who was a “VICTIM.” Finally, I wised up and got her out of my life. Yes, it is a profound thought, these individuals will be “rewarded” for their deeds–just as we will be rewarded for our deeds, be they good or evil.

        • joseph, hang in there buddy. God knows good deed and hearts. Oh and karma takes care of the rest. 😆

          • Lord love a duck, but it’s truly GRAND hearing from you, my Flori-dada Steverino! What you say means a LOT, as it comes from you, who has borne up through difficulties just as bad.

            • Thanks Joseph, Sorry I’m late to this post, just saw it. Seems I’m running a day behind lately. 🙂 Don’t stop being a good guy because of a few louses. I’m sure you have helped hundreds in your lifetime and don’t even know it. Just these 3 bit ya in the butt. Hope they look both way when they cross the street. I think that’s why God made
              buses (oops) 😆

  5. Joseph, you are now in my prayers. I’m sorry you are going through such a thing. This world dishes up trouble to everyone, but the smartest and best first move is to turn to God with all your heart, and cling to Him.

    • I’ve done that all my life, and that’s why I’m still here, as I should have died on several occasions, especially after I totalled my six-months old Audi, from which mess the RCMP said I should never have walked away. When Rev. Robert Morris [the priest who had married my wife and I] told me that Heaven allowed me to live so that I’d learn the lesson of this and share it w/others, I asked him if he could give me a hint, as the rate I was going I wouldn’t live long enough to learn it! He had a great sense of humour and we both laughed about it.

  6. Thank you Trail Dust for this important post. As Dr. Eowyn points out, evil makes sure that it will infiltrate goodness. Children, especially little children, are innocent and sweet. The devil and his demons go after them through people who choose also to do evil. All of this is horrible.

  7. It’s more than a remarkable coincidence that as I was leaving our men’s chorus rehearsal today, just before noon, I was speaking w/Larry, our Director, who had among other jobs in his long life [he’s an active 87] been a federal prison parole worker for 17 years. He said he had a niece whose new boyfriend was out of prison, who came to him asking about employment, etc. He told one lie after another to Larry, unaware that Larry had full access to his life records: it was NON-STOP lies. At the end, Larry asked him “Why should I believe you?” And then another round of lies as to the Good Things he would do for others, etc.

    As Larry said, this guy was already living in a Hell of fears and lies, self-deception to the maximum. Such people rarely get very far in life, unless they are in the feral gubbmint or among the richest 1%, in which case it’s the norm for their kind. I’d rather stay down here w/the 99% of us mere earthlings, and take my chances.

  8. Can’t really say I’m surprised, disney corp. is like any other corp. and generally corrupt, at least in the heads. “Communal underwear” sounds like a terrible terrible idea right? disney corp did that for the people wearing those mascot outfits… pedophilia and disneyland/world/etc. name-a-park do go together, just like wiki(d)ped(o)ia do (this is why I generally avoid utilizing the so-called encyclopedia for anything, seeing it as a propaganda mill and a pedophile apologist playground, after all Mr. wales’ second in command is a pedophile). Far as the disney parks are concerned, yep they are a mess, and why children should not be left unattended, sadly the same goes with many churches… one of evil’s missions is to destroy or corrupt innocence where found, thus they will seek out places where innocence is presumed to be in large amounts, and especially where people will assume safety and leave their guard down.

    As an aside, disney corp is involved in much less benign things than movies etc. you know… like robotics, but its kept on the down-low (Also, It may be unofficial, but the ride “splash mounain” is known for generating porn, even has a website dedicated to such, if the corp. were serious about such things they’d take measures to prevent such outcomes, they’re capable of it, but just plain don’t bother). Same thing with releasing rather inappropriate movies under other corporate names so that the main trademark won’t get soiled by association. Lastly did you know there’s bars in each park? In Disneyland the bar is stashed in the upper story of the haunted mansion.

    Suffice it to say that there is much about disney corp. and it’s parks etc. that people in general don’t know.


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