Even Chris Matthews Now Thinks There's No Birth Certificate

The Obama birth certificate imbroglio is getting embarassing even for his leftwing supporters. Take, for example, MSNBC’s “Hardball” host Chris Matthews, who had exulted in 2008 that listening to The Fraud’s speak gave him “a thrill up his leg” — a thrill that “I don’t have that too often.”
Matthews never misses an opportunity to trash and bash “birthers,” one time even announcing he is the “enemy of birthers.” Of late, even Matthews has said he thinks Obama should release his birth certificate. On January 31, 2011, Matthews went one step further. He now admits that the online, computer-generated image of a Certification of Live Birth (COLB) from Hawaii — which is a secondary document presumably generated from a presumed primary long-form birth certificate — is the only document Obama has.
In other words, Matthews is saying there is no Obama long-form birth certificate! — which is what new Hawaii Governor Neil Abercrombie said(before he changed his story), what a friend of Abercrombie (Mike Evans) said on radio (before he changed his story), and what former Hawaii elections chief clerk Tim Adams said in an affidavit. [See HERE]
In the video below, Matthews first points out that the long-form birth certificates (LFBC) — which he slyly dubs “old school” to suggest the LFBC are antiquated and therefore superfluous and unnecessary — have all sorts of signatures and writing on them. Then Matthews says:

“Now you have the new kind which is a digital thing, printed out. The president has produced this new kind. It’s been fine for him … He doesn’t have the other kind apparently.”

None of which means that Chris Matthews or anyone on the Left will stop bashing “birthers” even when we “birthers” are proven right. They will defend the Fraud until the end. Remember what my looney-left friend Stephanie once exclaimed out of pure frustration when I pointed out certain inconvenient facts:

“I’ve made up my mind! Don’t confuse me with facts!”

H/t Tina and Western Journalism.

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Thomas Morato
Thomas Morato

The same document that is “fine for him” is the same one that has never been authenticated by Hawaii’s health department? The same document that has four different versions? The same document that was proven to be fake? All fine by Mathews and the talking heads. No hospital will claim him. No one will come forward claiming they have witnessed the birth (except of coarse grandma in Kenya). More people in the US (and perhaps the world) including myself, believe the birth story of Jesus-of-Nazareth than they do Soetoro-of-Hawaii. Very odd indeed given that Jesus is now over 2k years… Read more »