Even “Anonymous” Weighs in Against islam

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Anonymous- Warns UK citizens of Islamic invasion


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0 responses to “Even “Anonymous” Weighs in Against islam

  1. Luv the psychological projection, TD!


  2. Failure to protect our nations, Constitutions, laws, values, and customs can be attributed to at least 3 causes-contempt for the people who make the luxurious existence of the royals and others possible; NWO, CFR/Round Table, UN, World Bank, IMF, … objectives; and US, British, and Dutch desire for the petroleum wealth available through our unpublicized agreement with Saudi Arabia. Mr. Anonymous’ reference to al-Haddad’s mention of Jews being descendants of apes and pigs amounts to criticism of the Koran, chapter 5, verse 59, or, in other translations, around verse 65. How dare anyone find fault with mockery of Jews! As for Jews, move along, nothing to read here!
    We need to wake up to the attack endangering those who live by Judeo-Christian principles.

  3. It’s about time Anonymous addressed this.


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